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  1. .......thanks for the reply Rob, I'll have a think about it...
  2. @Rob92 are these are these 64mm burrs and also how much for postage please ? Kind Regards, Simon
  3. .....adjust your opv to approx. 9 bar, it will improve your shot.
  4. .... It seems to be layout mainly and sizing, before when I was viewing the for sale section everything would be neatly laid out and I could see all the unread items that I've not looked at, but now I seem to be permanently scrolling and not being too sure what's read and unread as clearly as it was..... Anyway I didn't mean to belittle all the hard work that people have put in creating this, It's just that I have no idea I change was coming I refreshed my screen and it was all change ! As Ihavelund says, change isn't inherently bad, eh? Just ignore me, I 'll get used to it, sorry for being negative ? Kind Regards
  5. ......it is pretty terrible to use on my Android tablet ?
  6. ...... do you have a picture of the Torr Tamper please?
  7. Could be the reset button/switch on the thermostat / element........hopefully?
  8. @ ImthatGuy and Old Nick Oh wow, that sounds great, I love my Rancilio, but since I've owned it, I always thought there was something missing.......THIS is it ! I'm going to order one tonight, thank you so much for both of your info / reviews, they were really helpful
  9. Thankyou,this is helpful info....It sounds great and I think I want to buy one :-), but would like to know how you are getting on with it, have you had any issues / problems in the two weeks since you posted or is it all good ? Many thanks
  10. Many thanks for the Motta jug...it`s very nice, it arrived on Friday in some great packaging !
  11. @Whiteyj Thanks anyway, I unfortunately don't have a spare PF, but I will keep an eye on this thread to see if anything might come up in the future.
  12. Hi Whiteyj, I was wondering if you sold a dosing funnel for the Rancilio Silvia standard PF please? (Had a scan through the thread, but cannot see it mentioned) Anyway, if you do, could you let me know the price including postage as I would like one please? Thanks very much and Kind Regards, Simon
  13. Have sent you the money via Paypal and replied to your PM with my address.......hopefully ! I look forward to the jug arriving :-) Many Thanks, Simon
  14. .....plus delivery please........sorry, never bought on here before ! :-)
  15. I`ll take it at asking price please :-)
  16. Have you adjusted your opv? It's been known to improve crema, flavour, mouthfeel etc etc Take a look at this link
  17. It does have a 3 way solenoid, but no adjustable opv though :-( Have you been backflushing it regularly, it helps to keep the valve working properly?
  18. simon333

    Rave Coffee

    Ha.....thanks for that Coffeechap...:-)
  19. simon333

    Rave Coffee

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a discount code for Rave at the moment please? On a bit of an economy drive !! Thanks very much
  20. Hi John, Like I say, I haven't done this mod as yet but if and when I do it I would make sure I was using the very soft silicone tube (same as the water pipe but smaller) for extra vibration damping, and yes the position you suggest sounds fine....on the plus side it is'nt a lot of money to give it a go either ! Simon Gary........as for tips.......what I found to be helpful is after you have put your ground coffee into the basket, stir it around breaking any clumps in a circular motion and evening it out with a cocktail stick or similar before tamping......it has improved my coffee :-)
  21. Hi, There is a mod I have seen but I have not tried it yet........follow the link This guy has done some crazy stuff ! http://www.schneordesign.com/Avi/SilviaMegaMod/Silvia10.htm
  22. If you have DIY skills and would like to save some money there is this option ! Follow this link.
  23. Hey Nick, .........ditch the pressurised basket if I were you... Glad it was a simple fix ! Regards, Simon
  24. Hey Nick, ...Have you checked that the small plastic "widget" is still below the basket in the portafilter? Sometimes these fall out when emptying the coffee grounds, if the basket comes loose. Simon
  25. Hi, I have stripped my opv this morning to descale/ adjust to 9.5 bar and the rubber piece should not have a hole in it...........well mine didn't ! It has a small hole the brass side but not the rubber side. Hope this helps Simon
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