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  1. @Flamingo You can trust Hasi on this machine. Good luck.
  2. Well having just had an overfilling boiler on a Simonelli machine, the fault with mine was a tiny piece of debris in the solenoid body allowing the water to carry on slowly filling the boiler despite the probe functioning and the solenoid being closed. Could be worth checking that as a start. Thread was here; https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?49465-Steam-not-quot-clean-quot
  3. spoxehub

    O o h

    Welcome back. I died once too. Massively overrated. Glad to hear you're on the mend.
  4. It's one thing to FIND the part from Sage and quite another to actually get it. But fair enough.
  5. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?35220&p=462750#post462750
  6. Aaaaaand fixed, up and running. Thanks @DavecUK and @espressotechno for your advice.
  7. Small piece of what seemed to be plastic was sitting on top of the valve seat in the solenoid. Cleaned out ok, solenoid function ok.
  8. I wondered what you were on about there. Your post has only just appeared now for me. No idea why.
  9. @espressotechno Disconnected probe wire, turned machine on, pump kicked in and water has gone everywhere. Straight to the muppetry thread with me! On the plus side, probe is ok! hahaha
  10. @espressotechno Removed probe, cleaned, put back in, no change. Left it a day or so, removed probe again to muck about with height and the boiler is filled above the probe hole. So I figure either the probe is knackered or the autofill solenoid is letting water leak past itself and keeping the boiler overtopped. Will run some checks. Any other obvious suggestions I'm missing?
  11. Yeah I thought about that. Autofill is working ok, not to say that the level it's filling to hasn't been changed by a probe failure/scaling/been moved in some way. WIll check that out.
  12. Afternoon all. The last couple of days I've noticed that the steam flow from my machine is very jittery. Seems to blow a mix of good old dry steam then a blast of saturated steam, bit of water, steam, saturated steam etc etc. Only started a couple of days back. I haven't changed any parts since the pump a few months ago. Machine is otherwise working fine, although the flow through the group has been slower/less volume than the old pump was managing when it was in place before failure. Any thoughts on the steam issue? Pressurestat seems to be working fine, no discernable lea
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