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  1. No, though it will need venting (under cooker hood ok for a start) 5KG a week this would be perfect.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/397764521104572
  3. Hi Dan, Yer ok I'll take them at that. I'll PM you. cheers
  4. Hello, Had these lying in a draw and forgot I had them. They have had about 20KG's through them as I tried them and then went back to the Turkish set and have forgotten about them. I'll take £275. Ask if any questions. Cheers
  5. I started with a sieve and a toaster, worked fine if yr careful
  6. I've alerted the Bullet facebook page, so I hope you get a sale. All the best in these times.
  7. Glad your enjoying it, fantastic roaster!
  8. They now have CE certification, so Bella B might start selling them soon. Otherwise, keep an eye out on the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/397764521104572 though they are like gold dust...
  9. 1 problem (another) is the uk ambient temp is quite allot 35+ to -5 . The Bullet is quite sensitive to varying ambent temps, so remember, you have to preheat for 20-30mins and then roast (12-15mins for 950g) Having an enclosed space makes the ambient reasonably manageable, as you can control the internal temp. Roasting consistantly outside (in the uk) would be very difficult. 1 more + though for the Bullet, for the hobbiest, roasting different beans is fun. For a commercial set up, you'll be roasting the same coffee again and again, which is not so fun and why having it automated like the bullet, makes it ok.
  10. https://www.schlutercoffee.com/speciality-offer-list bought smaller amounts from these guys to
  11. Just read that they have now sold their 3000'th roaster.
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