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  1. I don't understand. Which is better? I love my Syphon and want to make it as good as possible!
  2. @jtldurnall No difference in flavour. Just cleaner!
  3. Got mine from https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00MNH14Q2/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_M8OpwbRWW45F6
  4. Hello Having recently splashed out on a Syphon and a propane burner/camping stove, I am using my syphon daily. Wondered if anyone else is as religious with their Syphon? I bought a Hario 3-cup, although wish I had a 5 cup already. Find it flavoursome and gentle, as well as delicious! I quickly bought a metal permanent filter as the cloth one just got too dirty. I used 300g of water (approx) with about 24g of coffee - ground relatively finely, but not espresso fineness. I love it. Want to see if it can be improved. Any advice? Tips? Any coffees to recommend
  5. Sadly, only had a quick flat white. No time for anything more as on a pressure. Apologies for the delay - work is taking over... Sigh
  6. Well, had I known about their exceptional coffee, I would have tried more! Boo.... Want to return now, but seems expensive trip just for a coffee...
  7. In London for the day - best coffee shop near London Bridge? Ta!
  8. Hello Been refining my technique with the Super Jolly (love it!) and my Gaggia Classic. Am now returning to my old question - should my tamper move at all in the portafilter? There's a millimetre gap or so around the tamper when in the basket. Is this acceptable? Or should it be snug? Where can I get a good, not expensive, tamper for a Gaggia Classic? Recently got new portafilters from Happy Donkey too - both bottomless and 'normal'. Thanks!
  9. I wonder if 'need' is the right word for this.... ;-)
  10. I love Deathwish. Too expensive, but delicious and alertening!!
  11. @Mrboots2u - That thread is amazing, and a fantastic example of why I LOVE this site...
  12. Hello! What mods do people recommend? Any pictures? I already dislike the doser, but love the machine....
  13. @Mrboots2u - Tamper is metal. I think I ordered a 58 one, but not sure with the rattling... Baskets have lots of holes around around and no widget. Hope that's a good thing!
  14. Welshyeti


    Does this forum come in an app for Android? Would love it if it did - save logging on all the time. Just wondering...!
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