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  1. I would always use filter first, pourover usually on expensive beans. Wasting 1/5 of a pack because you haven't got the dial in nailed on espresso would be a waste.
  2. I'd say that if you find one you really like the sound of, and can afford it, then try them at least once. The caveat is you need to be sure you have a decent method of extraction, decent grinder and decent water - no point buying expensive beans and wasting their potential.
  3. @Norvin - look just the job. I'll take one if the 53mm fit the DTP. Let me know your details
  4. Thanks for the update haz_pro, I'm stopping in Southwark on Tues so will have to call by! Need some beans too, and if they come with a free coffee - bonus!
  5. @ashcroc @joey24dirt - any idea if warranty will be transferable on a DTP? Found a chap on here with one from Apr '17. Cheers
  6. Hi Banjo, I'm in Shropshire so not too far away - could you send me some pics through of the machine? Has it been scaled etc. recently? Cheers, Joe.
  7. As above Pref with warranty remaining but willing to look at options. Cheers!
  8. Thanks both - it would just be for making 1x double espresso per go. Maybe some milk drinks, but probably not every time and never more than 2. Glad to hear about the DTP. It looks like a great machine - any idea what they go for used?
  9. Hi all, I've been brewing coffee almost exclusively using french press, behmor + aeropress for the last 18 months or so. Previously had a Classic (which I didn't much like) and a La Pavoni (which I liked but required a bit too much input if I wasn't in the mood). The classic was matched with an MC2 and I upgraded to a Super jolly when I bought the La Pav. I still own the SJ and am now looking to dip my toe back in the Espresso pond. Is there a certain level of machine that matches well with the SJ? I don't want to bottleneck my set up, but also don't want to blow the bank and have no intention of upgrading the SJ at present. I have it modded for single dose and like the size and results it gives. I've been looking at the Sage DTP but not sure if there are other machines I should be looking at. I'd probably look at buying used - budget flexible regarding the above. Cheers, Joe.
  10. Hey Diggy, not sure you're going to get much luck - they're available new on Amazon for £23 at the moment. Cheers, Joe.
  11. Thanks Mark, just one person per porlex (we have one each). But perhaps going finer is the way forward. We are time limited for breaks so steep as long as possible but usually ends up about 10 mins or so. Are there any bean varietals, origins, roast levels that would help our extraction?
  12. Hi folks, Just been having a chat at work about coffee and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for beans that are easy to get a good cup from? I love fruity coffees but at but at work we have a porlex hand grinder, not ideal water and using French press brew method - it doesn’t seem to do them justice. Any advice on what to try is appreciated. Cheers
  13. @DogandHat Su, do we have to say anywhere that we are on the forum? Cheers!
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