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  1. Hi there, how about we meet half way at £55? Where are you based?
  2. Hi all, I bought this from conchord on the forums around 10 months ago. I have been meaning to list it for a couple of months as I upgraded to a Fiorenzato doge 63 grinder a few months back from coffeechops (which I'm loving )! It works perfectly and is a perfect starter grinder. Tried to take a photo of the burrs, hopefully you can see, but they look good to me. It has some cosmetic damage to the doser and a bit of bubbling on the paint which you can hopefully see in the photos. Can't think of much else to say other than that I paid £60 delivered for it not that long ago, so looking for the s
  3. Great, thank you, I have 50cm space under my cupboards so should fit fine. If it's still available I'll take it at the asking price. I live on the Isle of Wight, but I have friends in the Portsmouth area if your ok to deliver. Off for some kip now just finished a 12 hour shift.
  4. I like the look of this, I have been saving up for a SJ but think this looks great. Will this grinder produce similar quality to a SJ, I realise it's a lot cheaper? I am at work at the mo and will need to measure the space where I need to put it when I get home in the morning. If it will fit I'm almost certainly interested.
  5. If this is still accurate and working well I will take it
  6. So waitrose essential may be worth a try then. I bought some volvic to try the other day, but have run out of coffee due to slow christmas post! Fingers crossed for tomorrow! I noticed that the ash beck was more acidic (think it was 6.3 or thereabouts) Would be interested to know if people who are using bottled water are using the filter that comes in the tank with this machine.
  7. Great pm on route. [emoji1]
  8. How does £60 delivered sound, I need a grinder to tide me over until I can afford something to go with my new expobar db [emoji1]
  9. I will be using bottled water as the water is very hard in my area. Should I still use the softner that comes in the machines tank when using mineral water?
  10. El Cabron, I like the shot glass idea, will look into that. Do you know of anywhere to get a decent cup of coffee on the island? Thanks for all the comments about water, i won't be using the de ionised then,I think I will try a few types of bottled water and see how I get on. I have now posted a question in the expobar forum about water and de scaling etc, so hopefully will get some replies there [emoji1] Hi grumpydaddy, I actually like living on the island, it's a good place to bring up children. I think the main problem is limited scope for employment, and a slight lack in choice i
  11. Ok cool, I'll grab some of those to try. Do you still need to leave the filter on the intake line on when you are using bottled water or is that likely to affect taste in a negative way?
  12. Running off a tank, as plumbing in was logistically a bit difficult.
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