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  1. What are you guys pressing to see "first unread"? EDIT: nevermind, found it
  2. Attached an example of a page running on SimplePortal 2.3.6 © 2008-2014 I can look at this all day
  3. Eeesh, Yuk, I feel like I have been forced onto a 24" phone, I cannot find anything and in particular I cannot find settings for such things as a dark theme. This just hurts my eyes. I was still using the older choice before because of this. I guess that eventually we will have all the features we had before and then some but right now my eyes are bleeding
  4. In the relatively short time I have been a member here I have seen a number of posts that concern me with regards electrical safety. Let me start by saying I am an electrician but I don't work on houses generally but more typically on workshops and something more akin to hotels etc. One of the things that has come to light here is that there seems to be a large number of people living in houses where the wiring and fuse board installation is quite old. These older designs worked fine in that they protect the circuits from overloads but that is where the protection stops. Somewhere along the course of history the wiring regulations changed and later installations started using MCB's instead of fuses in homes. There was also the introduction of RCD's which added another level of protection in that these were designed to protect the occupants from electric shock in the event of a faulty appliance. Mostly these were fitted in the "fuse box" also known as a consumer unit and offered protection on all the sockets in a house at once. These days one can get systems using RCBO's fitted to each circuit individually to achieve the same level of safety on all circuits. In my experience appliances such as Irons, Kettles, Toasters, all of which have heating elements fitted are the usual culprits when I attend a failure. Coffee machines are most likely to fall in this group. Here are a couple of links to help clarify: So, what am I saying here? For your own safety and that of your loved ones you should at least consider some sort of RCD protection, preferably for the whole house but if not then RCD sockets which you can plug in those items I listed above. Having the Consumer Unit replaced is not cheap but in doing so you will get an inspection done which will confirm the condition of the house wiring is good. Other members that are electricians might have better links and explanations but the bottom line is.... I want all of us and our families to still be here tomorrow. EDIT: for the more technically minded among you:
  5. How am I getting on??? um.... I had an espresso at rave and thought "I have done as well as this" I'm not so sure I can be very consistent yet but I am getting there I guess.... Bear in mind I am new to the whole coffee hobby so it is not just the L1 I am learning. Another 10 Kg of beans and you might consider drinking something I pulled From my point of view you can bring any or all grinders once we get organised.... even if only to see them in the flesh. You might not think it probable but my Santos is set up quite well for grind (not so much for retention) and I know it quite well whereas The Royal is new to me, I am still playing, I prefer drinks from the Santos still.
  6. Lets try and get something going in the way of a get together. We might need to keep a closer eye on this groups message thing as I am not sure that I see all notifications of new posts so, If you don't get a reply here from me then pm me or maybe revive that forum thread with the word news
  7. ....Then I find even more messages here ....They might say this is a movement (if you understand that reference you are just as old as me...probably) Greetings Heligan, Like I said to EJ-Guano, Foreigners and visitors welcome too How far away are you Jane?
  8. I think it might be best if we leave our machines where they are and just take turns in hosting. I reckon it is a good idea to bring beans though at least for this first meet. I may have something in the way of hardware to bring along just for kicks though..... have to wait and see. It seems best we have a chat about how we want to do meets in future and getting together with Nod is a good opportunity. I only just got the notification on this.... could be it is only generated weekly?
  9. Welcome all to a space specifically relating to everything Coffee in Plymouth and the surrounding area. It doesn't take long to find out that good coffee is hard to find in these parts so perhaps between us we can get together and search out the better venues. I plan to arrange visits and get togethers once we have a few folks here that find such an idea interesting. I am Mike, I currently live in Stoke having moved down here in '86. Come Say hello!!
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