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  1. Looks great yakima!! Really glad my guide helped and that you completed it without any issues. Good idea including a ruler with the pics, why didn't I think of that? Maybe all of my inspiration was used up that day on the pen refill idea! Anyway the new photos should help anyone else trying this mod. Cheers
  2. Surely unnecessary movement is being caused to the copper pipe? Once it was bolted in place at the top it was very sturdy so I've never noticed any movement and doubt it would, and as gingerneil said, the ball joint allows enough give that it doesn't trouble the pipe above it
  3. Hi, I just followed the link that I pasted at the start of my thread, pretty sure it was a couple of different sellers but they all turned up at the same time. haha I just use a damp sponge after I've done the dishes and polish to a sparkle with a microfibre cloth (the type you'd polish a car with).
  4. Hi and apologies for the late reply I've been away on my jolly hols. I've managed to dig out the original drawing and the lines are 8mm. From top to bottom it measures 114mm and width around 75mm from the edge of the curve at the top to the outer edge of the nut at the bottom. Hope this helps!!
  5. Ah great news GN, glad you got it sorted!! I should patent that biro idea before someone else does!
  6. I probably wait a minute or more before pulling the shot as I heat my cups then and put the grounds in and tamp. The milk stays hot and the microfoam stays put if its done right so there's really no rush on making the espresso immediately. I've not noticed any taste difference on the espresso as I usually have a sip before adding the milk. Have a go see what you think. I also let the boiler heat up for a good 5 minutes maybe more before steaming
  7. Yes that makes sense, mine's the same. Oh so you actually went from the v2 to the v3, that's interesting I'm sure you'll get some questions about that. When making lattes/cappuccinos now I actually do the milk before making the espresso. I tried it both ways after changing the wand from the panarello and I found the wand produces a much more powerful steam that way, really swirls the milk and gets a vortex going. Then I purge the grouphead of excess steam and make my double shot. Works for me
  8. Haha, I could've posted you my pre-used biro! Still got a bend in it! Well as long as it's working eh. Jeez you managed that quick didn't you, took me about 4 hours, although to be honest 2 of those were probably spent on the pipe!
  9. Oh also how tight is the wand to move? I was worried mine might be a bit too tight when I first fitted it all together, but once in the machine it could be wiggled about fine
  10. Oh great stuff, glad you managed it!! :-) I wouldn't worry about the pipe if it's working ok, once you put the lid on you'll soon forget what it looks like. How long did it take you all in? I spent ages on the pipe, it was a pain getting it to the shape I needed but I just kept persisting. Also did you use a biro whilst making the bends?
  11. I used a vice for mine and did wiggle the drill bit around to get the perfect fit for the spring, you'll be fine with the 12.5mm, brass is pretty soft, wear goggles or glasses though, last thing you need is a shard of brass in the eyeball!!
  12. Great stuff gingerneil, hope it works out ok, if you have any issues just drop me an email mate!
  13. When I next get chance I'll take some photos of the microfoam the new wand is producing, I couldn't be happier with it!
  14. Yeah I guess that would work, you'd have to get the ratio of soap to water right though to make sure it went to the right consistency, too much either way and you'd be looking at a kinked pipe.. Would also be very cold on the fingers!! So I'd say some gloves would be in order...
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