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  1. Guys...mega apologies. It's been manic at my end with the start of the new financial year. I wasn't able to confirm a date with Ian. We provisionally booked the 10th before he went to India. I didn't catch him on his return and then he went on his holidays to France. I was in Atkinsons yesterday and he said that he still wants to do this. He's going to look at his diary this week and I'll speak with him again on Saturday. Again, please accept my apologies.
  2. I've got a pal thats interested too. So its looking: Me My pal Conchord + pal NJD1977 icnoble Stevogums MrBoots2u (date dependant) 8 in total, assuming we can all do dates. That works out at about £20. Once Ian confirms the date then I'll ask for a £10 deposit from everyone and I'll get it booked. Does that sound like a plan?
  3. You can get it on Amazon too. The correct spelling is Molykote 111
  4. You're very welcome. I was intending to do this by myself, but I thought that I'd see if any others were interested as well. We are aiming for after Easter, so that's be the 10th at the earliest. maybe the week after would be best (17th)?
  5. Hi guys...please accept my apologies as I've not been around. I've been laid low with trapped nerves in my spine. Mega, mega painful :eek: I caught up with Ian this morning. He is off to India next week for a shin-dig with some small coffee growers, so he suggested 2nd week in April. Costs are about £150 for a group, so if there's five of us we are looking at £30~ each. He's going to confirm dates on his return as The Hall is now open late on Fridays. Can you please confirm if you are still up for this on a Friday and at that rate?
  6. Occam's Razor would suggest that you've probably answered your own question.
  7. Had a quick chat with Ian Steel on Saturday morning....he can do aFriday evening. Still waiting for him to confirm dates and prices.....
  8. I think that a Friday is possible too.
  9. Hi there...sorry for the delay. I spoke with ian this morning and he was excited by the idea. He suggested a Thursday evening- a mix of roasting, cupping, milk frothing and brewing. He's going to get me some dates and prices this week. Once he does this I'll post on here. I guess the fairest way to proceed is to get some deposits to confirm attendance as long as the date is suitable for all. Watch this space!
  10. Why would a polite "No, thank you" be seen as having bad manners? I don't drink whiskey anymore after one particularly bad session on the stuff. The smell of it makes my stomach do loops now. Should I gulp it down if I was offered so as not to cause some imagined offence?
  11. Me Conchord NJD1977 Stevogums and possibly MrBoots depending on content and timings. I'll speak with them today and get their thoughts on group size, timings, content and costs!
  12. Into the Furnace, with Christian Bale. It was OK...Nothing exceptional.
  13. Jeez....I'm sure that he makes a decent coffee, but he doesn't half come across as a bit of plonker. A face and a set of mannerisms that you'd never tire of slapping.
  14. OK, so we've got Me Conchord NJD1977 and possibly MrBoots depending on content and timings. What sort of money would you pay for a half day guys?
  15. I think that the Faema is in dry-dock at the moment? One of the springs is in pieces. Ian is gradually extending the opening hours, with evening music and so-on, so he might be flexible on the timings?
  16. I was having a natter with Ian at Atkinsons yesterday and we got talking about barista training. I'm wondering if anyone on here would be interested in a half-day training in Atkinson's training room? He can organise whatever a small group of enthusiasts would want to cover, cupping, brewing, frothing or a bit of everything. Anyone else interested? If there was, then I'd be happy to collect names and get a price.
  17. I picked up some of this today from Ian at Atkinsons http://www.thecoffeehopper.com/product/414/brazilian-daterra-laurina.htm Only 360Kg available this year and Atkinsons have 60Kg of it (the rest is going to France). Absolutely lovely...sweet with lots of flavour. A very slight (pleasing) metallic aftertaste. Very different to anything that I've tasted before.
  18. LOL, I share your pain brother. If you want an expensive lark, then join me in astrophotography. £20K later I have a fancy shed in the garden with a sliding roof with a pile of kit that gets used about once per month.
  19. Not sure why a retailer like this deserves ANY business IMHO.
  20. Thats similiar to what I do too. I give the PF a few gentle taps on the counter to settle the grinds, then a little rolling motion with the tamper. I find that you only need quite a gentle final tamp too.
  21. Subtract 100 Man-Points for reading the Daily Wail and linking to one of it's articles. i'm a bit disappointed that they didn't manage to get a mention of how immigrants are causing dementia in the first place..... http://charlieharvey.org.uk/daily_mail/
  22. Diabetic, sugar-free marmalade is worth a go...... (no its not).
  23. They contain sorbitol, which allows them to market the sweets as sugar free (nicely ignoring that sorbitol has almost as many calories as sugar). I can't eat sorbitol as it turns my bowels into a gas production machine. If you want comedy-effect, proper-trombone farts (with crippling stomach cramps) then try anything with sorbitol in it. Evil stuff!
  24. **Childish Humour Alert** One of the funniest threads on the Internet: http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/this-is-a-very-long-read-but-i-swear-it-is-worth-it-it-is-the-greatest-violent-poo-story-ever-told.452628177/
  25. More through luck than good management! I might even get it at right-angles to the handle the next time...
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