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  1. Is that an app called Whats as I do not know what to look for
  2. Thanks folks......I think I misunderstood a bit. Me thinking was that wifi calls were free and if you had a weak signal made it better. I have skype but did not want to have to make making a phonecall any harder
  3. Can someone who understands these things help an old man! I have an android phone. I use it a bit as I do not have a landline and I use Skype a bit when I want to phone home. Me last sim card was with EE and someone told me about wifi calling which would be good for me. Now, I do not really understand all this modern talk but google told me if my phone is Android 8 it will work. Me phone says android version 9 PKQ1.180904.0. I also read the O2 support wifi calling so I went to giffgaff because the use O2. Now I find they do not support wifi calling either. On giffgaff forum they say they have no intention but one person said Sky mobile do, but they use O2 I think. In me settings under wifi there is no label for wifi calling so it is not there or greyed out at all. Can anyone tell me which network would be the best for me. I use sim only and if I have wifi, do not need anything but a basic contract. Me phone is a Redmi Note 7 and if I get a new sim, will the wifi option appear in settings. Why are things so complicated man!
  4. It may have been registered already man......if a previous owner did that I do not think you will be covered. I would presume the serial is on a sticker on the outside of the box so it is no big deal for them to give it to you. Me pal says watch out
  5. My pal tells me the cranberry ones are probably 2 to 3 years old as SAge withdrew them ages ago man. I would ask him for the serial number. My pal says you can google Sage and speak to them, giving them the serial number. Me thinks if you do that, they will tell you if it is actually covered or not.
  6. Oh man......I am Jamaican and mebbes too laid back. To me Paki is short for Pakistani and is not a racial slur. If I said look man, theres a Pakistani is that any less or more racist than saying Paki. It is a shortening of the correct description man. Just ammunition for all those who seem to have this modern trend of being offended. And if he is not a PAkistani, then what is he
  7. have you contacted the supplier yet
  8. I was wrong but this maybe worth a look man
  9. I was round at a friends a couple of years ago, and I am sure he did something like pull the drip tray out, slide out the water tank thing and there was a switch or something like it to swop between the 2. Me memory is not what it used to be of course and that sounds a little simple man, but maybe worth a look
  10. Hey man, me thinks you can sort this very soon. have you a screenshot of the original transaction? if you have then check how to complain to trading standards. me thinks it has changed a bit how you do it and me pc skills are not that good but find out who you need to report it to. send a last email to the shop telling them that you are going to report them. am sure one of the lawyers here will give you the wording but it looks like misrepresenation to me.
  11. What planet are you on man? You suggest that it might not be a charity, it might not be for profit and that the mans family might be connected......maybe I am too trusting and simple in me old age but I think rather than call someone for giving his time and effort into reviewing a grinder that I hope to be able to buy one day, on the off chance it might not reach the exacting standrads you seem to dish out.........are you connected to any charities, if registered or not that you freely donate your time to and folks slagged you off then you would understand......perhaps you are just the jealous type man......meanwhile, if Mr Niche wants another roadtest done by a man with a Moka Pot and Boilbrew, then he can message me
  12. Me pal bought one from there a couple of years ago. Still working fine......he thinks they have a 2 year warranty man......some folks on here said the Lakeland warranty is not so good these days, but I dunno
  13. I don't get it man. Maybe someone can explain it to me as I do not read many things on here. I was going to get me a Niche, once me funds were in place because it seemed to be well thought of. I only use a moka pot and a boilbrew and do not have a grinder as me local cafe just grinds for me whenever I ask. But, there seems to be a lot of negative vibes now on the Niche. Am I right in thinking that these come from folks who do not own one. I do not follow why anyone would try to put a small kitchen grinder up against a big cafe type thing or does me inexperience show. I am still about 2 months away from having enough money to buy something. Can someone put me mind at rest
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