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  1. Try a plain water backflush before pulling a shot and observe if the situation is the same. If it improves, it's time for detergent backflush preferably with the shower screen and plate holder removed.
  2. I use a short (5 to 8 secs) burst of steam to clean the grouphead after steaming. I refill the boiler by making hot water through the steam wand and to bring the boiler temp down to brew temp as set by PID.
  3. Without any resistance, the OPV is not a factor. If the objective is to control the flow rate to the coffee puck while pulling a shot, a dimmer attached to the vibe pump will be your most basic control method or cracking open slightly the steam valve. Brew pressure will drop at the same time. A more sophisticated electronic control is possible but you might as well get a DE1+ espresso machine.
  4. Distribution issue most likely and too much headspace. Dose a bit higher and wdt might improve extraction.
  5. My bad. I didn't read your original post properly. Perhaps if you backflush with water before turning the machine off after each session, you will not have this problem.
  6. Do you own a blind filter basket for backflushing?
  7. Very true and that is why I have it on top of the oem screen.
  8. I have posted it here before, I use my IMS screen on top of the OEM screen and it works very well for me.
  9. I simply backflush with water before turning off the machine after use. Never experience solenoid blocking. I do detergent backflushing on a regular basis as well with the shower screen and dispersion disk removed.
  10. Learn then mod as you get more acquainted with the espresso making process.
  11. Post pictures so we can assess the condition of the unit. Gaggia Espresso is not equipped with OPV so no way to limit brew pressure to 9 Bar other than with a dimmer mod to the pump. The self-priming valve that is part of the steam valve assembly will have to be plugged.
  12. The steam boiler is the proverbial Achilles heel of the KitchenAid Artisan espresso machine. Have you considered replacing the steam boiler with a thermoblock like the Gaggia Twin? Not really sure which system will be more efficient. I was disuaded by the Gaggia manager here in Hong Kong from getting either of them and pushed me to get a 2012 Gaggia Classic. That was many years ago. No regrets.
  13. Try this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gaggia-Rubber-Filter-Holder-NG01001/dp/B01H2T2HH0/ref=pd_sim_79_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01H2T2HH0&pd_rd_r=0aa7ce35-2ab4-11e9-b8be-5192fc4c5dd4&pd_rd_w=LW2UN&pd_rd_wg=nA9WI&pf_rd_p=1b8636ae-4f21-4403-a813-e8849dd46de4&pf_rd_r=Y41SJV04V0XYCPYHVBXN&psc=1&refRID=Y41SJV04V0XYCPYHVBXN
  14. Best guess based on the info on the link is that it is for the stainless steel boiler types like post 2015 Gaggia Classic.
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