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  1. hi gman Would you accept 70 delivered? Kind regards Hugh
  2. Hi all Would anyone know where i can get a double fliter basket for the ascaso steel uno at the lowest price? i have the supercream basket that it came with , which has the rubbert seals inside it, ive never produced as good as coffee with it as i have with even a gaggia evolution. cheers Hugh
  3. Hi all I have to say with trying varying beans i have to say Bei and Nannini are my favourite, anyone know an online source with a reasonable price tag or recommend something similar i guess some sort of italian blend?? cheers Hugh
  4. wee update, have to say the brazilian santos is not too bad! maybe the roasts in general are too dark for me , however i normally like darker roasts? oh well always worth a try! Hugh
  5. hi all i ordered from rave coffee, 6 bags, ive tried 4 and i have to say its the most unpalatable coffee i have ever tried, if i could return for a full refund i would, to my taste buds it really is that bad:(
  6. Hi folks i have for sale my Ascaso Steel Uno Espresso Coffee Machine. £250 wanted but willing to swap for other machine ideally am looking at rancilio even to trade up:), retails £500 , just over 2 years old. excellent machine and in good condition. heres the speil : The Ascaso Steel Uno Espresso Coffee Machine is made of a solid and rugged all stainless steel body. The high quality brass boiler comes with an analogue boiler temperature gauge. The pump delivers a pressure of up to 16 bar to brew café quality espresso. It also includes a professional type chromed forged brass brewing hand
  7. Hi dave i would take all if you would include postage at £220? Thanks Hugh
  8. yeah will get some pics up when the new set up is complete, next up grinder, tamp, mat and jug! and also beans he he!
  9. shuggyboy24


    hiya thanks for reply, definetly what colour? paypal accepted?, sell Tamps, too? thanks shuggy
  10. well, tonight bought an ascaso steel uno from a good fellow in glasgow, impressed i have to say! clean machine, i would say better than baby dose i had before, now for the grinder:) shuggy
  11. shuggyboy24


    hi folks looking to buy a grinder, from an mc2 upwards in quality any one got anything for sale? thanks shuggy
  12. just to confuse matters i have also been offered chance to buy a few months old ascasso uno, for around £190 would that be preferable over the classic? opinions? :-)
  13. Hi Folks, i have decided to buy gaggia classic and also another iberital mc2( had one already dont ask!) are the two following links best prices? ive looked on ebay and some of the gaggia classics go for silly second hand cash!? links Classic: http://www.comet.co.uk/p/Coffee-Makers/buy-GAGGIA-CLASSIC-RI8161/40-Coffee-Maker/412414?cm_mmc=Google+Shopping-_-Feed-_-_Coffee_Makers-_-412414_GAGGIA_CLASSIC_RI8161%2F40&_$ja=tsid:8360|cc:|prd:CLASSIC+RI8161%2F40|cat:_Coffee_Makers mc2: http://www.happydonkey.co.uk/iberital-mc2-grinders.html think best route? thanks
  14. Hi folks I was looking for advice on what would be a good price for a second hand silvia? either that or a gaggia classic, looking to buy either as changing from gaggia baby, without a machine at mo, so will also look into new grinder also, thoughts? cheers Hugh
  15. hi, As the old adage states: 'one mans junk is anothers treasure', and although a newbie to expresso drinking myself, but i would thoroughly recommend, from Hasbean the following: Guatemala El Bosque Amatitlan Red Bourbon 2010-2011 Crop and also Costa Rica Finca de Licho 2010-2011. The former being my favourite so far:) Hugh
  16. hi i ordered the following: toba sulewesi blend, el salvador finca la fany bourboun, costa rica finca de licho, nicaragua limoncilla and eithiopia sidamo decaff. the latter tasting better some 5 days after roasting, the toba sulewesi am not too keen on! but will reserve judgement until further cups! hugh
  17. looks good once current stock of beans is low i will give your beans a try, anyone else tried? hugh
  18. wee update, bought few bags on beans from hasbean! great service btw! enjoying the grinder big time! trying a few to see which ones i will like.
  19. look good, might purchase one! its between one and an aluminium la pavoni tamper!
  20. Well for my two pennies worth this forum has always came across as friendly and extremely informative, even if i as a newbie have asked some silly or tedious question, i've learned so much here, so thumbs up!
  21. Currently using white lavazza coffee and expresso cups, to me they look good, and very robust.
  22. Hi Glenn i purchased an Iberital MC2 auto from our good member on here Greenpotterer. Today i managed to have some nice expresso using some hasbean jailbreak beans, i also got some fresh bei e nannini beans from a local coffee shop, they are next ;-), Ultimately i am very suprised at how different freshly ground beans smell and taste compared to even recently ground beans. next is a new tamper! Hugh
  23. hi, i voted 101-200 quid, however this year it might be more, as most likely we will give cash as such(to each other!) for a city break to say krakow or similar as well! xmas spending these days is excessive, even in the middle or the current financial depression.
  24. he he grinding now! trying to get the best settings! ill get there soon! shuggy
  25. well unfortunately not got a grinder yet! so its handy at the moment! setting grinder up yet though;) so can then order from hasbean or local, yum thanks hugh
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