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  1. I Mean just the light bulb on. Maybe that was not clear, English is not my native tongue.
  2. I'll just show this photo if someone tells me I have too many grinders... Very interested in the results of comparing these.
  3. If you have an oven put it there with just the heat of the oven bulb as 'heater'.
  4. I was able to burn dried pucks on the barbecue this summer. Was sort of an experiment and a bit of fun. Ultimately I would like to use coffee pucks as fuel for a bread/pizza oven.
  5. Take your time :-p Anyway, I'm curious as to the results of the plastic thingie as wel. Maybe it even improves the grind quality ;-)
  6. You missed the point although it is mentioned even on this thread. The pringle lids are not about grind quality. Just a quick and easy fix for pieces of grind getting where there they are not supposed to...
  7. Yes and you van still use the skale onder the driptray, if it's plumbed in that's not possible anymore. Also remains 100% portable with the suitcase and you don't need to invest in additional setup for plumbing. I just wonder if it's not inconvenient to have to top up add water and empty the drip tray.
  8. Same here, I'm very interested in hearing how People are getting on with theirs. I'm from Belgium and there is only one decent owner at the other side of the country.
  9. Nice. What water are you using and does it spill water from the ceramic tank when moving the kart?
  10. I have one already, otherwise would have tried to get it posted to Belgium...
  11. I used dried pucks on the barbecue yesterday! They have already been compressed by the tamper Remember? Burns very clean acually!
  12. For me 15h is the limit, otherwise I can't sleep and/or have 'restless legs'.
  13. For Europe you can also try here: https://www.fixpresso.be/en/product/elcor-minima-dual-boiler (No connection with myself whatsoever)
  14. Indeed. Have fun and if you like it, start looking for a gene or behmor roaster ;-)
  15. I started with a popcorn maker too. You could open up the vents a bit to increase airflow and reduce the temperature of the air. I was able to increase Roast time to 7 minutes that way.
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