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  1. I'm going to Sessimbra (South of Lisbon) later this month. I am hoping there is at least one roaster and speciality coffee shop there. Can't find anything on the web. It's a foodie area so there is half a chance. Anyone on here been and have some knowledge they could pass on? Thanks
  2. These are incredible beans. Like others I've had to open my burrs massively to hit the roaster's reccomended espresso ratio. Along my journey of discovery with these I have found all the shots taste great, even the 50 second ones. But now I think temperature is key to unlocking the best flavours. When I dropped a single degree to 92 I entered god shot territory. My best so far is 18g into 37g in 29 seconds. To me they taste very much like an Ethiopian natural. Trouble is I have a nagging feeling they are not. The beans look very small there could be a clue there The way the beans grind and apparent solublity may suggest a lowish altitude. It's above my pay grade to understand intricacies of altitudes and bean variaties though. In the cup I'm experiencing a full bodied funky bomb. Gentle acidity and then a very full bodied explosion of fruit and funk. Definitely agree with the lavender/Parma violet suggestions but getting strawberry and maybe a hint of blueberry before a sweet finish. Aftertaste lingers for ages. I'm going to leave my guess for now. Tastes of Ethiopia but I have a random nagging feeling this could be an imitator from Central America.
  3. Blimey I'm blushing!!! Glad it's all worked out well!!
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