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  1. The best part about these threads is we keep seeing these pics of re-worked parts that won't be seen but they still get the treatment just the same
  2. I think you need to take the troublesome one to India.... I saw this headline and thought of you: Could it be that yours is the car for them?
  3. It IS big but you can make it prettier and if it is in good order internally you will enjoy the tastes it brings to the table
  4. OK so choosing both and contrasting colours should work on any theme This done on dark is still not too bright but very obvious and is clear on light roast I guess I need to get used to non industry standard icons on this platform Too many years seeing this I suppose
  5. "Brazilian" coffee would be OK though wouldn't it?
  6. I am not sure how you did that but yes. The advantage of course is that, because the background colour is fixed and Presumably the text colour works on that background, it will not matter whether the post is on light or dark theme as it will always be easily legible
  7. I would suggest that it be set at dark but lets think about the reasoning and see if I have it right. The scenario where someone decides to highlight text or where that happens automatically might be done using different coloured text. Think about which colours would be used on each In an ideal world, next to the paintbrush on the toobar would be a paintbrush denoting text background colour and we could go back to a text symbol for the text colour. In this case it would be the background that performs the highlight and the normal forum software text colour remains regardless of theme The effect might be similar to what is seen when I write @Tait but more accentuated
  8. Do you remember when you could mouse over someone's name without getting the screen half covered with details I used to have to click to see Aye, them were the days EDIT: Then there was the time you wanted to like or thank and it was there on screen not hidden under an Icon, which bears no relation to either. Why do we need extra levels of menu to find what we need? Now then @MildredM you did that on purpose..... You got me started again and I was trying to be so good
  9. That fine gentleman @johnealey was kind enough to send me some Guji Highland beans roasted by his own fair hand. What can I tell you? YUM!! The man has skills That blueberry note is not at all hidden and pushes through milk Very easily. I added a half spoon or so of sugar and the flavour exploded. Interesting too was the fact that they neither ground nor poured like a bean of that longer roasting date than I normally use. John, If you feel you have too many of these greens..... Roast 'em up and send them and I will be happy to cross your palm with silver. I am glad it is the weekend..... I get a chance to play a little with these through the day
  10. One hell of a tactic that..... some sort of Psychological manipulation going on I reckon Well...... Make the forum so dire to use that, once fixed everything seems wonderful Had to buy a new mouse though...... scroll wheel broke on the last one Soooo Glad you got it fixed @Tait A little aside: Went back to a Thread of mine on a computer forum and found posts still edit just fine 11 years later
  11. Don't ask me to find the post but @Tait did post somewhere that he has a ticket in with the software people, then later, a reply from them saying that is a serious issue that should not be happening and it would be escalated to their tech team. Unfortunately that answer also said it might not be an easy fix and intimated it might take a while. That is the gist of things as I understand them. so it is all Tait's fault..... He broke it and they will try to find out how and fix it
  12. Well, I am not big on a limit @Glenn but If it has to be then think about the threads that @MildredM alluded to or those that are discussing subjects such as wiring a grinder/timer where corrections might need to be made to stop future readers having issues. My gut feeling is about a Month would likely cover it and still stop the disgruntled but you may need to look back at how long some of the competition, forum day and technical threads ran before they settled all updates.
  13. Too late to spell check now @MildredM
  14. My colleague just got back from Porto so I invited him to talk more about it. This was his reply: Place I mentioned where you pick and choose your food/drink from any where within and TAKE to where you're sitting was an ex-market hall called Mercado Bom Sucesso not far, about 5 minute stroll from the Casa Musica metro station and right next to the bus station. This had cheap local food and beer outlets, not fancy sit down restaurants although there were a couple of nice ones nearby. Here you eat/drink and then staff return plates etc to appropriate places. Recommend. If they like fish then they MUST go to Avenue Serpa Pinto, or thereabouts, in Matasinhos where the fish restaurants grill the fish, and what a choice, over barbecue coals in the street and where you can sit in or outdoors. It is a 30min metro ride getting off at either the Brito Capelo or Matasinhos Sul stops and then a short stroll towards the beach/harbour. Otherwise general usual food type restaurants. The "Frenchishina"(?) snack sandwich is worth a go but don't expect to eat for the rest of the day. Lots of the side street cafes/restaurants are good but are small and usually very busy sometimes you have to queue. More expensive as you near the river. Port houses are a must but best to shop around for the tour you want. Tailors was lovely but at the top of a very steep hill and only an audio tour. We did Calem. Hour and a bit tour plus three large tasties for 16€ each. For afterwards they all have bars but they did a fantastic meat and cheese board to go with the Port as you watch the world go by. Travel around Porto very easy with the Metro, recommend the 3 day travel pass for unlimited travel. This does not include the ye olde trams as they are a separate company. Local staff very helpful and speak good English. Hope this helps.
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