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  1. Here same problem again. Browser works, tapatalk not. Tapatalk was a Massive Timesaver for me. I miss the forum now. Only checking this topic from time to time.
  2. Tried again today and now I can add CFUK again to tapatalk...
  3. I accidentally removed the forum from tapatalk and now I cannot re-add it anymore. I am trying a few days now to get it back. I can find the forum but when I select it, I just get back to the start screen of tapatalk. I am able to add other forums: I could add coffeesnobs for example.
  4. I like James Hoffman's style. Think his reviews could be more in depth. Also think he's just trying to be: - a nice person - critical without hurting anyone - not too hardcore technical so that almost anyone can follow and enjoy his video's.
  5. There are home battery products like a Tesla powerwall but also other products. There's one type of battery based on water/salt which is ideal if you have room(s) to spare and there's batteries being developped that are even more efficiënt. I've been given the advice to wait 1 or 2 years before those products become interesting.
  6. I have the Kinu and keep asking myself if I should buy the commandante for pourover? Is there a noticable difference tastewise you think?
  7. Please post in "what are you drinking" with recipe! Are they any good? (Friedhats)
  8. Could be the weather. Here in Bruges we're under the influence of a rather cold and dry eastern wind. Dry air means more static.
  9. The commandante has a unique burr set (not by italmil or mazzer or ...) so could be be different then 'mainstream' conicals. It is said to be optimised for pourover and I interpreted that as 'produces les fines' but that is all theory until someone compares taste + grind distribution in an objective way.
  10. Some people where selected to test shipment of the discs via China. Each received 2 discs. They were not allowed to share info about this but one person accidentally caught the link for ordering while it was on a FB page somewhere for a very short time.
  11. I Mean just the light bulb on. Maybe that was not clear, English is not my native tongue.
  12. I'll just show this photo if someone tells me I have too many grinders... Very interested in the results of comparing these.
  13. If you have an oven put it there with just the heat of the oven bulb as 'heater'.
  14. I was able to burn dried pucks on the barbecue this summer. Was sort of an experiment and a bit of fun. Ultimately I would like to use coffee pucks as fuel for a bread/pizza oven.
  15. Take your time :-p Anyway, I'm curious as to the results of the plastic thingie as wel. Maybe it even improves the grind quality ;-)
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