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  1. One fits, the other doesn't 😉 I've had my Oracle for about 18 months now and buy from https://www.cremashop.eu/en/products/sage/bes008-filter/3485 - just order a couple at a time... Either that or use mineral water to feed the tank.
  2. The top next to the bean hopper gets warm so will warm anything that you put up there but it will take some time. Personally, I never bother warming a cup.. Out of the box it only has a couple of pre-programmed settings, you can click to add your own bespoke drinks; suggest reading the manual might help ;-)
  3. Nope, clean the outside and bottom after each use and unscrew it and soak maybe once a month.. I do always worry about how strong the hinge and connection is where it meets the machine...
  4. I steam milk to 65C, even on poncy setting my dishwasher only goes up to 70c
  5. Assuming its just a stainless steel vessel then no problem!
  6. just for comparison - 250g of beans in the hopper every week and they don't get time to go stale! I am very lazy so most of the time when the beans run out I leave the grinder running for a bit rather than get the brush and clean it out. Once a month I will give it a decent clean though...
  7. ....Just to check (sorry!) You are using non-supermarket beans? You have the grind set to about 27? You are pulling an espresso from the default button (25sec)? Given that all the variables are essentially fixed (flow, dose, grind) I just can't understand why you don't have consistency. To have the same experience across two machines either means that mine is a fluke because it works ok or there is something that we haven't considered..
  8. Nope, should be pretty much the same unless you have so few beans that it "popcorns" around.. you really don't seem to have much luck (sad face) - If the coffee tastes good and the auto milk wand works for you then stick with it. Otherwise... FWIW - other than when I weighed the outputs and inputs for you, I never bother - The purpose of a good machine is to make good coffee! It's the same problem that some folks have with digital cameras - they spend all their time pixel-peeping that they never realise that they are looking at a great photo.
  9. Correct. White Glove is not provided or an option with the Touch.
  10. That does sound off - bear in mind that the grind, tamp and water are all fixed variables. Now that you have some decent beans then you've tried everything. Would be really interested to hear what gets fixed when you get it back from Sage. Hope you get it sorted soon - almost a year now and probably close to 1000 shots and other than dialling it in, no duff ones so they are very capable machines (which I'd expect for the price!)
  11. Currently waiting for youtube to upload (I live in the middle of nowhere so at best I get 1Mb upload and 5Mb download) but yes, if I shake the then the puck will fall out, looks very similar in terms of effort to yours. [video=youtube_share;bx8L91UQbO0]
  12. Ok, here we go.. Fresh bag of coffee Tamp adjustment thingy - 3 threads showing to indicate how far down mine is (untouched from factory setting) These videos are all shot using the default espresso setting with a grind of 27. Video 1 - grind and approximate duration as it takes about 30 sec to grind and tamp the basket. [video=youtube_share;hS1LBXT1dn0] Video 2 - Dosage as my typical dosage is around about the 23-25g mark. This one happened to be 23g. This is using my beans and a grind of 27, yours may well be different in terms of weight but it should be there or thereabouts. [video=youtube_share;G9fvHFXRQNk] Video 3 - Output. Standard double espresso, first liquid out at about 10 secs and a 30 second shot that generates a pretty constant 44-47g output. This time it was 46g [video=youtube_share;whhVFQxmPv4] No video but I pulled another shot straight after and weighed it (you can see the original in the background) which was 45g Hope this helps..
  13. While waiting for my HasBean (bloomin' postman!) to get delivered (almost always on a Saturday..) I've bought some Square Mile Redbrick that was roasted 27th Sept. Just going for a bike ride but will pull some shots when I get back for you... My current theory is coffee freshness and tamp but lets see ;-)
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