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  1. Not an answer, but I've contacted Ponte Vecchio directly in the past and found them responsive and helpful. The email address I used was [email protected]
  2. Thanks for the warnings Here are some pics I've found a place in Italy that sells the boiler but it costs 310 Euros I
  3. Hi all I've discovered that the boiler on my Ponte Vecchio Lusso has a tiny leak in the boiler. There is a spot of rust in the bottom corner, smaller than a 5p coin. Any ideas if I could get this repaired? I was thinking about finding a local welder to see if they could fix it, any other ideas? Thanks! Shuikit
  4. We stayed near Val d'Europe station earlier this year, I only tried one 'espresso' at the only coffee shop nearby that we found and then just didn't bother the rest of the trip.
  5. In which case I am happy and will organise collection etc on pm. Thanks all
  6. Is my offer accepted? I'm still pretty new around these parts and don't want to step on any toes...
  7. I think I'm getting the hang of pouring a rosetta, happy with these ones.
  8. Thanks @bongo. Can't wait till next year now, will get some practice in! Have fun in round 2!
  9. 1. blackstone 1.5kg 2. ronsil 1 kg 3. shuikit 1 kg
  10. hmm, not sure what's happened with the pics, they're actually the same pic but one is the right way up
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