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  1. Used but great condition. Had around 75KG through them. (According to manufacturer, they are good for 400KG's so around a 1/4 used). Used in a Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A with no issues and make a much better cup than the standard burrs. Can post at buyers cost. £20
  2. it does, but it has no mech to stop the coffee. So what you put in is what comes out. You have to weigh each shot you put in. This takes time. The Eureka will stop grinding after a certain time (i.e. 7secs) so it can measure the dose, so this makes it faster.
  3. Well like the Niche, you have to weigh in the dose. So this takes a while, so in a busy cafe when people 'just want a coffee' it would be way too slow and I just run the main fast grinder. It makes a handy 2nd grinder as it can do anything else. (you could always pre-grind a large number of small containers from the Ek, but this is very labour intensive!)
  4. Totally agree with Hasi here. I run a Eureka Olympus 75 as my main grinder for our current 'house' blend. I then also use a EK43 to run anything else, i.e decaf, other blends, singles & also to grind peoples bagged coffee. The Niche would work well as a 2nd grinder, but you'd struggle to grind coffee for bagged coffee
  5. Thx all, no offence taken. Appreciate the Niche tips 👌
  6. thx. Problem with this kind of comment is it makes me not want to contribute to the forum. Sure we're all not perfect, but this doesn't help anyone. Fine with correcting my comments about coffee etc, but this keeps people away..... just sayin coffee friend
  7. Thx for this, i'll give that a go as well. Cheers
  8. Thx Dave. I have a used one, though not that old either. I'll see if it improves. I've now really pushed the fineness & even though its not a 'mouse tail' it definitely is better. Cheers.
  9. thx. I'll have a play. I'm always 18g in and 30g out (so I can compare)
  10. I say this as a product designer, though doesn't mean my impression is correct for you. I agree grinders are not that pretty, but I do think these are precision machines and sharp / industrial / technical looks inhance this feeling. The Niche is soft / round which in my opinion increase's the feeling of being less precise. Also Martin (and I mean no offence) is a designer from the 80's & most designers (including myself) keep the aesthic from the era of your training & this is a perfect case. Again, i'm not saying it's not badly designed, ugly etc, just I wonder if a more industrial aesthetic would be more appropriate (seeing 99% of people on this forum are male enthusiasts) & most espresso machines are in this ball park.
  11. Hello, I haven't read through the 88 pages, but having now tried my Niche for a few days, it taste is very different than my other (Flat burr) grinders. I'm finding the exact same coffee more fluffy, but slightly less sweet. I'm having to run my shots slightly shorter to get similar sweetness & also they are tasting a little 'hollow' Any thoughts on running it finer/coarser/length to get more 'mid' in your mouth? (I'm comparing it to EK43, Mazzer mini a, Eureka 75E) i.e. make a conical a bit more flat burr in taste, esspecially the 'Mids' Otherwise I like it, though it could feel a bit more 'pro'. I.e the burr sounds/looks a little unprecise, over all needs an updated 'industrial' look (Sorry Martin, but feels a bit 80's aesthetically) I do like the size, and got one as I need a sampler grinder (EK43 stand-in), I just need to get the taste dialed in. Cheers
  12. - Aeropress sold - Minipresso sold privately any takers for the Stovetop? I'll chuck in free 2nd class postage for £15
  13. @Admin please mark this as SOLD cheers
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