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  1. Micky - amazing guy. So passionate
  2. Welcome! Some excellent coffee to be had in Nottingham city centre - The Specialty on Friar Gate, Cartwheel, Outpost, Wired and 200degrees to an extent. There's also Okende in West Bridgford and Greenhood in Beeston. A great little hub for decent coffee! All supply beans too at varying prices!
  3. I've had their coffee in the past and I remember it being good. I don't know about now, nor the subscription model, but I've decided to give it a go myself and see what it's like as I think it's quite reasonable. This goes against one of my usual rules for coffee, which is not to buy anything with a Great Taste award!
  4. Exactly! The YouTube video makes no sense either
  5. Another new bit of kit... pourover brewer called the Ratio Six. Points deducted for the totally pointless YouTube video that tells you nothing. https://eu.ratiocoffee.com/products/ratio-six Reminds me of the Ottomatic and Wilfa Svart Precision - is it just me, or do these things never seem to take off? I lusted after the Wilfa Precision, but it doesn't seem to pop up very often and they all seem hella expensive.
  6. Yesterday there was a post about Urban Baristas and a discount code for free coffee. I tried the code and it worked (coffee has been dispatched today), but the post has since disappeared. Since the user only had one post on CFUK and the disappearance of the thread I just want to make sure someone doesn't know something I don't and I haven't been scammed or something... I had to create a recurring subscription, which I did, but have sinced cancelled it. The discount code was something ...LENA and the user had Elena in the name, so I assumed it was an affiliate link (i.e. you sign up and they ge
  7. Where abouts are you based, @Xabi17?
  8. @catpuccino, apologies. And just to confirm, I'll take it at asking. Will PM to arrange payment. Cheers!
  9. I'll take this off you please, @catpuccino
  10. @donblacc - yeah, it really appealed to me too. Some of their tasting notes sound really nice too - particularly keen on the Kelloo
  11. A quick search suggests they haven't been discussed... before I place an order, has anyone tried WatchHouse out of Bermondsey?
  12. I've explained it as well as I can to be honest. Happy to film myself opening the lid if that better shows the issue...? Also, no offers right now, thanks.
  13. 2 x Airscape 4" ceramic white units with very minimal use. One perfect, the other with a minor fault... Here's the low down... I purchased one Airscape from Bella Barista in July. When it arrived there was a slight fault with the handle of the sealing lid twisting off when lifting it, so they agreed to send me another one. It's probably hard to see on the images, but there's a slight bowing to the handle, which means it can rotate as you lift it, thus twisting out of place. I have been using it with minimal fuss as you can still hold the handle in place as you lift it up and it still seal
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