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    erm... coffee! Play golf too. The coffee really helps for the 4:30am starts.
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    I have one, but literally never use it.

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  1. I started reading this but I'm several beers in. This definitely needs printing out and reading properly! Cheers!
  2. Might have a bit of a wait - late 2022 according to Steam. I might've finished the Witcher 3 by then at least... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. I'm already planning to charge normal prices for everything except for an 8000% surcharge on syrups. Jamie Oliver told me to do it. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Shut up and take my money!
  5. anton78


    We recycle our oatly containers, but it was a pain finding somewhere that would do it. Hard to get exact figures as it varies from country to country, but the carbon footprint of milk is likely to be a lot higher than plant (oatly claim 0.44kg/kg on their packaging).
  6. Can you explain the bit about 'not drunk wine'? You lost me there.
  7. Are you in Spain? Will have to get details on postage but let's move to PM.
  8. Mrs Anton has finally got sick of all my coffee stuff taking up room so suggested I thin it down a bit. Really just trying to cover postage costs. So we've got: Adjustable 58mm distribution tool (on the left) - pop it in and spin it round to distribute more evenly. £5 posted (it's a bit scratched on top but the marks in the bottom photo are just coffee because I was in a rush) - SOLD Adjustable 58mm tamper - Can vary the height for a consistent tamp (so a flat base, compared to the other one - see pic). £5 posted. - SOLD Milk thermometer - £2 posted 500ml jug - £2 posted (500ml is the absolute most you'll get in, realistically it's 400ml. There's no spout, so it's no good for fancy art or anything, but it is water tight. Any questions, let me know. Anton
  9. anton78


    Got some a couple of weeks back. Has a flavour I don't like which I think is caused by the fava beans in it. Like a few others, I'm fine with Oatly.
  10. Maybe you'll get a reply in a few months. Did me one but years ago now. Very good, sits beautifully on the pf. Not much help to you though, sorry!
  11. @whiteyj, you still doing these?
  12. Saw the photo, thought 'meh, it's a fair amount...' Then I realised it's a video and there were a whole load more to the right... Excellent collection Boots, well done!
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