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  1. Do I need something to help the brass bits seal when I put it back together? B
  2. Many thanks ~ I'll have a go tomorrow. Regards Bruce
  3. OK David ~ I've gone too far !!! I held the moving bit of the valve with pliers to wiggle it a bit in case there was a bit of scale as you mentioned. The circle broke and the moving part of the valve dropped into the tank!!! I'm in Gloucestershire ~ would a trip to Fracino in Birmingham be the best solution? Boiler apart to get the valve out and time for a descale!! Thanks for trying to help me. Kind regards Bruce PS ~ I wish Norfolk was a bit nearer!!!
  4. Thanks David I removed the clip and tube Put a ring spanner onto the top of the fitting and gently turned The top came gently off and I can wiggle the valve with the circle in place. Does the top go back on dry (there's hardly any thread) or is something needed to seal it. Thanks for the help. Bruce
  5. Dear Skillful Barista People My well behaved Piccino is letting off steam. It was working fine and then I turned it on and once warm it started steaming out the front ~ see photos. I turned it off and let it cool down. Unplugged it and took the back off it. First problem, easily fixed, was the water inlet pipe from the tank. Taped up for now. Back off and nothing else obvious. Clear work area and turn the Piccino on ~ looks the same with the Stop/Start and the Heating blue light on. This is wrong I know. No water coming through the group until I press the Stop/Start and then i
  6. I've got a Sette 270 and I love it. I fitted one shim and I'm grinding at 7A with one lot of beans and I get a double shot in 25 seconds, the puck drops out and the coffee is great, With different beans at 7A I get a double shot in 14 seconds ~ BEANS MAKE A DIFFERENCE ~ More to follow.
  7. Do you still have your Nuova Simonelli MDX?

    I'm toying with buying one and was wondering what you thought of it.

    Hope. you can help.


  8. wilfa svart fs what is it? do I need one ?
  9. Found on AliExpress http://tiny.cc/k716tz Postage is over double the price!!
  10. I have a Piccino and it's a great little machine ~ usually making three shots a day in lockdown 😞 Second hand machines are always a bit/lot of a gamble. I always use bottled water to slow down limescale in the boiler, some regions have lovely soft water and some people don't care about scaling up their boiler, they sell it as it's starting to fail! Buying from a member is usually a lot safer, but it isn't a guarantee.The Piccino is made in Birmingham, the spares arrive in a day or two. I've needed some steam wand washers and a pipe to boiler connector, which needed some stripping down t
  11. Turn the machine off and unplug. OK ~ take the plastic tube out of the tank and then wiggle and jiggle the plastic tank gently but firmly upwards. As people have said clean the contacts and the metal buttons on the bottom of the tank. Replace tank firmly so the valve at the bottom is firmly engaged so the water flows properly. I find that the little Piccino can make excellent coffee. Boogie on
  12. The Mignon is a great proper, albeit "baby", grinder. Yes, it takes time to learn how to use it, the art of coffee making is not instant! Patience, practice and pulling lots of espressos will pay off in the end. Once you master a Mignon you will be good to use any grinder (once you learn the control system). I might be tempted to upgrade provided it fitted into my kitchen and was significantly better than my Mignon. I was very pleased to find my Mignon coped brilliantly with my Christmas present La Pavoni Professional ~ I usually get a wonderful espresso from it, occasional
  13. I use the timer if there are lots of coffees needed, it does save a bit of time and touch wood it has stayed at the correct weight all the time. Like most machines, some play up some of the time.
  14. Thanks for this very useful and informative article! I feel that my Piccino is a great domestic machine but after three years it might benefit from a descale, always thought that you had to send it back to Fracino. I'll have to have a chat about the baby Fracino and servicing. Thanks again
  15. Hi All The Fracino is having a little rest and the Christmas present La Pavoni Pro is doing all the hard work for a few weeks. The Piccino likes RAVE Signature and I like the result. The La Pav is not a Signature fan. Finer grind, regular grind ~ its OK but not great. The La Pav came with a tin of Illy Dark Roast ground coffee and that breaks the rules and tastes better than fresh ground RAVE. What keeps La Pav owners happy in the coffee stakes? What do I like to drink? Double Espresso, no sugar, thick and creamy with a lovely Crema. A bit like how I like red wine ~ "this is del
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