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  1. That should keep you off the streets and out of trouble I hope you post lots of pics of the work in progress
  2. A decision was made by a vote that was concluded overnight, well at least in a period during which one could fairly say that not all members could have had the chance to read about it. The decision which was to affect all posts and not just those "offending" few showed that the intolerance of the forums guiding few was in fact ingrained and that as a result some members were more equal than others. I suspect that mods were instructed on how to actually moderate this and that certain mods were uncomfortable with such. Now we are not to discuss the News or the BBC for example it h
  3. The other view is that the Good old boys gave up trying to fight the intolerance of the new regime It was something of a Fait accompli on the rules change ( ask how long the vote lasted) but since then content has become a bit flat It ain't what it used to be So now it is up to you whether or not to try getting things fixed and whether to put up with overnight changes with no warning. Personally, I frequent both the old and the new and find neither particularly satisfying..... yet
  4. He says back in time but @dfk41 kept them all really
  5. yes but probably not for very long The cheapest option is probably a site transformer with a short extension lead that has a flying us socket but two thoughts on that: "yellow" transformers have a centre tapped earth which may not suit your equipment UK runs 50Hz USA runs 60Hz. If electronics are involved it might not work properly if at all Most transformers have a max rating and a continuous rating (often about half of max) You need something close to that so I reckon in your case a 3000/1500 kVA would be OK Just an example but https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLTAGE-CONV
  6. Oh dear.... Another saucer of milk anybody? What happened to the "If you don't like it, leave"
  7. I shall not argue with any of you. You have your views, I have mine.... it is just that now some people are allowed, even encouraged, to air their views whilst others are not. When one considers this culture of never offend anyone it is curiously devoid of balance I, unlike yourself @Blue_Cafe, would not presume to know what you think You did however make me check the meaning of that phrase and I found my understanding of "take umbrage" to be in order. I find it in keeping with a lot of folks here now. My perception of course but it is the result of a lifetime of observing peopl
  8. From where I sit I see a lot more locked threads. I see folks with vast knowledge drifting away from what is becoming for me a boring site I feel that where once a number of people would chip in to help on technical issues, now there are fewer I have no interest in proffering my thoughts on wiring or electrical safety if my other posts are blocked or dismissed or I am threatened This is probably due to the moral attitudes that have weakened our norms of open debate and toleration of differences in favour of ideological conformity. I mostly come here to see if anything
  9. @MildredM I had a similar one, puke yellow, with a big rusty piece of steel covering the vitesse engine that we chucked in it. Fitted with an overdrive too meant the cover for the gearbox housing was not bolted in and a 6 inch gap from that to the rest of the propshaft tunnel. Memories of driving in the snow with the roof down an all the engine heat filling the car to neck level car was £50 Insurance was about the same for third party (remember third party?)
  10. When I first looked no and clicking on the image icon talked about outlook login All working now though
  11. You should not have issues provided all connections in the ring are tight and the connections in the plug are too It will quite quickly become apparent if the plug wires are loose as the plug will heat up This could also happen if the socket into which you plug the machine has seen better days and the plug is not held tightly. All in all what you propose is little different to a fast boil kettle when you turn it on
  12. I experienced static until I seasoned mine ....with rice. It was NOT a Niche though
  13. Oh, I think you might know this
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