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  1. I don't know about France but there are greens sellers all over the EU particularly the Low countries and Germany. HasBean will definitely ship from UK to EU. Earlier this year I got a 6kg mixed box of microlots from The Coffee Quest in Amsterdam shipped to the UK. Approx 10 EUR shipping. You won't find anything like Sweet Maria's in the EU unfortunately but there are definitely options if you do some research.
  2. There are a few online sites that sell a variety of Italian brand espresso beans including the Passalacqua you mentioned. E.g https:\\www.espresso-international.co.uk I cannot touch for the company as I've never ordered from them. The roast date of these packs is probably a lottery in that they will have a best before date which can be up to 3 years post roast. If you do order some Italian brand espresso let us know how you get on.
  3. There used to be a list of greens sellers in the home roasting subsection so a search in there might find it? Should have been made be a sticky. I'll list a couple not quoted above case you have not heard of them: Pennine tea and coffee have a good selection of 1kg bags or more with "free" delivery over a certain order value ( £60?). https://www.pennineteaandcoffee.co.uk https://www.smallbatchroasting.co.uk are good for 3kg + sizes A lot depends on the quantities you are interested in. HasBean are not the cheapest but are very high quality. Other roasters that sell small quantities include Foundry, Rave, Two Day Coffee
  4. Sometimes it's possible to pick up a retail bag over here. I've got Gardelli and Coffee Collective retail bags in Edinburgh previously. You pay a bit more obviously but not 14Eur more as you would for postage. I'd try the Bocca anyway. I always think that part of going somewhere different is the chance to try local produce or something new.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Most of the bars in Naples use lever machines which might have a bearing on the result. They probably pull a little on feel rather than sticking rigidly to ratio. Might be worth trying your shots anywhere from 1:1 to 1:3 to see how that changes things? Go by taste. Generally shots are 7g/14g single/double. I'm not sure where you would get fresh Italian roast beans. I think the typical Italian beans you get here have a 3 year shelf life. I enjoy Italian espresso when on holiday but it is not really my preference. Hopefully someone else can help you more. BTW there is a discussion about Neapolitan coffee in the "coffee" subsection of the Home Barista forum which you might find interesting. I think that the OP also posts on here also.
  6. Gardelli has 4 Ethiopian to choose from ranging from 100Eur to 14. All look tasty. I really enjoyed the one I had from HMC roasters Walichu Watchu
  7. Just googled it. The + is not dimensional but more effective filtration. So you will be fine.
  8. I used the maxtra cartridge that came with the jug. After it was done I replaced with the BWT ones which fit perfectly. My jug is an XL model and the instructions inside the box show the same cartridge being interchangeable with the larger box type jug you have. Not sure what the + represents?
  9. Just been experimenting with this using a cut out 48mm chemex paper underneath and a 54mm on top in the flat bottomed basket in the Cafelat Robot. It really cleans up the mouthfeel considerably, which is my preference.
  10. Yes. I've got a smaller Brita maxtra jug and I use the BWT cartridges above in it instead.
  11. Somewhat off topic but just noted @MWJB 's post count has hit 8000. I'd just like to thank Mark for his invaluable contribution to this forum.
  12. This is exactly what you want to do. Get a pour over kettle as it helps so much for V60 etc. If there is no communal kettle then get an additional cheap fast boil kettle. I've got an Asda branded one for £15 that does the job for kitchen duties.
  13. I would advise against it. Electric pour over kettles are expensive and if you use it for everything it will wear out quicker and cost you more to replace. Capacity is often much less than a regular kettle so you might end up boiling it more for cooking than you anticipate. Generally they are slow to boil compared to a cheap fast boil kettle. You might end up using different water for coffee than your tap water so it is easier to keep separate. Scaling may or may not be an issue depending on your location.
  14. If you were looking at electric then the Wilfa grinders might be worth considering. I haven't owned one but I had a superb V60 in a cafe recently that used the basic Wilfa for filter. They were using high quality beans from La Cabra. I'd suggest that the quality of the beans and roast and using a good method would have a bigger impact on the cup than a hugely pricey grinder upgrade. I upgraded from a Hario Skerton to a Hausgrind ( on which the Feldgrind is based) and haven't seen the need to upgrade. It is just so much easier to set and grind than the Hario and is built to last. The Wilfa Uniform interests me as it has larger burrs (58mm) and is advertised as being designed for filter priced around £300. But there hasn't been much experience of it in the wild as of yet (that I can find). It gets good reviews from James Hoffman and Wendelboe.
  15. Here's a pic of the little chap beside the Hausgrind and Ikawa
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