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  1. Great, thanks. Yes, feel free to send me your details and I can get it posted this week. John
  2. Hario 01 (360ml) glass server in good condition. Includes additional lid. £15 posted - Covid has financially ruined me, so no offers please!
  3. Of course, do you want to PM me your address?
  4. Kindly gifted to me by @Phil104 some time ago. Happy to post this on to someone for postage. https://standartmag.com/collections/single-issues/products/standart-magazine-isssue-6
  5. Assume the discount has now been removed for these? Shame as I was in the market for two ceramic Airscapes Scrap that - didn't make an account! Still good 🙂
  6. In town I would go for Speciality, then Outpost, Cartwheel. Beyond this there's Wired and a couple of others, but I think Speciality and Outpost would be my go tos. West Bridgford the aforementioned Okende - worth the journey when it's open Beeston - Greenhood - Rory is a lovely guy and worth the journey too
  7. Ah ha! I went to school in Ratcliffe, hence asking. Welcome anyway!
  8. Welcome Tom. Are you from Ratcliffe or is that a surname?!
  9. Love Outpost, thanks for the info!
  10. If I were in your position I would be looking at roasters I find consistently decent and fairly priced and then roughly comparing prices. If they're sending out similar/the same beans for 1.5/2x the price it would ring some alarm bells on the quality of WR. Ultimately no one knows your preferences better than yourself and there's no harm in buying 250g and seeing if it's something you are in to!
  11. It's an interesting subject, and not one my brain can handle too well with bed time so imminent! I would say the concepts of social capital versus established business principles that you mention carry heavier weightings depending on the industry they relate to. I'd like to think the sort of roasters that are being discussed regularly on CF tend to be judged on their quality, customer service, and reputation, whereas companies such as Amazon, ASOS, etc. probably have to pool their resources in to strengthening their operating costs, cutting, etc. For what it's worth - and I dare say it's worth very little given the limited knowledge of coffee that I have - there are a few things on the White Rose website that would probably lead me to not ordering from them. I'll list a few here, but please do bear in mind that my own 'methodology' is just that and it's full of idiosyncrasies and ideas based on my own personal tastes and experiences. Anyway... they have a large volume of beans on offer, whereas most of my favourite roasters tend to focus on a curated selection of ten or so beans at a time; a lot of the pictures of their roasted coffees show uneven roasts (a good example would be the Monsoon Malabar); quite a few of the roasts look too dark and oily for my liking; their concept of 250g packs being 'taster packs' before buying in bulk makes me feel that they're more focussed on shifting large quantities. And a couple of other points that will no doubt cause some contention here... I struggle with roasters if they're still touting the Jamaica Blue Mountain as the pinnacle of coffee; the idea of affiliate links trying to get your friends on board; and my final (and probably most disagreeable point) is that I'm generally put off by roasters sporting a Great Taste Award. Obviously these are rough guidelines that I've developed for myself over time, based on my own experiences. There are members here who have a wealth of knowledge so I find the best course of action is to remain open to feedback and advice from others and I tend to get by just fine 🙂
  12. Thanks. I've spent a lot of time reevaluating how and where I spend my money recently, and coronavirus has spurred this on even more so. A good example of this is books - I might save £3 buying a book from Amazon, but is £3 really worth it for the thought of supporting a local bookseller who pays their taxes, where my money can help put food on the table and contribute, albeit in some very minor way, to keeping a small, independent business going? Everyone's been hit hard by the pandemic (I've personally lost all the income I make playing in a wedding band for the foreseeable future) so there's something extra to be gained from feeling like you're helping the independents.
  13. I used to be quite keen on this idea of free shipping - I believe I even made a thread about roasters offering free shipping myself. I've since come to realise that, as many wise members have said, the costs are all absorbed somewhere. In the end I figured that is was worth paying more for the quality, ethical sourcing, and supporting people I felt some kind of connection too, for example the roasters that engage regularly with the forum (@BlackCatCoffee - you're next!). If I've paid £3 shipping for 500g and I'm having about 33 coffees with that (15g pourover), it's working out at about 9 pence extra per cup of coffee. I just don't think it's worth the hassle to fret over unless the price is way off, and it feels a bit shit to think you're trying to undercut people in quite a niche industry. Speaking of which, the idea of selling high volumes for low margins just doesn't sit right with me in this industry; you inevitably have a handful of companies that dominate that area (Extract, Union, 200 Degrees, Pact, Rave, etc.), but the smaller folks are doing some really exciting stuff and it makes me feel good to think my money is going to them. After all, the ££s you spend are ultimately a reflection of your values. I've now got a fairly basic set of criteria that direct me towards or away from roasters and it's working well for me. No doubt things will change and my tactics will be finessed over time, but the journey is a bit part of the fun!
  14. I think the Fried Hats ones are returnable for reuse/reycling, although I don't suspect they get nearly as many returned as they send out. I'm personally keeping mine and storing other bagged beans in it at the minute
  15. I agree with the Rave comment. That bulldog clip seems so unnecessary. Along with the new branding it's put me off using them to be honest. Not sure if the tin is wasteful, but the plastic lid certainly seems to be. I assume I'll be having a couple of cups a day at 15g a cup, so five days to get through the 150g. I wouldn't want any larger quantities in something like that, but I'm not massively clued up on the degassing/bags/storage front to be honest. Perhaps I should investigate Airscapes in general for my beans.
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