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  1. Sorry dude. Mattyb240... quick profit for you here ?!
  2. I can do £55 shipped, insured up to £50. I don't have the original box, so will package as well as I can, but I want you to accept the risk that it could be damaged in transit. If you're okay with that then I'm okay with it.
  3. I'm willing to drop this to £65 shipped. £55 collected. I can deliver locally too within 10m of WF17 for £5 (covers fuel ?).
  4. I used it for espresso pretty much exclusively until I upgraded. I had this one for quite some time before I felt the need to upgrade too, as once I got the hang of it I could dial in to new beans quickly. I typically made one or two long blacks daily. The grind on this is plenty fine enough.
  5. Tuesday bump. Can deliver to London, kings cross area Wednesday or Thursday as I'll be in the area.
  6. No one new looking for a first grinder?
  7. Used MC2. Full working order. Was my daily grinder for about 2yrs. Since I upgraded I used it for filter duties. Bought from a forum member. Sadly the collar is damaged, it happened in transit when I brought it. one of the locating tabs cracked off and you can see a bit missing from the front. It doesn't affect the grinder function, and tbh although you can source a replacement from Pennine (ignore the min order value on the website, if you call them they will ship for you), it's never bothered me enough to warrant the £7 or so for the replacement part. The adjustment is very fine, which is a bit of a double edged sword. It's on the noisy side. But surprisingly not clumpy. You can adjust the time of the dose, I just put it to max and worked around it. I never had an issue with it, it was my starter grinder, and once I'd got the hang of it I was very happy. £60 is what I'm after. I'd prefer to have it collected, but can ship, insured for £10. Any questions please don't hesitate, if you want any specific photos that's also no problem.
  8. Can this be marked as sold please mods.
  9. Yep, if you PM me your address I'll get postage quotes and make arrangements. I have the original box too.
  10. So the body is metal, the bit with the screen is plastic. They look the same colour to me. There are the usual scuffs and scrapes associated with normal use, but I'd say it's in good condition. (It passed the wife test). The worst marks are in the last pic, other than that it's pretty much unmarked. To be fair once it's in place you can't really see the marks under the portafilter holder.
  11. Dan, difficult to answer your question, only as I'm not as knowledgeable o experienced as some. I'll give you my view based on my limited time with it. The F64 is much easier, quicker and quieter to use than my previous grinder, the MC2. Adjustment of dose is super simple. Grind settings vastly easier to tweak. It's also quite a bit bigger. It took me a little while longer to get the hang of the adjustment of this one. But it's so different to the MC2 in how it's adjusted that I suppose that was to be expected. Bit once I got the hang of it I was able to change between beans easily. I'm only moving it on as I just don't use it enough. Gaggia and the MC2 will be listed thus week too.
  12. Billgates yep can do, will be this evening. Selling as I am getting rid of all my coffee gear, classic and previous grinder (MC2) will shortly be listed too.
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