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  1. For me 15h is the limit, otherwise I can't sleep and/or have 'restless legs'.
  2. For Europe you can also try here: https://www.fixpresso.be/en/product/elcor-minima-dual-boiler (No connection with myself whatsoever)
  3. Indeed. Have fun and if you like it, start looking for a gene or behmor roaster ;-)
  4. I started with a popcorn maker too. You could open up the vents a bit to increase airflow and reduce the temperature of the air. I was able to increase Roast time to 7 minutes that way.
  5. How do you move the niche grinder? In it's original box or is there a suitcase for that too?
  6. Talking of skill, patience and perseverence... Waiting for each next post is like waiting for the next episode of GOT but here we might get a proper finale.
  7. I just sold mine and could unscrew the arm after locking the burrs first.
  8. With new beans I first let them rest a few days. Then I determine dose and freeze individual portions in mini jars. I take one such portion out of freezer, grind frozen and change grinder settings when necessary.
  9. You make it sound like something barbaric. Actually it's really fun and exciting! In a smaller version you could do the same with Guinea Pigs :-p
  10. It is said to be the only Europeaan coffee plantation.
  11. Ah thanks, I wil be taking my aergrind and leverpresso with me then.
  12. Anyone found something in maspalomas (Gran Canaria)? We are going to be near the lighthouse.
  13. It's great to see how you give these a proper resurrection!
  14. After repainting those brackets, descaling and replacing seals mine was as good as new. You simply put a thermometer in the boiler to know your brew temperature. To avoid sucking coffee grinds in the boiler when returning the lever you could put an aeropress paper filter on the coffee bed. A bowl is handy to flush the douche screen of empty the boiler when you're done as the tray underneath is really tiny.
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