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  1. Inker as on this page https://machina-coffee.com/collections/inker-cups?page=2 I think there is a thread about these somewhere....More sizes and shapes https://www.cooksmill.co.uk/brands/buy-inker-coffee-cups-online/
  2. Hi Stephen, I upgraded recently to the Eureka Helios 80 which I highly recommend as ridiculously fast (2.3 seconds for 18g). Bigger burrs than the E65 as well. Someone wrote a good review on it (PhilipHN?) I did look at the Malkonig but decided that if I needed to get in to the burrs to clean or change it wasn’t particularly easy compared to the Eureka. It’s £1000 so well within your budget. Personally if I was going to spend £2000 I would head for something that makes a statement such as the Monolith, Lagom P64 or Levercraft. There are a few others as well but you need to see if you are ok with a single dosing grinder. Will
  3. Eureka Helios 80 is what I have upgraded to recently from a 15 year old Mazzer Mini. Really fast and consistent doses and a touchscreen that is fast and not laggy at all. If above budget could go for the Helios 65 which is from my understanding the same with smaller burrs Will
  4. The one i bought in September wasn't magnetic either. Must have changed the design
  5. Grinder now upgraded to Eureka Helios 80!
  6. OK so to end this thread Philip HN wins....I have an Eureka Helios 80 arriving from BB at lunchtime today......though I think there maybe a Monolith someway down the line in my future!
  7. Ha! Thanks for this folks and have added the Monolith to my list. Though having worked through the owners thread consisting of about 3 pages of owners, 2 pages of technical questions and 22 pages of tales of purchasing woes I'm getting an idea of what people are talking about! Lets see how my patience holds up until the next pre-ordering in December. Will
  8. Will consider the Monolith but need to consider the single dosing option as have Kind of dismissed it as a bit of a hassle but ....
  9. Quote for the GBW I got was £1650 +Vat no sign of it before the end of the month.
  10. OK so my coffee machine upgrade path has ended with a EMC Synchronica...(well for awhile anyway...)! Now time to upgrade my grinder that I have had since my first coffee machine (an Izzo Vivi). Currently I have a Mazzer Mini E that has given me pretty flawless service for 10-15 years.So just looking for a little help in shaping my thoughts on what I should get.So here is my shortish list and my thinking: Mazzer Major V - Easy cleaning of burrs (keeps calibration) for a domestic situation, new model so latest tech to play with (or to go wrong), big burrs. Cheapest of selection Compak F8 Like the design, seems pretty difficult to take out burrs for cleaning/changing), seems to be fewer dealers Mahlkonig E65GBW Is this GBW tech truly tested? wonder how reliable it will be, smaller burrs than others (should this be a consideration in a domestic setting making 10 coffees a day?) Mahlkonig E80 this starts at slightly north of my price limit but could stretch to it if the larger burrs are worth the extra from the E65S or GBW Both Malhkonigs don't seem to be as easy to change clean burrs as the Mazzer... I would appreciate any feedback or any other plus/minus aspects of these grinders that I have missed, any personal experience of them etc Cheers Will
  11. 2006ish (I think) Izzo Vivi : Mazzer Mini Electronic 2013/14 Rocket Giotto (V2) : Mazzer Mini Electronic 2020 ECM Synchronika : Mazzer Mini Electronic Now looking at upgrading the grinder. Considering Mazzer Major V, Mahlkonig E65GBW. Compak E or F 8.
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