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  1. Their advice to me was to make it a coarser grind... I have dropped my dose from 22g to 19g but I just cant see how having a smaller dose would impact in that manner...
  2. I'm having the same issue - machine is 2 years and 2 months old and it appears that the extended warranty from JL was actually accidental damage. I've contacted Sage but not had a response yet.... In the interim I've bought a 58m motto leveller to tidy up the puck as and when it happens and I cleaned and stripped the grinder last weekend that seems to have reduced the number of incidents. I've also dragged my spare grinder out just in case...
  3. Wotcha - Yes, cortado's are quite straightforward. My settings are 30 sec shot giving about 50ml output (22g in is fixed). Milk to the bottom of the spout and set to 65C and 4 on the foam-scale. Swirl and bang the jug and you get a lovely thick steamed milk on top. If I could "do" latte-art then I'd show you but I tend to just dump it on top. Yes, the grinder is not as good as an expensive stand-alone one however, this is a machine for simplicity and not for someone who wants to fiddle with all the things. With good beans I find it nice and consistent and don't have to think about it other than dialling in a new batch of beans once a week (aka make a couple of shots that I then drink!). One thing I will say - its very sensitive to beans; dark roasts you need to dial it down to very very very very fine (in my experience about 7 on the dial) but HasBean etc it sits about 25. Don't give it rubbish beans and its a good (but expensive) option.
  4. I do tend to find the grind is very bean-sensitive. Once you get something that's "ok" then play around as there is no perfect setting... Highly recommend HasBean subscription for bean supplies ?
  5. Same shot (basically everything starts with an espresso) and then: small amount of steamed (not foam!) milk = Cortado (140ml) slightly more steamed milk = flat white (160-180ml) even more steamed milk = latte (200ml+) other amounts and drinks are available ? default milk temp of 65 and a 4 on the foam setting works for me...
  6. Take a basic Long Black as the basis for a custom drink. 25 sec of extraction, 25 sec of hot water. You can see my other posts for video's of how I've helped other people setup flat whites... its the same process.
  7. Glad it's worked out - they really are good machines if you don't want to 'play' with every possible variable. Let me know how you get on as I can always learn more...
  8. Have a look at a vid I made for another member in Set yourself up a custom profile, its the only way to make sure that its you telling the machine what to do...
  9. Oh and this was my coffee for breakfast (well, my coffee for watching She-Ra with daughter#1).
  10. Right then - apologies for being first thing in the morning.. 2 videos fo your: Setting up a default drink that you can customise. The out of the box defaults are ok but you cant really do much with them. I also misremembered the setup; when I said use the double mode then ignore me.. Step 1 - create a new drink based on flat white Step 2 - press 2 times to make it time-based for the shot. Anything else means that you have no control and control is everything! Step 3 - dial in the time - I tend to go with 30 sec as a longer pour means a slightly finer grind for the same output (remember that you can only change grind and shot length on the Touch) Voila! you now have your base setup that you can play with.... Now we can make a drink! Step 1 - fill the milk jug to just below the spout Step 2 - while heating the milk, grind a dose. I'm on 27 - this is for beans that are about a week old and roasted probably about 10 days ago (Has-been subscription - highly recommended) Step 3 - get a cup and zero the scales Step 4 - brew! (suddenly realised that seeing the timer would be more interesting!) but you can see the pre-infusion and the speed of the brew. 54g out for 30 sec Step 5 - Add milk, its a damm slight easier with 2 hands!! Total drink weight is 257g - probably more milky than some people like (you aren't going to get that into a 150ml glass!) but its my first cup of the morning so a gentle wakeup... HTH and good luck once you get the new machine.. I agree that they are expensive and are limited to what they can do, especially compared to the original Oracle and a separate grinder/maker but it is good enough and most importantly simple enough for MrsToby to make her own drinks and for the kids to make their own hot milk.
  11. @ChrisCohenTV - I'll make you a video today as I'm at home at the start of the christmas break....
  12. Never had the offer of the white glove service; did get a load of water filters once I registered though...
  13. Hi Nick - I’ve just never used the single basket; every shot I pull is a double. If I get a chance over the Christmas break then I’ll try it just so that I can report back. Even MrsToby who is a confirmed americano person is happy with a mug of 25 sec brew and 25 sec hot water. I shortened her brew to to make it slightly stronger so that with the additional water it balances out (hope that makes sense!)
  14. Sounds odd - had mine for 2 years and its pretty silent in normal use (other than when brewing!)
  15. Hi Chris - long time Touch owner.. A flat white is supposed to be strong ? There is a high proportion of coffee to milk so that's why its strong... For the touch you are limited in the way that it doses - it will always chuck out around 22g of coffee, the variables are the amount of time (water) that pass over the grounds and how fine/coarse the grinds are. I always use the double basket - I've never even tried to use the single so cant really advise on that. What I can do is tell you what works for me, with the beans that I use.. I'm a HasBean subscriber so I get fresh beans every week - if I run out then I'm London-based so can pick up other beans easily. My grind is set to 19-22 and occasionally as high as 25. I use the double basket and it set to "double". I run the shot timer for 30 sec and I'm normally looking for 50g of output (22g in, 30sec and 50g out). For the milk I pour cold milk from the fridge to just below the spout, have it set to "4" for foam and let it do its thing. That gives me a nice tasting coffee that is perfectly repeatable - my output may change by a couple of grams either way as the beans age/change whilst in the hopper but I redial each bag in every time so its pretty consistent. HTH
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