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  1. We like a variety of coffees, going out for a flat white, a pour over at home but the capsule coffees are so convenient and I've heard that you can bring the capsules in to be recycled.
  2. My wife and I love coffee, especially flat whites but we are both students and will leave the UK in 2 years. Around a year ago we bought De'Longhi ec330 and had a terrible experience. We went through 3 of them before giving up. They simply wouldn't last. We just came from visiting friends in Spain and having a coffee after every meal was really nice. All of our friends were using Nespresso pods and the coffee was consistently good and so convenient. My wife and I are looking at the Inissia models with the Aeroccino and I'm a bit confused. KRUPS and MAGIMIX seem to make identical mode
  3. Thanks, I didn't realize that that outside part could lock in place. Does anyone know of any mods/upgrades for my machine or recommendation for jug size?
  4. I took some picture so that you can see what I have here. If I remember correctly, these pieces were not attached when I took it out of the box.
  5. Ikea doesn't have free delivery. Amazon does, and I have prime. Also, I'm an international student so no car. I really don't know what size to get, I'm guessing that they all work the same... Kitchen Craft 600 ml Stainless Steel Jug for £7 with prime Andrew James 330 / 600 ml Stainless Steel Jug for £9 / £10 VonShef 330 ml Grade 202 Stainless Steel jug £7.28 600 ml for £9
  6. I know this isn't the best machine, but as a post-grad it's within my budget. I'm not going to sell it and buy a second hand machine for double or more the price. With that out of the way, when trying to froth my milk, just as the milk is coming up to temperature the frothing wand will fire into the cup. This is very unpleasant as I know when it is going to fly off and it startles me every time. It also happens just prior to the milk reaching temperature. The frother and steamer attachments shoot off together so I'm guessing that it is the steamer attachment specifically that shoots off like
  7. We are students so unfortunately we don't have the budget for a grinder. From what I've read, an espresso grinder would cost almost double what we paid for the coffee maker.
  8. Last year my girlfriend was asking for a coffee maker so I picked up a Melitta Look Deluxe Filter Coffee Machine. She made her morning coffees with it but I never touched it. After drinking coffee in Spain and Holland I talked her into trading up. While walking around London I spotted the De'Longhi EC330S on for £70 at Curry's. I order this and some a set of double wall glasses. I've tried watching some videos on youtube but they gave conflicting information. I did really enjoy the video on frothing milk I found on this site. I have a digital scale, though I don't think I will need it
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