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  1. What's the verdict? Let's do it!!
  2. Very nice too. I have 100g left to enjoy. It's been a treat. Thanks to all concerned
  3. I'm fully on board with this
  4. I'm enjoying mine. Tastes to me like it could well be a Colombian washed My recipe is 18.2 into 40 in about 26/7 seconds. Only had espresso so far. I'll get around to a V60 soon I expect this is nearer to an espresso than filter roast as I interpret the roaster's philosophy. For me there is a honey sweetness followed by a praline chocolate with nuts. Maybe almonds. Tastes luxurious. I would say these beans are very forgiving and in turn reliable. I have loved every shot so far. I've noticed we are all a little apprehensive about guessing the beans this month which isn't surprising following September's unlikely origin. Thanks for organising and roasting.
  5. I use my tamper as a leveling tool prior to tamping and nutate as well.
  6. I've popped my sticker on the side of the fridge. The Mrs is well chuffed!!
  7. I am finding the grind for espresso is needing more tweaking than usual. Not that anything is going to waste I hasten to add. Like Drewster I haven't had any bad shots. I'm drinking one now which came through in 23 seconds. Tastes great to be honest. A bit of chocolate and prune perhaps. Very smooth as well. Yesterday the same settings were taking 28/30 seconds My early guess was Honduras Natural.... I'm not so sure now! It seems like a bit of a stab in the dark. Could be Honey and could be from a different continent. I will stick to my original guess in compliance with LSOL rules. Thanks for these. I'm into my last 200g from my Kilo which indicates that I've steamed through them at a fair rate.
  8. Interesting coffee. I've been really enjoying it although my findings do no necessarily correspond with everyone else's. I'm not getting strawberries at all but more a dark fruit. I thought plum or damson. Cherries have had a mention and I couldn't argue with that at all my interpretation is a bit different. The fine grind is a bit of a talking point. It makes me wonder whether the roaster has an unusual technique or machine. Maybe these are grown at an exceptionally high altitude. I haven't got a Scooby. My best shots have been in or around the 24/25 second mark at 2:1. The flavours seem cleaner and smoother than the over 30 second shots. I think this is a natural process from Central America. I will take a stab at Honduras.
  9. The forum has been a really top resource for me and many others. It is in fact a decent online community. Where else can coffee be discussed in minute detail? It's a great shame that things have been quietening down. I'm hoping users find their voices and things return to normal. It may well happen. I've never tried tapatalk. Why do people need it? I have only ever read negative comments about the app
  10. I would be happy to do this. In fact I'd love to.
  11. Thanks for all your sterling work FBS. You have made my coffee corner and interesting place.
  12. I've started to get sour espresso now. I can't figure out why. Have gone up and down with the grind and temperature.The machine has been deeply cleaned. V60 is still good. For this reason my Minima is going to remain turned off until I finish my last 300g of beans.
  13. I think the 20th is correct. They are definitely good to go now though
  14. My best espresso recipe so far is 18.2 into 40g in 30.5 seconds. I am at 12 on my Niche I'm getting a litlle up front acidity, not too much which is moving into a green tomato note finishing with a demerera sweetness........ interesting..... As a V60 I also get tomato notes and a sugary finish but also along the way a flowery vibe which could be jamine (although I don't actually know why i am associating jasmine in particular) All this can only mean one thing..... We are enjoying a Washed Kenyan. I would also say that as espresso this appears to be in it's development stage. I mean to say it seems to be better now than yesterday and much better than 2 or 3 days ago. I don't have milk drinks but I think milk would not be doing these beans any favours. For the record I think these are at their best as filter. Usually I am very much pro espresso. We shall see as time goes on...
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