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  1. Iv just bought that popper as well but can’t work out how to get the dimmer in it ?
  2. ah cheers mate I’m just trying to get Darren from there thermocouple to order me one with a couple potted rtd100
  3. Hi there , just a quick one I’m out the country at the mo and trying to find out the hole sizes of the temperature probes pots on the front of the Rosster ? Thanks in advance
  4. this might work https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/cable-glands/0564951/
  5. how did you attached the 3mm prob into the roaster ??
  6. My first batch after warm up was 186 (209) Sec Batch :175 (199) both taste good just the sec batch has more oil coming out over the last 2 days
  7. Just started roasting on my Dalian Amazon ~}
  8. Hey all anyone got a roast profile of mansoon Malbar done on the dilan ...? As I’ve just got my roaster done 2 roasts following Dave’s guide that came with the roaster but fist crack started at 8 min mark
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