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  1. Is the E37S better than a Mythos? The cafe who grind me beans have a couple and they swear by them man. Dont get into cafes much, but I cannot remember going into one and seeing one of them Ceado things before
  2. Sounds like an MFI salesman, dont bother to read the details, just sign here and be happy man. I do not post much but I read it a bit, trying to pick out ideas to help me and me moka pot and boilbrew. No one seems to like them so I am just bubbling along with that. If you do not ask questions, you get no answers
  3. £500 price includes any vat man....not sure but I think (beyond me understanding) that i you are a business you may be able to claim the vat back
  4. No vat man......£500 to you no matter if you are a home user or a business user
  5. I have been given one of those little jug type things with a handle on for making Turkish coffee. In me spare time, I have been looking at Youtube videos of making it, and the one thing I dont get is are you drinking the ground coffee or do you try and pour it off?
  6. Been a member for ages, but rarely have posted. Things are changing though. I am putting the Moka pot away and have just ordered something that looks a bit more interesting, called a Boilbrew. Has anyone used one and can give me some help. Am going to be using coffee ground at a local coffee shop (they just humour me and grind small amounts when I ask them) until hopefully soon, I can get a grinder (yes, will need more help then)
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