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  1. Hi Sam I've updated my 1st Bullet to the new V2 IR sensor & so far so good. It seems much more stable than the V1 sensor & you also don't need to clean the glass (major plus) I now have x3 bullets and I hope that once I'm happy with roasttime V2 It will be another level of consistancy when I share the same roast profiles with the other machines. Let me know how you get on, would be interested.
  2. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8727866
  3. Sorry, but they are not originals. On the back, Mine have large MAZZER 0033M, the ones you linked don't have that, so I would think they are not orriginal. BB sell originals for £39.99 + £3.11 shipping = £43.10. I'll take £18 inc postage (2nd class).
  4. available again, as @Robbie seems to have 'disapeared'
  5. @Robbiethey are yours, though it will be 2nd class postage. PM me with your details. Thx
  6. Small update on my x2 bullets. Aillio have recently released an updated IR bean temp sensor, which directly reads the temp of the beans in real time in the drum. It was easy to fit and now I'm trying to rebuild my portolio of roast profiles for the new sensor. They have also released a new version of Roastime (free) which now links to 'Roast World' where other people can look up bean types / Roast profiles and with a click of your mouse start the roaster with that profile. Where I hope the new sensor and software will be better (for me) is near perfect transfer of profiles between my x2 machines (maybe soon x3), so they roast exactly as each other. The old sensor I found got less acurate with age, so I hope this fixes this issue. Otherwise the roasters are still going strong, 3 years later and prob at least a couple of tons through them. Cheers
  7. Used but great condition. Had around 75KG through them. (According to manufacturer, they are good for 400KG's so around a 1/4 used). Used in a Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A with no issues and make a much better cup than the standard burrs. Can post at buyers cost. £20
  8. it does, but it has no mech to stop the coffee. So what you put in is what comes out. You have to weigh each shot you put in. This takes time. The Eureka will stop grinding after a certain time (i.e. 7secs) so it can measure the dose, so this makes it faster.
  9. Well like the Niche, you have to weigh in the dose. So this takes a while, so in a busy cafe when people 'just want a coffee' it would be way too slow and I just run the main fast grinder. It makes a handy 2nd grinder as it can do anything else. (you could always pre-grind a large number of small containers from the Ek, but this is very labour intensive!)
  10. Totally agree with Hasi here. I run a Eureka Olympus 75 as my main grinder for our current 'house' blend. I then also use a EK43 to run anything else, i.e decaf, other blends, singles & also to grind peoples bagged coffee. The Niche would work well as a 2nd grinder, but you'd struggle to grind coffee for bagged coffee
  11. Thx all, no offence taken. Appreciate the Niche tips ?
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