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  1. .....adjust your opv to approx. 9 bar, it will improve your shot.
  2. .... It seems to be layout mainly and sizing, before when I was viewing the for sale section everything would be neatly laid out and I could see all the unread items that I've not looked at, but now I seem to be permanently scrolling and not being too sure what's read and unread as clearly as it was..... Anyway I didn't mean to belittle all the hard work that people have put in creating this, It's just that I have no idea I change was coming I refreshed my screen and it was all change ! As Ihavelund says, change isn't inherently bad, eh? Just ignore me, I 'll get used to it, sorry for being negative 😞 Kind Regards
  3. ......it is pretty terrible to use on my Android tablet 😞
  4. Could be the reset button/switch on the thermostat / element........hopefully?
  5. @ ImthatGuy and Old Nick Oh wow, that sounds great, I love my Rancilio, but since I've owned it, I always thought there was something missing.......THIS is it ! I'm going to order one tonight, thank you so much for both of your info / reviews, they were really helpful
  6. Thankyou,this is helpful info....It sounds great and I think I want to buy one :-), but would like to know how you are getting on with it, have you had any issues / problems in the two weeks since you posted or is it all good ? Many thanks
  7. Many thanks for the Motta jug...it`s very nice, it arrived on Friday in some great packaging !
  8. @Whiteyj Thanks anyway, I unfortunately don't have a spare PF, but I will keep an eye on this thread to see if anything might come up in the future.
  9. Hi Whiteyj, I was wondering if you sold a dosing funnel for the Rancilio Silvia standard PF please? (Had a scan through the thread, but cannot see it mentioned) Anyway, if you do, could you let me know the price including postage as I would like one please? Thanks very much and Kind Regards, Simon
  10. Have sent you the money via Paypal and replied to your PM with my address.......hopefully ! I look forward to the jug arriving :-) Many Thanks, Simon
  11. .....plus delivery please........sorry, never bought on here before ! :-)
  12. I`ll take it at asking price please :-)
  13. Have you adjusted your opv? It's been known to improve crema, flavour, mouthfeel etc etc Take a look at this link
  14. It does have a 3 way solenoid, but no adjustable opv though :-( Have you been backflushing it regularly, it helps to keep the valve working properly?
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