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  1. I have a La Pavoni, and have wondered about how it works for my machine - is it when you lift the lever up so that the water starts to work its way through the coffee?
  2. In the end I bought a new La Pavoni Professional. It has taken may be three weeks to pull half decent shots and they are getting to be much more consistently good now. But it did take a while - I was beginning to think that I would send it back the results were so awful! I don't even know what I'm doing differently now which doesn't help much. The most recent problem is that the coffee has tasted ok but not been warm enough, even after the machine has been on for a good 20 minutes but a good flush through seems to be curing that. The results though are great: when I get it right the shot tastes really good - much better than the same beans taste through my classic. So all in all I'm very pleased with my decision. Only problem is that it seems to be leaking from the group head when heating up, from around where the lever bolt goes through which is an issue noted elsewhere, which is disappointing but hopefully curable... Thanks for all the advice WP
  3. Thanks everyone. I drink espresso, while my children when they visit drink longer coffees. That's food for thought, but on balance I think eBay still beckons! I can see that it's a process and needs work and persistence. My grinder is a Mignon so I'll have to keep an eye on that
  4. Thanks Lotuseater - decision made! To eBay!
  5. I've got a bad case of something that might not even be upgradeitits! I have a classic which I've had for years and get decent results from most of the time. For a while I've been thinking about upgrading to something shiny. Then I watched Live and Let Die last week in which Bond makes M a coffee using what I now know to be a Europiccola. I fell in love with it. So, should I resist or just scratch this itch? Is the La Pavoni equivalent to a classic, or better or worse or just different? Should I look at other models in the range? Are there pitfalls? Should I buy new or used? All help gratefully received WP
  6. It can be done easily at the moment under Brussells 11 which is the regulation making orders enforceable in the EU and vice versa. The child support agency isn't applicable where children reside abroad. Of course none of this holds good once we leave the EU.
  7. Have a look at All about Tea based in Portsmouth where I buy all of my tea now. Tea Bags and loose but fantastic quality and mail order is usually next day. Can't recommend it highly enough. You can ring for advice too.
  8. I found this with my mignon- so I grind in to a small cup and spoon the coffee into the portafilter. Solves any clumping issues as well. I zero the scales with the cup on them first.
  9. Ring them up and ask - they are always happy to advise, and they often have beans that are not on the website. They're very friendly!
  10. I think the "campaigning " in the run up to the vote is and has been the worst ever. One side makes an assertion backed up by no evidence. The other side says no that's not true. No evidence. We have been members of Europe since 1972, so we should need to be able to be convinced that if we leave Europe we will be better off. So: what is the net figure we contribute to the EU (and I mean the net figure after rebates and contributions back from the EU), first and then from the leave camp I just want to know , what trade deals will they do and what difference will it make. If they can give me this information I have something to evaluate - without it I don't think I can even start to think about voting to leave - I need to be persuaded that we will be better off leaving. Sadly I don't think the quality of debate will improve...
  11. I just hope he says "by the hoary hosts of Hoggarth!", but sadly I can't see it happening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. On Saturday went to the Brazilian Cafe/Restaurant in Brixton Market for breakfast. The coffee was pretty good, but the Brazilian breakfast was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. Worth a visit.
  13. I just use 500g of flour, 7g instant yeast or 14g real yeast, approx 350ml water and a table spoon of butter, for softness. No need for sugar at all. it gives me a consistently good loaf with a good rise. I knead for 10 minutes by hand only, and don't knead the second time when it proves, just knock it back into shape. if i make my dough initially too wet it can make the bread less soft, so I suspect that's where the problem is, bearing in mind what you say about kneading for half an hour. The amount of water varies constantly, but I am aiming for dough that is sticky when I start kneading and definitely not wet. Over kneading can cause toughness too, but this is not a problem that I have as I don't use a machine. Hope that helps.
  14. Look at the All About Tea website. I'm working my through their offerings which are well priced and good value too: http://allabouttea.co.uk/
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