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  1. Anyone have any answers to where to get Eco-friendly takeaway cups and best prices at the moment I use triple walled but to get the same sort of prices I am going to have to go to single walled and sleeves if i go for Double walled they are twice the price of current cups any help out there?
  2. You will get boiling water for Tea from the center jet on the Frachino your only problem comes when the volume of sales starts to rise, you tend to go through hot water very quick if you are serving Tea and Americanos at a rapid rate the boiler struggles to keep up sometimes. You just have to slow down a bit and let the water temp catch up. I have had times when I have had to stop serving and wait not sure what the answer is at busy times.
  3. Can you recommend a source for new burrs?
  4. Thank you for that do you know if there is anyway to reduce the risk of this when busy is it best to fill the doser or grind as and when you need?
  5. Is anyone aware if the SJ has an overheating cutout on it?
  6. Bella Barista do the smaller hopper at a good price I ordered one a few weeks back.
  7. Yes I do carry a spare cylinder but if you start with a full one that will last 4-5 full day events I usually carry the spare when I have done between 2-3 events but as you can see it is possible not to. Make sure you always ask the event if they have electricity available and rig the car with a mains input plug. Where are you based.
  8. I do run a mobile coffee van and lots of what you are after involves all kinds of regulations and will vary with who does the safety check. First you will need a vent inside the rear of the car boot for ventilation (crazy I know as you are outside the car but there the regs) as far as the gas is concerned you will need to run copper pipe to an exit point and include a separate shut off valve and then I ran 2m rubber hose to the cylinder it has to be min 1m away from the car when it comes to an enclosure you can use a dog cage which has air flow and can be secure from the public. Hope thi
  9. I run a Fracino on LPG everything else I run on two 120AH batteries and an inverter the batteries are charged via a split charger from the van alternator. when I get to my location the system will run very happy all day, I did have a problem at the start as I only used one battery and it would expire after about five hours, I did also start out with a non PSW inverter which lasted about a month and completely blew. I would like to find out which silent genny would run the coffee machine anyone out there know?
  10. They thought it needed some ballast, but I am sure they are ok without it.
  11. I dont think you are looking hard enough if you didn't see anything out of the ordinary. The items I ordered from them cost £65.17 and similar items from BB would have been £81.93 I would say that WAS out of the ordinary not bad when I think that will buy me another 1kg+ of coffee
  12. Yes I did the stuff arrived today only ordered it on Friday looks very good the prices are very good if I had to say anything bad it would be that there communication is really grim in fact it is non existent but other than that I am very pleased and would recommend the products and price.
  13. Thanks Glenn for that didn't know that they had only been going for that time however I think from what I have seen there prices need checking out.
  14. I can't believe that nobody on this forum has ever purchased an item from Barista Tools Direct. Please someone anything good or bad.
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