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  1. https://www.cunill.com/cafe/pdf/Iconic-tron-discover-it.pdf I am on the lookout for a new grinder and the new Cunill Iconic Tron has caught my eye. I have a small cafe and I find my grinders are just too noisy ( okay I accept you cannot grind quietly) but this one looks funky for the want of a better description and the big one for me is they are / appear to be very quiet at 45db Has anyone seen one in the flesh or more to the point used one? Thanks in advance |Andy
  2. another option is to get hold of a second hand 110v step down transformer ok they are a bit of a chunk but it would work, if you are local to devon I will give you one
  3. Put it simple NO WAY The running current is TOO HIGH 4kw = 17.4 amps you need a dedicated supply and your cable to the machine ideally should be uprated to 2.5mm HO7 flex
  4. Hi Folks I have a Hearthware Precision coffee roaster that I do not use anymore any idea on what sort of price they would sell for ? many thanks Andy Bev
  5. This was the as collected pic It was sold with an electrical fault on Ebay but I checked it out and all was ok. the actual fault was the boiler was full as in very full and the pressure switch was operated by the water volume / pressure in the vessel. Drained refilled and fire up all ok
  6. First things first I have nothing to do with Fracino ( ok I have 2 of there Bambino's) Today I emailed them with a query about a pdf drawing for the BAM2E boiler so I can make an insulated jacket for it , maybe that was alot to ask for! Also I queried the age of my new single group machine an old sort of a BAM1E questioning is a new steam arm available with a new nozzle because I do not like the one fitted. A couple of hours later I had a reply from Sue at Fracino with a pdf drawing as requested 😲 and she informed me my new machine was made unbelievably in 2002 and the part was not
  7. potentially interested in the grinder (I have one already oh and a 1 group and a 2 group Fracino Bambino oh and 2 grinders ) but I have enough fracinos 😉
  8. 8 year old HX machine E61 seals worn out, Vibe pump died, water level controller electronics went belly up ( tank fed)
  9. At 12.3 amps its ok on a plug top with a 13 amp fuse ( its no different to plugging in a 3kw heater into a socket) Lets put it this way I am an electrician and I use my 3kw Fracino on a plug top ( it is a cyclic load once up to temp ) plugged into a 32 amp ring main
  10. I speak as an ex Gaggia classic owner ( I still use it in our holiday pad and its still brilliant after 15 years) GET ONE The mistake I made was I upgraded my Classic first I should of upgraded the rocky grinder first Looking at your Video you make a bloody good espresso and I feel your best bet is get a quality grinder first and keep your machine, then as budgets / a classic come up get one. On ebay here in the UK I picked up another brand new Cunil Tauro grinder for £130 retail £360 so the bargains are there ok I have not used this grinder as yet but its well made so hope
  11. TBH i do not know if it drips I will have a look tomorrow I am full of coffee at the mo and its beer o'clock 😉
  12. Ta for the reply yes during pulling a shot it is at 9 bar but it stays at 9 bar on the gauge and does not drop after the shot is pulled, the exhaust solenoid works ok. Is this normal for the bambino ?
  13. Hi Folks I have just acquired a Bambino which was a steal of a deal, given a good clean it looked "spankers", I went through the set up filling the tank and all went well the pressure gauge for the steam was 1 bar which is spot on and the water pressure rose to 9 bar my question is should the water pressure stay at 9 bar at all times or should it only be at 9 bar when making a shot ( which is what I would of expected) ? One of the heads did not work due to a bit of crud being stuck in the jet a quick strip down was all that was required. I also tried the steam and WOW what
  14. I just shorted mine out tis much better to use now
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