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  1. All I needed to know thanks. I will get one ordered.
  2. Thanks. As you say, ECM and Profitec will likely be the same. I will check for the stamp next time I remove it to clean the shower screen.
  3. Hi Malc, Doesn't appear anyone was able to answer your question. Did you find out which is best? I was considering buying a Cafelat silicon alternative. Krax
  4. I am dialled in for the reduced pressure now and having changed nothing else am pleased with the results. Too soon to make a proper judgement. Will try reducing my tamp pressure next week.
  5. I reduced the brew pressure on my Pro 700 from 9 bar to 6 today after reading some recent Barista Hustle posts. Really easy to do, a near complete anticlockwise turn of the screw head was all it needed, accessed from below through the hole close to the rear left hand foot. Took less than 5 minutes. Anyone else tried this yet? If so have you noticed any improvements in flavour? I backed my grinder off a fair way in anticipation of the shots choking and then wasted a load of beans grinding finer and finer to get back to a 30 second 1:2 ratio. Ran out of time by then so have not really been able to tell either way yet myself.
  6. I spent quite a while tuning the P & I values after fitting a controller upgrade to my classic to get it to recover as quickly as possible whilst still maintaining a stable temperature. i I have not been tempted to change anything after upgrading to a Pro700 as the default values work so well.
  7. That must be very disappointing after all the effort. I use one of @Timmyj's funnels with my PF and so don't seem to end up with anything like as much mess as you are experiencing. Some grinds can be seen clinging to the bottom of the funnel which mostly drop off with a two finger tap on the side of the funnel before removing the PF. My rest is metal so perhaps the PF being at the same electrical potential as the funnel helps? Personally I find the funnel so much more satisfying to use than the doser and tend to distribute the grinds as they fill the basket. I can't see myself ever going back to using the doser.
  8. That's great info thanks. I think I will buy the blue first and see where that locks
  9. Has anyone tried the Cafelat Silicon Gaskets in their 700? Is the red 8.0mm or the blue 8.5 mm the better fit? I am looking to buy one or the other as a spare. I seem to remember the existing gasket measured around 8.3 mm when I last cleaned the shower screen, so I expect the blue is the better fit? Ta in advance
  10. Krax

    Blend Noir

    I did the basic Barista training when I was first interested in coffee and really enjoyed it. Winchester is a good place to visit on a weekend break with the Cathedral and suchlike. Perhaps you could double up on a visit, as the Café is open on Sundays too now :-). WCR is based in an old foundry at Kingsworthy, a short distance from Winchester.
  11. A relative was served this in a London Coffee Shop last week. Do you think they were trying to tell him something? Answers on a postcard please ~
  12. Krax

    Blend Noir

    Anyone else tried Blend Noir from Mark at Winchester Coffee Roasters? I am on my third kg and it is my favourite blend so far. Mostly Sumatran beans with some Peruvian Tunki and Monsoon Malabar in the mix. It is not roasted as dark as the name suggests. A little darker than Hasbean, but certainly not to Italian Job levels. Not badly priced either @£15 per kg if bought online plus postage.
  13. Hi Adrian, That's a good offer which I shall accept thanks. Please PM payment details.
  14. I did not receive any further response from @Xpenno or @No big Name, so I must have confused everyone. I am still looking for an SJ grinds tray if anyone has one going for a similar price to the above
  15. The built in timer helped swing my choice towards the Pro 700, this small feature is often not as well appreciated as it might be. Starting the timer automatically when the lever is lifted is just so convenient and minimises clutter. I had a good look inside mine before buying and the BB Engineer confirmed they are reliable in addition to being well laid out and engineered. SS Boilers, dual loop PID control, lots of cup clearance with removable step up tray provided - they seem to have covered all the essentials. I've had mine a good few months and it produces lovely, consistent shots. I am very happy with my choice.
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