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  1. Thanks for all your answers peeps, this was my second project I had backed, the other one was Glanceclock, did get the product not sure if they still alive or not, it was more the advice I was after and @DavecUK reply was very informative indeed.
  2. Winging their way to me from Amazon as I speak, must be popular as many other sites had sold out, will try this method whilst happily consuming its and lots of Jelly Beans, will have to finish them really rather quickly as I need the lid🤣🤣
  3. I like this idea and I LOOOOVE jelly beans, do you know which specific tin you got or was it a gift or was it this one?
  4. Since introducing my 'Yellow Thing' had no popcorning at all and everyone is write about the spraying, I contacted Niche and they confirmed this, not that I doubted Dave one bit, it was just something new that I had read about and foolishly did not consult these Forums to get a definitive answer, thanks to all of you that answered though.
  5. I take it that everyone who has a Niche Zero used Indiegogo to purchase it, well I wonder if anyone has seen this, http://www.evelloespresso.com, looks quite impressive, not started with the funding yet, great for anyone that wants a lever machine that's not a La Pavoni or maybe as expensive as a Londinium (assuming that it will be less than a Londinium), anyone else know of any crowdfunding type coffee related projects ongoing, I am more than interested to see if there are any that have/are as successful as the Niche Zero Grinder.
  6. The handles I got from a guy on La Pavoni Owners Group on Facebook, the SS plates are from here, https://coffee-sensor.com, his name is Tudor, if you contact him on his Instant Messaging he will always answer, just tell him Mark Evans sent you and he will sort you out as I don't think they are on his site yet, I get nothing for referrals he is just one of life's gems that you come across every now again.
  7. Not sure I get what you mean, that is for a e-61 group head, you can get a group head thermometer for a La Pavoni.
  8. Not at all, everyone has an opinion that's what makes the world tick unless you are on twatter, whoops meant twitter😀
  9. Thanks, the sensor is on the side of the group head, it is hidden behind the foil tape on the side.
  10. Have upgraded my 2008 La Pav with the following Pressure Profile Kit Stainless Steel Base Plate Stainless Steel Portafilter Group Head Thermometer and Holder Stainless Steel Handles La Pavoni Towel The Glorious Flying Eagle To me it looks fabulous, here are some pics taken today Friday 08th November 2019, hope you all are approving of my Masterpiece!! 😁☕ 16g in with @Niche Coffee grinder(no water spray!!), should read 32g out in 32 secs.
  11. Not had any popcorning since using it, 5 days now, I suppose only time will tell.
  12. Have had a go at trying to stop popcorning as you can see below, got the tip from home-barista.com, ordered them from Amazon USA, no postage as I am a Prime member, they just need trimming down to correct size, Velcro it in and Bob's your uncle, worked a treat for me, here is the link if anyone is interested https://amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00080FPZM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also got another tip, which again was a new one on me, get an Atomiser and give the beans a quick spray before grinding to reduce clumping and again it worked a treat, now this may be an old trick, sorry for that, new one for me!!
  13. The madness of the perfect coffee strikes us all down, if what you are producing with your settings is really good for you then you have cracked it, be very pleased with that as many never achieve this, my own tastes are when the pressure is between 9-10 bar, if all we did was put a set amount of coffee in and all got the same results then it would cease to be a hobby for me, congratulate yourself if you are getting the best out of the Pavoni.
  14. Has anyone bought some coffee from the people on the programme, mine arrived this week will report back when I've tasted it.
  15. Thanks for your feedback, the reason that I do 9-10 bar is that I have a Profitec 600 that works at those kind off pressures, I am no coffee scientist I just make a coffee that suits me and that I enjoy, that should be the same for everyone unless you want to dig deep into the realms of coffee making, not me, if it tastes good, then its a good coffee.
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