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  1. I'm just going to keep scouring ebay until one comes up I think.
  2. It is moveable, as I removed the collar to look at the burrs, it was a little stiff.
  3. I just spoke to the guy on the phone and he says he has an invoice for the machine but it is with his accountant, and he'll try and get it. I think I'll give this one a miss...
  4. The serial number was what was worrying the most, it is in fantastic condition though. I did offer £250 to start but he is adamant he will get £300 for it and was not budging from £290, and this was after i pointed out the missing lever.
  5. Hey guys, I just went to look at a 2nd hand super jolly at a restaurant that has closed down near me. The guy wants £300 for it, and will take £290. It's missing the lever that attaches to the collar for adjustments, and the serial number sticker is missing. He says it's 14 months old. I had a look at the burrs and they 'seem' ok, the machine doesn't sound bad when run. Do you think it's a bad price? I walked away for a think, he was adamant that he wouldn't go lower than £290. Is there anything else I should be checking?
  6. I grabbed mine from hasbean a couple of weeks ago. Awesome service and was delivered next day. I had a good look online and steve / hasbean definitely seemed like the one to go for.
  7. Not bad, I really considered the doserless but heard reports that having a doser was somewhat less prone to mess. I'm going to need to get a little cleaning brush to sweep out the funnel into the dosing chamber. I'd also prefer it if the portafilter holder on the grinder actually held the portafilter in place for when i'm whacking the dosing lever!
  8. Thanks guys, i'm really enjoying it so far!
  9. Hey guys, got my silvia delivered from hasbean yesterday. Here she is with my Iberital MC2; Much better than my exploding Cubika!!
  10. After the death of my refurb Cubika, I've decided to go ahead and get a new Silvia! Does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy from? HasBean have them at £425, but I'm not sure if they are an 'official' reseller. There is also Caffe Italia who are offering a bunch of stuff along with the machine again for £425. These guys say that they are official resellers. After the thread about myespresso I'm just a little concerned that I need to buy from the right place and that I can count on the after sales support if needed. Any suggestions are most welcomed, thanks!
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I looked at a Classic in the flesh today and to be honest that sealed it for me. I much prefer the looks of the Silvia (that's what happens when you work for a tech company so focussed on design) so my plan is to watch the eBay auction and see if I get lucky on price, or buy a new unit. What should be the absolute top price for a used V2 Silvia?
  12. I'm watching that Silvia on eBay, am I right in thinking that it's a V2? I'm leaning towards the Silvia more and more to be honest, the Cubika is being collected tomorrow for a refund...
  13. The Classic and the Silvia are the front runners at the moment - is the Silvia worth the difference in cost? I've read that it can be a beast to master / tame but when you get it right it's spot on. I'm an espresso / americano drinker myself, the wife like latte's but she doesn't drink a massive amount of them.
  14. So I got a refurb Cubika last week from http://www.gaggia.uk.com/ and also ordered an Iberital MC2 from Happy Donkey and some other bits to get me going. This morning the Cubika smelt funny - like burning platic and there was smoke coming from the top of the machine towards the front!!! Caffe Shop are collecting the machine and have offered a replacement or refund which I'm happy with, I'm just considering getting a different machine now. Do you have any recommendations as to a potential replacement? The Cubika was bought as my 'training wheels' machine and I was always going to replace it further down the line with something better. The Rancillio Silvia seems to be a firm favourite all over the net. Although this would stretch me, I'd be happy to jump in feet first if the machine is all it's cracked up to be. The Gaggia Classic is also looked upon favourably, although it's not vastly cheaper than the Silvia... Are there any other machines in the price range that I should be looking at? Cheers
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