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  1. No yeast, when we're cooking: The Yeastfree Boys aka The Sourdough crew Too much of a stretch?
  2. Had a new painter and decorator round yesterday. He's currently a furloughed British Airways pilot. He made a lovely job of the landing!
  3. A little off topic .....or is it? "Modern" thinking applies: If WWII happened today... 1. Can I have more clarity on the “Your country needs you” slogan, it’s too ambiguous and I’m confused. 2. Why aren’t you doing enough to prevent these air raids? 3. Does the siren apply to everyone? 4. There are only male and female toilets in the air raid shelter and I don’t identify as either. 5. This respirator haversack has a leather strap and I’m a vegan. 6. Why cant I have almond milk on my ration card 7. I find the term “black out” offensive. 8. I find the lack of colour options within military uniforms oppressive. 9. Why didn’t we have stock piles of spitfires at the start of this conflict?
  4. If the owners wanted a coffee forum then messing up a perfectly good and happy place with unnecessary "modernisation" may not have been the smartest move. It does seem to have driven away some of the past contributors that made the original place what it was. My opinion but to me it seems a lot less "Coffee centric" now. ( is that a modernism that works here?) I brought this up before about there being only one opinion allowed here and that opinion which most certainly has a left leaning tendency can at times be most offensive to others Having Cancer treatment that was pretty damned tough and knowing that there is more to come has hardened my mindset and telling me I am not allowed my opinions and that I should not voice said opinions is one sure fire way to offend me. I did not see the thread but if it was designed to be witty to some degree and to elicit a little exercise in use of the English language then surely, as with jokes, a little artistic licence should be allowed. Aaah jokes.... Do you remember when the object of a joke was to elicit a smile or a groan? When talking about "Paddy" or "That Blonde" had nothing to do with origin or with hair colour or gender? When jokes were just that and nothing more? Keep up the good work @dfk41 Illegitimi non carborundum EDIT: Whoever you are don't bother..... I am related to "paddy"
  5. I figured the key to L1 was consistency so I bought a secondhand early version I have not been disappointed I have not been drinking a lot since my taste buds got shot by my cancer treatment but I find no issues with either allowing time for warm up or leaving on and I am again starting to enjoy my coffee Overall my thoughts are toward "if you can afford it then just buy it" I suspect the only better lever of that era might be the L1P
  6. 1. Superjollys need baking majors and royals do not 2. 2 tiny pins on the badge casting are I think an interference fit ....go carefully when prising off badge 3. Common if old fashioned panel lamp probably all over ebay. Check the Mazzer price and picture, next try ebay then RS for best match at price You might find and led alternate if interested I have the rewiring diagrams that I did on my computer if they are needed now that Tinypic has failed me
  7. Can no longer edit my post so..... The missing diagram from a few posts above I think: Incidentally, this started out as a USA part diagram so capacitor value and contactor info are of no use
  8. Actual weight ended up @ 15Kg. Glad you got it in one piece. If you read up on the various refurb threads @JennieJ you will note that applying heat (use an old oven) will ease your efforts if wanting to remove the stator
  9. @GriffGraff_91 Sorry sold to JennieJ
  10. Sorry this was so slow Looks like the weight of the package comes to ~16 Kg Add £70 to one of the Options on Parcel2Go that look like this below and using parcelforce for example, that adds £8.82 then
  11. OK can do this later although I am not sure how C-19 is affecting couriers. ....Talking of which do you have a preference?
  12. I think there is some misunderstanding of what the rating of a BS1362 (plug top) fuse means. Have a read guys: https://www.pat-testing-training.net/articles/fuse-operation-characteristics.php 13amp Plugs themselves are designed to be fitted with 1.5mm sq cables too EDIT: the other end, the kettle end, is called C13 if not kettle plug.
  13. Not at all offended. All good here
  14. The price now IS the same quoted in the other thread or is this a Souk? £70 Yes you do some work and pay out for burrs but you will still be more than £50 in pocket and you will know exactly the condition of all parts Most folks using these at home will not want the SJ Hopper currently bidding on those SJ's online seems to start @ £140 You could buy a nice shiny renovated one for £400 OR buy a new one for £600 I am in no rush to sell so your decision. I can probably prep it for courier collection if you so wish.
  15. PICS EDITED Yeah the bearings sound OK so really "just" a clean and new burrs... plus of course figuring what mods for the doser
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