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  1. I guess so but I haven’t found one anywhere else. Unfortunately I bought the grinder too late to take advantage of the £6 ones that were being sold last year! (details on one of the threads below).
  2. If anyone needs a small 300g Compak hopper I’ve discovered that Ferrari Espresso do them for £45; it says out of stock on the website but he is able to order them in from Spain. The Londinium glass ones are very nice but quite an extravagance!
  3. Evening all! Any chance some kind soul would be able to pm me a discount code, pretty please...? Thanks in advance Andy
  4. Absolutely, but I’m taking that instruction about descaler with a pinch of salt; I’m sure it will need it at some point whatever water I use!
  5. The Quickmill Carola is single boiler non hx but I did consider the Domobar Junior, the Expobar Office Leva and the Oscar ii. The Oscar was discounted by my wife because she just didn’t like the way it looks. The reviews swayed me towards the Lelit or the VBM over the Expobar. I got an extremely good deal on the Lelit so the VBM, whilst lovely, would have been a lot dearer. I must say I don’t think I’ve read anything negative about these Lelit machines. My only slight criticism would be that you have to use a funnel or take the tank out to fill it as the filling hole is tiny and partiall
  6. Got a Lelit Mara PL62W. What an amazing machine, I’m delighted with it. It exudes quality and produces consistently amazing results. Fantastic value too!
  7. So, an update; I said I was unhappy with a bank transfer and he said he’d been thinking the same and agreed to take PayPal (and post the machine). That gives me a guarantee and there is a 2 yr warranty with the machine so I went ahead. It’s a fabulous machine and I think I got a great deal. Stephen is very communicative and seems a nice bloke; possibly learning a lot in the early stages of his business but we all know that feeling! He packed it really well and threw in a load of beans which weren’t really my bag but were useful for getting used to the machine and my new-to-me grinder! All in
  8. 47mm. Apparently some people use an aero press funnel; I was after a slightly more aesthetically pleasing solution really but it’s an option.
  9. I could do with a smaller hopper for it really but they seem hard to come by. Anyone know if there are aftermarket ones that will fit?
  10. Evening all A bit of a strange one - I’ve just bought a Compak k5 for £50; I would have been pleased with it for that money no matter what state it was in, but it turns out to have been only very lightly used. The odd thing is that having done a bit of googling the k5 appears to be a stepped model that was discontinued some years ago but this is stepless and dated 2014. I haven’t taken it apart to look at the burrs but they are clearly flat ones. After running through a couple of doses of Puly-Grind it’s working a treat - delighted is an understatement!
  11. It’s a Lelit PL62W. I’m not going to go through with it, thanks all for the advice. Interesting nobody seems to have any first hand experience of the company...
  12. I could but that would be a lot more expensive. I think I’ll ask again about PayPal at the price we have agreed and walk away if he won’t go for it. Thanks everyone for your replies.
  13. Just noticed a typo in the thread title, sorry... Not sure how to edit but it’s definitely “machines” not “manchines”!!
  14. Morning all Anyone have any experience of this company? It’s based in Bourne, Lincs. I have made an offer for an item on eBay which they have accepted and it’s a fantastic price, far lower than anyone else. However, the condition of the discount is that I have to pay directly into a bank account, which seems a little... unusual. The contact details the owner has given me match the ones on their website, which seems legit. He says he’ll give me a receipt when payment is received, but won’t issue an invoice in advance. My first instinct is to walk away - unless anyone
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