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  1. So many choices! Could anybody recommend a fantastic bean for Latte made on a Silvia? I'm new to all this and want to experiment with some coffee you don't just get of the shelf in the supermarket. Only thing is i don't have a grinder yet... used all my money on the Silvia. Any interesting blends would be great! Many thanks xx
  2. Oh and did he ever say sorry for the hole mess???? In your dreams!!!!! A good lesson learned and one i won't need to be thought again... Research research and research again before buying anything online!
  3. More good news!!!!! Huurrrraaaahhhhhh my Silvia came back today!!!!!!!!!! After what must have been near 40 phone calls to the guy and one disappointment after another I finally got a Rancilio Silvia machine back today and it works. It isn’t the machine that I originally bought from him all though he said he has had my machine fixed and that it came back last week and he had send it... The paperwork I have for the Silvia has a different serial number that the Silvia he has now send me… But at least I have a machine and it works. If something goes wrong again it is not going back to him that’s for sure… Can anybody recommend a repair place in the south East? Aaahhh coffee…. I’m so happy now!!
  4. Hi The guy was there... but he still has the Silvia.He was so rude to my husband. Every time we call him he says he is waiting for his service guy to get back to him! And so nothing happens! The machine broke on Monday the 14th June. So now i'm going to start calling him every day until we get things sorted. Will let you all know how it goes... Betina
  5. Finally got hold of the company today!!!! Taking Silvia there tomorrow. Hope to get my money back as I have lost all hope of this company ever providing the customer service that I would expect. All he said was that it was unfortunately that I hadn't been able to get a hold of them as he had been in Hospital. Thought a company like that would have more staff to take over in that case! And the least he could do was to say sorry and try to make it up to me. Wish me luck for tomorrow!! Still think he wont be there... Betina xx
  6. Thank you all! I will try again and again... Will let you know what happens! Betina
  7. Just seen this! I just posted my experience with this company... wish i could say it was a good one!!!! I have now tried for a week to get a hold of them as my Silvia is overheating and not working... Will never ever deal with this company again... I now have a brand new Silvia that isn't working that i paid just over £400 for and don't know what to do next... Any ideas? Betina
  8. Hi Has anyone had any problems with this company? I got a machine from them April 2010. It is now broken! I have tried phoning, texting and emailing them for a week and I have heard absolutely nothing from them... Is anybody else having problems? What can I do about my warranty? Is it only covered through them? Those anybody know or have any experience with this sort of thing... Any help would be so great! Many thanks Betina
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