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  1. Nothing wrong with taste even at 36g out after 60 secs, usually do 19g in, 36g out in 30-35 secs.
  2. Many thanks for all your inputs, will look at storage., have bought a tin of compressed air to get into crevices when I clean it, will just keep an eye on it. I do everything the same every time tamping with a Kafatek Levtamp, storage could be the problem, will change and let you know.
  3. I am using fresh subscription beans used 7 days after delivery they are stored in air tight coffee tins. Bag of 250g can last just over a week, only 2 shots a day so only grinding twice a day every day.
  4. I have had my Niche since January 2019, been maintained regularly and cleaned regularly too. For the past 6 months every time I introduce a new espresso bean to the grinder I start at setting 10 and work forwards or backwards from there to give me 19g in 34 out in 30-35 seconds, the grinder setting has to come out to 14 and that gives a great espresso, next time I use the grinder, same setting, the espresso comes out at around 22 secs, so have to reduce the grind setting and over the life of a 250g bag can get down to maybe 6 or 7 to get a shot of 19g in 34g out, I aim for that amount wit
  5. What was stolen was a 4 month old iPhone11 and it was stolen by employees of a courier firm, don;t want to name them yet as my claim has not been settled yet. I did find out what kind of envelopes they were, can't remember the name right now.
  6. Hi Guys, can anyone tell me which company sends their coffee beans out in black bubble envelopes, I recycled one to send something to someone else and one of the couriers depots stole the contents and put jaffa cakes in the envelope to send on, I keep all bubble wrap envelopes and recycle them as you never know when they will come in handy, any help would be gratefully received as ebay need the brand for me to put a claim in.
  7. So now how do you put it on the sold page, any starters for 10???
  8. Sold, many thanks Jim have sent you a message with details.
  9. 2008 La Pavoni Professional along with many accessories, too many to list, £220, buyer must collect as I am a Disabled guy and it would be impossible to pack and send. The machine has had extras put on as you can see from the pics, the only thing wrong with it is that some of the chrome has come off the boiler and the boiler needs tightening, have a tool for that which is yours if you want it. I have used it since 2018 and the coffee is just the best, I have a spinal injury and am unable to pull the main arm down so pointless hanging onto it when someone else could have the pleasure.
  10. Having a scale in a grinder does nothing for me as I like to weigh beans before putting them in the grinder, also what happens if you put too many beans in and you are over weight, the cheaper one is fabulous, been running it for a couple of weeks now and the grind quality is excellent.
  11. This indeed is the only difference between this and the Plus, my only concern with that is if you put too many beans in for your favourite brew how do you then get the extra ones out, you could grind them and them adjust the weight on scales, much easier to weigh the beans before you put them in the grinder.
  12. Just ordered the new WILFA UNIFORM from youbarista.co.uk, at a cool price of £220, can't find any site that can beat their price, so anyone interested go to youbarista.co.uk.
  13. Sad to hear, I got done on Ebay 2 years ago with an iphone 8, I tried the police (NFI) tried a few online agaencies, even contemplated going to the address of the scammers, did not in the end, I too learned a huge lesson that day.
  14. It worked fabulously as long as you use the bag sealer which I didn't, found and used it and worked a treat.
  15. I just purchased this from Amazon, bags are perfect size for the amounts we are likely to freeze, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07HRKPSBB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  16. Just bought my Rocko Mountain from @foundrycoffeeroasters.com, if you want a coffee that does as it says on the tin (pack) then this is the coffee for you, think its my 5th bag and always buy when it becomes available, be quick though as it invariably sells out quickly
  17. Great answer, way over my head, just like good homemade coffee, still an interesting read.
  18. Any one read this article found it via La Pavoni Owners on FB, maybe been mentioned before, if so then sorry. https://www.smh.com.au/national/international-scientific-study-says-your-barista-is-making-your-coffee-all-wrong-20200122-p53trn.html
  19. mark8805


    I had various Nespresso machines over the years, I recently took the plunge to a Lavazza and I have never looked back, they actually taste of decent coffee especially if you are looking for a good coffee hit first thing, plus I am only using one pod whereas I was using 2 Nespresso to get anything like a decent coffee.
  20. Have it in stock now, mine should be arriving today me thinks, can't wait love the taste of ginger.
  21. Hi Gerrard, the gingerbread tasting coffee is it for espressooooing or brewing?
  22. sorry Dave only just seen your post on here, if you still want it please let me know.
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