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  1. Triple Roast Co.... Rocko Mountain. It's utterly divine. Makes full on funky espresso. I discovered this roaster back in 2018 when they did a month on the brilliant LSOL subscription. Recommend for all natural process lovers.
  2. LSOL North Star. Mystery as to what it is but it's excellent ✊.
  3. I've just opened mine and knocked out an espresso. I was trying to hold back opening them for a touch longer but couldn't resist starting them given all this talk of tropical fruit etc and the general instability of the environment with things getting shut down left, right and centre. I'm most definitely understanding the tropical fruit notes most have observed. Without the power of suggestion I'm not sure I'd have singled out pineapple but it works. I will dial these in more precisely and try them as a V60 before I make my prediction but an interesting and delicious bean. They taste
  4. I'm often working in Stroud. Tomorrow for example. Where are you?
  5. Thoroughly enjoying my kilo. These beans have a wow factor. I've really appreciated every Black Cat coffee I've sampled so far. Thanks for the special offer. Brilliant.
  6. Whoops Just brought a shot to the computer to make my prediction. Too late. I was going to guess Panama Natural Anaerobic so i would have been wrong anyway. However my observations are as follows The best recipe for me on my equipment is 17 into 40g over 25 seconds. The flavours are softer a with a shorter extraction. It can taste overdone with a longer pull I get no salt or marmite thankfully but loads of fruit and spice. I didn't pick out star anis but i totally get it. I thought cinnamon and nutmeg with a dark chocolate finish. Also rich dark fruits blasting through
  7. Just dived in an had my first espresso. It brought a smile to my face. I'm a big fan of funky coffee and that's exactly what I got so the day is off to a flyer My recipe was 17 into 41 grams.... A bit longer than my usual but hey ho, delicious none the less. I forgot to time the extraction but it seemed to be about 30 seconds judging by the flow rate through my early morning mildly hungover haze. Thanks to the info picked up on this thread I tightened the grinder (niche) 2 notches which turned out to be a great starting point for dialling in. I will not make my guess based on
  8. Smells delightful. All rich and spicy. I'm going to leave it a few more days though. Intrigued.
  9. I realise I'm responding to a historic post. I'm considering getting a similar set up to yours. I've never brewed before btw. Just wondering how it's going with the kit and how was the learning curve?
  10. Jeez.... This stuff is still improving.. Loving my Sunday morning shot. ☕
  11. I grow my own coffee beans and harvest rain water to keep my carbon footprint to a minimum.
  12. Elegance in the cup. A very posh tasting espresso if ever I've had one. Smooth and refined you could be forgiven for assuming these beans may be expensive to non LSOL folk I haven't got any original tasting notes to offer because I'm agreeing with what others have already suggested. I wish I hadn't read all of the other posts as I am probably slightly influenced. The apple which has been mentioned I may have interpreted as grape or kiwi. However it could well be apple. Notes of chocolate are clear. Milky variety, perhaps praline due to a hazelnut finish Origin- Columbia (b
  13. I'm in the cheap scales camp. As long as they're accurate they're suitable. I don't care whether I have timers or direct links to my phone. My budget is £10-20
  14. Hoorah!!! The postie finally brought me beans at 3pm today and I just happened to be home. Well chuffed as i thought they'd got lost. I'll try to hold back on them for a few days
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