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  1. Hi Nick, I personally recommend Oatly Barista, but if it's too oat-y for you, perhaps try the Minor Figures barista oat milk. Sproud pea also do a barista, foamable milk substitute that could work, although I have never tried it. I have noticed a lot of coffee shops use Oatly Barista and Bonsoy soya milk. I hope that helps! John
  2. Interesting option. I was thinking of grinding when I get up (I've got to go down and let the cat out anyway) and leave things running whilst I get ready.
  3. Thank you for your comments, everyone.
  4. I've been toying with the idea of buying a drip brewer for my morning fix. I tend to start the day with a cup of tea followed by a coffee and then one more for the commute. This tends to mean making two 15-18g V60s. I was thinking of trying to source a Wilfa Precision (or failing that, a Moccamaster/alternative) to brew up a morning batch whilst I'm getting ready so that I can enjoy a cup at home and one more for the road. My question is, has anyone else done this and what are people's opinions on pourover versus machine drip in the cup. Is the simplicity of automatic worth the trade off of a greater level of control? Thanks!
  5. johnbudding

    Black Friday

    Colonna & Smalls are offering either a free 250g bag of Limonada beans (Mexico) or 30 capsules with any order this weekend.
  6. They have a track record of bringing a product to market, so that's certainly a plus, but I don't know if I'd really get the use out of it myself. They mentioned interchangeable adapters for the kettle, but I'm sure that's not a possibility with the different voltages. I can see the appeal, and I was certainly tempted when it launched, but I'd gladly sit back and see how others get on before investing my money and being disappointed in the ever shifting deadlines (has anyone backed a project that actually delivered on time?!)
  7. Earlier this week I forgot to take my V60 and pourover kettle to my current placement accommodation, which called for a bit of improvising... The cheese grater worked well initially, but ended up slipping out from under the makeshift band securing it (rolled clingfilm) so I went for the Carling glass in the end. Just call me MacGyver! Surprisingly, it didn't totally suck! You'll be glad to know that I went home on Wednesday evening and returned avec gear, so order was quickly restored.
  8. Does anyone have any copies of Drift magazine they would be happy to lend? I'd be really interested in reading editions seven and eight (San Francisco and London). I'd be happy to cover the cost of postage and return postage, plus a small contribution for the lending if anyone would be kind enough to help me out! Thank you ?
  9. £75 delivered - great, please drop me your address and I'll send over my PayPal address if that's the best way?
  10. Hi @Mr Kirk, could we meet at £75 please? I can get it posted out tomorrow for you.
  11. @Potts38 - thread link if you needed to find it ?
  12. Quick bump - I thought this would be a sure fire hit!
  13. I'll be selling my Macbook Pro soon. It's a few years older (2009/10) but will be priced a lot cheaper around the £250 mark. Quick specs to see if it might be of interest are: 13" MBP, Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz, 8GB RAM, 870GB Fusion Drive I had the disc component removed to make space for an additional hard drive. The computer has a 120GB SSD for running software and systems, and a 750GB HDD for storage. It would benefit from a new battery, but other than that it's in fairly decent condition. I've used it to operate music software as well as the occasional bit of film and image editing.
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