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  1. Jeez.... This stuff is still improving.. Loving my Sunday morning shot. ☕
  2. I grow my own coffee beans and harvest rain water to keep my carbon footprint to a minimum.
  3. Elegance in the cup. A very posh tasting espresso if ever I've had one. Smooth and refined you could be forgiven for assuming these beans may be expensive to non LSOL folk I haven't got any original tasting notes to offer because I'm agreeing with what others have already suggested. I wish I hadn't read all of the other posts as I am probably slightly influenced. The apple which has been mentioned I may have interpreted as grape or kiwi. However it could well be apple. Notes of chocolate are clear. Milky variety, perhaps praline due to a hazelnut finish Origin- Columbia (b
  4. I'm in the cheap scales camp. As long as they're accurate they're suitable. I don't care whether I have timers or direct links to my phone. My budget is £10-20
  5. Hoorah!!! The postie finally brought me beans at 3pm today and I just happened to be home. Well chuffed as i thought they'd got lost. I'll try to hold back on them for a few days
  6. Nothing arrived as yet. I wouldn't say I was in panic mode yet. I am hoping the postage was second class...
  7. How have these been sent please? Mine have yet to arrive
  8. These beans deserve a standing ovation. I am in bed though having a nice lie in (and espresso) at the moment. Maybe later 👏👏
  9. The LSOL team are on fire 🔥🔥🔥 These beans are top drawer. Only used them as espresso so far but I intend to have a V60 later this morning before I start my prefootball ale session Going 17 into 40g in about 35 seconds. Have tried a range from 34 to 45 g output and settled on 40. I would describe these as bold. An immediate sweet red berry impact maybe a touch of orange,delicious coating mouthfeel and a lingering finish. Interesting and luxurious. I couldn't be sure as to the origin so it's a stab in the dark. Costa Rica, Natural process. Great work. Keep 'em comi
  10. Me too. I'm impressed with the coffee. Nearly all gone now though. Intrigued.
  11. Another excellent LSOL offering. In my opinion at it's peak right now. Following the 18g into 40g recipe (30secondsish) I'm getting a soft smooth shot of nuts and dates. No tomato. No bacon. I am finding a milk chocolate finish. All in all very balanced and also easy to achieve consistent results. No idea of the origin but would go for a Central American washed. Possibly Honduras. LSOL buying team are in great form this quarter. Keep up the splendid work 👍
  12. Thanks for that. Today I have updosed to 17g with the LSOL beans. I will up the dose more with the next beans.
  13. I have recently got myself an L1. So far I'm loving it. I noticed the baskets were a bit crappy so I have bought an LM 17g. I'm loading it with 16 g of coffee. I'm having to grind loads finer now. I think maybe the 15g would be a better bet. What do most of you use? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  14. I've had many delicious LSOL beans but these really stand out for me and are completely up my street. Thanks again
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