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  1. Finishing a bag of Monmouth Ethiopian Tessema Edina washed which was my only coffee related Xmas present.First time I've tried anything from Monmouth. I struggle to get through 250g of anything without getting bored so it's taken me a while to finish. It's very much like Lipton's peach dark tea drink with an extra touch of lychee that comes through on V60. Nice as a lungo also. Probably 5 weeks + post roast but still good. No roast date on the bag. Roasted on a Loring according to the blurb. I'm sure that I've read claims about longevity of Loring roasts. Just a little too much of the black tea note for my preference.
  2. No. But I seem to remember them saying a some point it was something that they were investigating. Possibly... It all seems so long ago!
  3. That's a great price for what it offers certainly. But maybe too much for the price to be any good? Who knows until someone tries it. Presumably with Lakeland you can return it if it's no good? Another option might be the Wilfa?
  4. If the volume is high enough, 600-1litre output, then Moccamaster or Brazen are well regarded options.
  5. A red herring IMO. It works for this 155 method but my V60 method has the bed dry 3 times and works. It's probably that the combination of grind size and contact time (flow rate) align sufficiently well to produce a good extraction with either method. With 155 I've tried more standard pulse pouring technique but never achieved consistency. Others report that it works for them. I find that generally the brews run too quickly with pulse pouring. The dribble method gives me a very high strike rate. I must say that I'm surprised that your kettle can dribble. My standard kitchen kettle gives very little control.
  6. Honduras Osman Rene Romero - an organic washed catuai cup score 86. V60 using an adapted April method. Second roast of this with just a tad more development than previous. A super cup. Very sweet with a nutty caramel undertone I find often with catuai. Slightly viscous, luscious mouthfeel. White grape, orange and elderflower notes. Refreshing summery feel in the depths of winter. I've been very impressed with the quality of the greens in my recent purchases from Pennine. I think all of them are from Falcon speciality in the first instance.
  7. Great to hear of your positive experiences with pour over. A good pour over trump's the aeropress IMHO any day of the week. A quality roast, a decent hand grinder and a £5 plastic cone can trump £1000's of espresso machinery.
  8. IMO they impart a strong papery taste and would only use if there's no alternative. Double pre rinse them with boiling water before brewing would be my suggestion.
  9. Until the end of 2020 we are still in the EU and paying contributions. Boris has ruled out seeking an extension to this to create another deal/no deal cliff edge for 1st Jan 2021. Our infrastructure for a no deal on this date for IT systems required to run the necessary Border and trade checks, plus the new complexity of Northern Ireland being both in and out of the UK will not be in place. The government have been told this. It may be that the EU will seek an extension instead to ease Boris's blushes and some cobbled together principle of understanding may be saved to appease the Brexiteers that a deal is coming. Frankly, there is very little confidence around that the next part of Brexit won't be a bigger shambles than what has occurred up till now. This is the beginning, not the end. The GIRUY's are a bit premature.
  10. Brexiteers including the now PM also subverted the democratic process by voting several times against Theresa May's withdrawal agreement. Published alongside the May deal was a report by her government comparing the economic cost of various forms of Brexit. None of them were favourable. But the deal now going through was 3 times more damaging in that report than May's deal. This wasn't project fear. It was an analysis published by the May's government not some think tank with an agenda. The current government didn't follow the same approach. Not that it mattered. No one was listening by that point. It predicted a 6.7% fall in GDP and 4% drop in real wage value coupled with staggering levels of government borrowing into the 2030's.
  11. Stretton Hills (ie. the previous Waitrose essential prior to Lockhills) is now available at my local Co-op labelled as Co-op still mineral water. So I guess that it is widely available at Co-op's in general should anyone be interested in using it. Sold in 2l plastic bottles made with 50% recycled plastic. I'm currently mixing it with Highland spring, Glaceau and tap water for filter and espresso (manual, no boiler).
  12. GDP growth globally has been very small stagnating or declining over the last few years. The ONS only yesterday announced a UK growth of 0.1% over the last 3 months and the lowest year on year rise since 2012. Your example shows UK outperforming other EU states whilst still in the EU. I think the one year transition to a UK/EU trade deal will be extraordinarily difficult to achieve. A previous poster alluded to fisheries. The current EU fisheries policy is very complicated and will not be easy to get out of. Only the large factory vessels are in favour of tearing it up because they see a chance for extra quotas that they don't have to share. However, they have to sell the fish they catch and the UK fish processing industry sells billions to the EU as well as smaller specialised fishermen who sell fish that the UK doesn't like to the EU. They don't want tarriffs or delays in transport or to send their goods to further destinations. So access to sell to the EU market will be traded for access to our seas, as happens now. In the end nothing much will change from how it works now. Unless we leave without a deal. In that scenario increased navy protection vessels will be required. Small specialist fishermen will go out of business as their market is gone and large vessels will catch more than they can sell resulting in a smaller fleet unless new markets can be found outwith EU. It's not going to be a bed of roses.
  13. You absolutely will need a gooseneck for the 155. IME it is one of the trickier brewers to get good repeatable results from. It is tiny, so access to the bed is restrictive and coffee is easily caught in the flutes of the filter. I use an aeropress funnel to get the coffee in the brewer - it is a snug fit. Without the funnel it's easy to make a real mess. The 3 holes means it drains quickly. Very quickly. The method I use for 13.5/225g brews is - bloom 30g ish for 30 secs (kettle just off boil). At 30s pour to around 105g gently with a mix of spiral and cross bed pouring. Give brewer a little tap. When water is approx halfway drained pour centrally, really slowly - almost a dribble just enough to maintain clear water above the bed. Pour to target. Typically this pour starts around 1:05 and continues until 2:20 ish. You can try and divert the flow to wash down the flutes while you do this but it's tricky to do. There are obviously other strategies around but this one works for me and is repeatable and consistent. I never change grind size.
  14. 2 cracking V60's today via an adapted April method. 13.5g/225 2 pours of 75g at 0 and 50 secs. 50g via tea strainer at 1:40. Extra careful gentle central pour to target on draining. All done at 2:40 ish. Plastic 01 cone and tabbed Japanese 01 filter. Kenya Kiriga washed SL28\Ruiri11 - sweet fragrant blackcurrant/cherry juice and Costa Rica El Perezoso "the sloth" honey process of mixed varietals - creamy body, cascara, mango and orange marmalade. Juicy and refreshing. Only my second roast of this one. Really excellent. Nice as an lungo also but shines as filter.
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