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  1. They look pretty damn good plus @ £23 for a kg sounds like a good price too!!
  2. Likewise, I had some of the JG in the past and found them to be very nice.
  3. Whiskey infused Colombian Coffee Beans - Iron & Fire (ironandfire.co.uk) I have just opened a bag of these and they certainly have some funk to them! Atm I'm not sure if it's a good funk or a bad funk as I'm only two shots in. I don't know if anyone else has tried these and what their experience was but currently they have a very distinct twang to them. I'm not sure if this is a result of the whisky infusion or whether the beans are slightly under-developed as they were only roasted on the 12th Feb. Also, I did note that there was no valve on the bag which held the beans and whether that
  4. Yeah in fairness it's probably not something I'd really notice.
  5. True. I'd rather not go down that rabbit hole in fairness. I think I'll leave it for now but thank you for the advice 🙂
  6. Thank you 🙂 This kind of begs the question, if Bezzera have set it to be 'correct'... is 11 bar when brewing actually correct or is 9 bar correct? I guess what I would like to know is if pulling a shot at 9bar will make a noticeable difference to end result?
  7. Thank you. Any idea how I go about doing this? I have a rough idea but I'm not willing to fiddle about with the inner section of the machine without really knowing what I'm doing.
  8. Hi folks! Recently bought a Bezzera Unica PID and whilst I am enjoying the shots it produces I have noticed that it tends to sit at about 11 bar of pressure when pulling a shot. I'm not doing anything 'strange' in terms of what I'm trying to do: usual dose is 20g in and 40g out in about 28-30secs but the pressure is at 11 bar. Is this normal? I've been lead to believe that 9bar is more like the right kind of pressure for espresso. Would there be a noticeable difference between a shot pulled at 9bar as compared to one pulled at 11? I have seen on older posts on other forums
  9. I can't function without my two espressos a day, which is bad in a sense but I have limited myself to two a day as otherwise the other effects are worse. I'd say that as far as addictions go there are obviously far worse ones than caffeine but that it is something you need to keep on top of if you want to not have the bad side effects. BlackCat Coffee sell a half-caff coffee which is very nice. It still has the great taste but not quite the caffeine hit.
  10. Sorry guys, just one last question... for today!! Can you recommend a cleaning product for the exterior? Thank you 🙂
  11. Thank you guys very much! Was a bit perplexed at the retailers response as I could not think why it would damage the pump and Bezzera supply a bank disc so if they didn't want the machine to be backflushed it would seem a bit odd to supply something for that very purpose! Thanks again 🙂 James
  12. Hi, Recently bought a Bezzera Unica PID and just wondering if any one can advise whether I should be back-flushing the machine or not? When I emailed the retailer (Coffee Italia) they suggested to not backflush as this might damage the pump yet the advice I'm seeing online suggests backflushing is ok and an important part of maintenance/cleaning. Just hoping for a definitive answer. Thanks, James
  13. You're welcome. I just so happened to be watching it and when I jumped on here this was the first topic I saw. Coincidence, much?? haha 🙂
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