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  1. Sorry ... I thought that it was too low... meant to say so at the time but forgot.
  2. Hi... my post above should explain. I would have accepted you offer had I been here ...sorry.
  3. Sadly I am abroad in France now...I don't come on the forum often. I will be back later in the year and I will post this again before I return so that if someone does want it I can arrange postage.
  4. Payment received .... this is now sold... many thanks to Iwan.
  5. Yes.. I can go for that.. contact me with your details.
  6. Great condition...hardly used ( Bought a Rocky soon after and used that ) There is slight cracking on the plastic of the hopper collar but it does in no way affect its performance. Replacements are available and inexpensive. This is the (much ) more expensive chrome version and not to be confused with the silver version which is just painted. In Sheffield...have my old Rocky box so it could be posted in that. £190 with postage to be negotiated .
  7. I realise that 'perfect' might be a big one to back up but, really , you won't be disappointed in the condition . It has had all new seals and gaskets throughout and a new sightglass tube as well. Forum will only let me upload three photos but more are available. No dents no rust and fully working. Comes with two portafilters , a tamper ( basic but it will get you started ) 2 x double baskets and a single. Located in Sheffield...rather it was collected but I could arrange something regarding postage if I can find a suitable box. Would like £300 ...shipping costs to be discussed if needed.
  8. There is no queue now... just a few days.
  9. Did your oven arrive ?.... any views on it to share ?
  10. A missed opportunity for the worse pun possible.... The Costa Coffee.
  11. You do know that there is a thing they invented a little while back that they called a teapot ? I think that , as it is so innovative ,it might catch on.
  12. I don't think he "ran away" He did put that particular thread on 'ignore'... possibly because he got sick of the cyclical argument that you seem determined to 'win'. A lot of people seem to struggle with your online persona .. does that never give you pause for thought? Does it never bother you that you seem to rub most peoples rhubarb up the wrong way ?
  13. Choose your grinder first. It all starts there and thats where the money spent really pays off.
  14. Amazingly affordable replacement boiler prices quoted there. Well done ACS.
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