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  1. Sorry to derail thread slightly. @KTD, I'm in LFE, literally 5 mins away!
  2. Thanks for the discount code @Black Cat Coffee, I've ordered a couple of bags. Looking forward to receiving them! btw, delivery is still shown as 2.95 on your website for Royal Mail 2nd class.
  3. Hi, will you accept £60 including postage cost? Thanks
  4. Hi @edpirie, I'll take this at asking price. Happy to meet up in London.
  5. OP, I've been making an espresso in the evening into a small liquid tight pot (50ml), letting it cool slightly then lid on and in the fridge. I take it to work the next day decant into a mug and add hot water to it. Whilst it doesn't taste as good as a freshly made espresso, surprisingly it's not that far off, and more importantly, it's way better than the cr4p dispensed from the bean to cup machine at work. Give it a go, nothing to lose, especially if you're sometimes binning it.
  6. Looking good OP. I've just upgraded from a Gaggia Classic to an Expobar Brewtus, and the steaming power is too powerful compared to what I was used to with the Gaggia. I'll need to relearn and hopefully improve to as I never got it right with the Gaggia.
  7. Collected last Sunday. Only managed to get it out of the box last night and made first coffee this morning! So far so good and looking forward to more consistency and greater steaming power compared to my gaggia classic. Thanks @386matt for a smooth and easy sale.
  8. @386matt, on the basis that all is ok, happy to proceed. And thanks for carrying out the checks. I'll pm you to arrange pick up.
  9. @386matt, later this afternoon. Does 4pm work for you? Shall we go to pm.
  10. @386matt, ok,I'll take it at asking. I'm coming from Leicester, so not too far.
  11. @386matt, I can collect today or tomorrow too.
  12. Hi @386matt, is this a dual boiler machine?
  13. From a learning opportunity, why does it need to be running when adjusting finer? And does this apply to grinders where the adjustment is stepped? Thanks.
  14. I'll take the tamping mat please, thanks.
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