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  1. mark8805


    Hi John, Amazon stock a shed load of tampers so I am sure they would do a 54mm.
  2. Workshopcoffee.com do a fabulous 4 x 125g filter taster pack, I have had it a few times and the coffees have been some of the best filter coffee I have had.
  3. ?? does not say on their website, I emailed them and they just told as above.
  4. Sold!! Move to pm me thinks.
  5. Just bought this from Eazytamp in Aus, not seen this pattern before, Eazytamp reports that it gives a better result once the water is introduced to the puck, only used it once and can't make an opinion yet, will report back after a few more pulls.
  6. Only used about 10 times, got a Niche and found I don't need it now, £80 plus postage. Can only show pics of it at home, it is what it is.
  7. I did a Milk texturing course here, was great as I was the only one that turned up so I got a one hour one on one training, not just milk but pretty much everything, https://www.caffeandco.com
  8. Sorry its a morning thing with me!!!
  9. And the price is ????
  10. I have one for sale if you want it, let me know and I will post it on the for sale page.
  11. Does anyone know if anyone sells or manufactures the above fitting for a La Pavoni Europiccola, you can see on my machine that I have the stainless steel handles, just wondering if anybody knew of someone that did these, have got Tudor at coffee-sensor.com looking into it for me, also asked to look at manufacturing a lever system for steam instead of the plastic handle, will keep updating this when have some more to tell.
  12. As above it is LG,s Smart Display with Google Assistant, larger version of Amazon Echo Show, brand spanking new can view it here rather than me put pics on here, https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/audio-and-headphones/audio/hifi-systems-and-speakers/lg-xboom-ai-thinq-wk9-smart-display-with-google-assistant-10193640-pdt.html Currys want £249, I would be happy to accept £200 pick up or £205 posted.
  13. I have had a Profitech 600 DB for 13 months now, from Bella Barista, and I have not a days trouble with it, makes a fabulous shot with whatever beans you use, I have many different beans through it and as long as you have a decent grinder you won't go wrong, I have always stuck to 19g in and 38/40g out in 30-35 secs and I have had nothing but good results, keep a good cleaning routine up as per your book and the 600 will make you a very happy person indeed.😁😁
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