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  1. No, though it will need venting (under cooker hood ok for a start) 5KG a week this would be perfect.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/397764521104572
  3. Hi Dan, Yer ok I'll take them at that. I'll PM you. cheers
  4. Hello, Had these lying in a draw and forgot I had them. They have had about 20KG's through them as I tried them and then went back to the Turkish set and have forgotten about them. I'll take £275. Ask if any questions. Cheers
  5. I started with a sieve and a toaster, worked fine if yr careful
  6. I've alerted the Bullet facebook page, so I hope you get a sale. All the best in these times.
  7. Glad your enjoying it, fantastic roaster!
  8. They now have CE certification, so Bella B might start selling them soon. Otherwise, keep an eye out on the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/397764521104572 though they are like gold dust...
  9. 1 problem (another) is the uk ambient temp is quite allot 35+ to -5 . The Bullet is quite sensitive to varying ambent temps, so remember, you have to preheat for 20-30mins and then roast (12-15mins for 950g) Having an enclosed space makes the ambient reasonably manageable, as you can control the internal temp. Roasting consistantly outside (in the uk) would be very difficult. 1 more + though for the Bullet, for the hobbiest, roasting different beans is fun. For a commercial set up, you'll be roasting the same coffee again and again, which is not so fun and why having it automated like the bullet, makes it ok.
  10. https://www.schlutercoffee.com/speciality-offer-list bought smaller amounts from these guys to
  11. Just read that they have now sold their 3000'th roaster.
  12. Interesting to compare sizes (correct me if i'm wrong anyone) Gene 1200 - L800 x W320 x H680 (3000W) Dalian - L700 x W550 x H800 (2500W) Bullet - L750 x W310 x H420 (1550W)
  13. No, just straight from Aillio. I have x2 of them, no issues (just need to be patient, as they have a large waiting list)
  14. The Bullet is small for a 1KG roaster (+ only 1500W) but you will need to vent the smoke, so that always adds to the bulk. Main benifit of bullet is it's automation, as roasts can be captured and replayed again and again. I've never had any issues with support. Good luck
  15. I believe it the best 1KG roaster you can buy. I have x2 of them (x1 v1.5 & x1 v2) for around 3 years and have roasted a few tons of coffee though them (I kid you not) My best advice is get onto the face book group 'Aillio Bullet R1 User Group' as there are many 1000's of users there who will be willing to help you in your journey. Unfortunately this forum is not so friendly to the likes of us, so I tend to steer clear of here. The best of luck and if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask (though the FB page is the best place to be) Cheers
  16. if you could share any prices you receive, would be appriciated (I'm in a similar position)
  17. Here's pic of Minipresso's Stove top now sold (Privately)
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