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  1. I saw this one and tried to buy but their shipping list doesn't include UK, Britain, England, etc.. Seem to recall it was like that last year and maybe the year before, so it's not due to Brexit. Sent a message a few weeks ago but no response. Have any of you bought from there? How? Or is there somewhere else that sells this funnel? https://www.tidaka.net/de/product.html?q=%2Fde%2Ftrichter%2Fboard-trichter-lm1.html&info=1256 The 15mm high normal one, not the one with half the side cut off. Thanks.
  2. A used Niche just sold on eBay for more than the new price! Might have been £650!! So possibly you could make a profit on that from someone wealthy and not willing to wait.
  3. Ian S

    Acaia Pearl

    Sale already agreed before I posted. I came here to purchase, asked a pertinent question as there is surprisingly no info on the entire www, as far as I could find. Honest and fair assessment, not "rubbishing" a product. Just sick of the marketing BS. A bargain for someone who needs the speed and doesn't mind auto off. 👍 And yeah, agreed, Aidy say's, discussed elsewhere.
  4. Ian S

    Acaia Pearl

    Thanks for that info That's a deal breaker for me. Because I use scales for weighting what I eat, drink, post, coffee is only a small part of their daily use. I smashed the last ones that kept 'auto offing' with my fist, destroyed them, felt much better as that stress those b'stards kept causing by continually going off as I was weighting one or more things was no-more. Each to their own, in my opinion any scales with auto off are toys, not tools for adults. And flawed toys at that. Seems then that the £30 MyWeight product is a lot better. Just a bit slower is all.
  5. Ian S

    Acaia Pearl

    Sorry for having to ask these simple basic questions, I did some reading but found only corporate vapid shallow uninformative marketing blurb. Can it's 'auto off' be disabled, so it only turns off when I want it to by pressing the button? How long does the battery last between charges? It's blurb says only 20 hours!!!! I get months from my 'MyWeigh' scales and that's on all day sometimes. Does it operate without any of the phone app crap or is that garbage necessary? Thanks.
  6. Ian S


    Does this one have the push button below the funnel that turns it on by pressing with the portafilter?
  7. May I could get it re-done in white? Probably too expensive. I need a lot of light to see now, so abolished black with black writing on black switches lit by black light.
  8. Is the black finish from ACS or fitted later, ie, vinyl film?
  9. It says it's, at that link, 170mm. If that's straight from ball to tip, it's maybe 30mm more than the original, so that will protrude beyond the drip tray, and probably lower, making it too low to fit a milk jug.
  10. Delivered today. Thanks Ross. 🙂👍 It's a nicely made dosing cup.
  11. I'll take the Rhino coffee gear dosing cup at asking, thanks. 🙂
  12. That's interesting, I'm currently having 16.5g in my 15g VST. I'll try 15g again. A while ago I did try 15g with a more coarse grind and a lower brew pressure, maybe 4 Bar, which seemed to produce more initial flavour in the cup than a higher dose with finer grind and more pressure.
  13. My 2013 Office Leva 4 was the same when I purchased a couple of months ago. I took off and descaled the valve parts overnight in Citric acid (Dezcal). There was scale speckled on all the parts. Once clean, it just emits a tiny few bubbles then seals, without the protracted jet of steam.
  14. Are they the original steam and hot water 'wands' but in the tapered 'nuts' that came with the joysticks from drtradingshop.nl ? Do the wands move the same as in the original fittings, or easier, stiffer?
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