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  1. Thanks all! Current dilemma is whether to have the blue LEDs on or not; they do look good, but they don't really go with the surroundings.
  2. After a 5-month kitchen refurb (should've been 6 weeks, but between the global materials shortage and the builders getting covid, it all dragged on a bit...), I finally have a dedicated coffee nook! Looking forward to getting back into V60s as well as experimenting more with espressos (both been in storage during the refurb). Pending tasks: fix the LED lights at the top, and 3d-print some portafilter holders.
  3. Some coffee from @Black Cat Coffee to keep me going through Christmas, and a little treat for myself. I'm particularly looking forward to the Colombian red bourbon honey.
  4. If you click on your name in the top right, and then hit "Manage Subscriptions", then you can see silver / gold / etc sponsor levels with a message on the current one that says something like "Your current subscription renews November 23 2021". That sounds like what you're looking for?
  5. Choice of two colours! 8 levels of grinding degree! What's not to like!!?!
  6. How full is the hopper? Just wondering if the hopper might have emptied to a point that there isn't much weight pushing the beans in. Have you run through multiple hoppers-worth in the past, or is this the first time you've run it down that far? This probably wouldn't cause a sudden change, though, so likely something else.
  7. kevin

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  8. You could use one of those hamster drinking bottles, stuck to the side of the shower, and put the espresso into that.
  9. Success! The problem was around there, I'm not 100% sure which side of the elbow, but it is now unclogged. I had a terrible time trying to get the elbow off, I think it's loctite'd on perhaps? However, I noticed that when taking the input tube off, it released the pressure from inside the pump which should have gone out past the blockage (this was the residual pressure ~2.5 bar reading on the brew gauge). After failing to get the elbow off, I wondered... just wondered... if it was limescale then maybe having released the pressure I could get it to draw just enough citric acid in to dissolve the blockage. So, I reconnected the input tube (at this point the output tube was still disconnected), submerged the tank feeder tube into a 5% citric acid solution, and ran the pump for 15 seconds or so. It definitely drew in some of the acid, so I left it like that wondering what to do next. After a minute or two, completely without warning, the output from the elbow suddenly started gurgling, and then hissing, and then spurted some water out! It was free again! (I had anticipated this and had plenty of cloths around to protect the rest of the machine) I then reconnected all of the tubes, and ran the machine - it was happily drawing in from the citric acid tank, so I let it draw for a while and then it stopped after about the right amount of time for the boilers to be full. Lifting the lever also properly ran the pump and eventually streamed water out of the group head. I'm now doing a proper descale cycle. And I promise never to leave it so long between descaling it in the future... I'm very grateful to everyone for your help, and especially to @DavecUK for all of your tweaks to the machine design, they really do make the world of difference. Let this be a warning to everyone else to descale little and often
  10. A bit more progress... I've largely traced the water path, and I think the problem could be the same as the one on that Home Barista thread. The output from the pump immediately goes into a T, where the straight-on path goes into the brew pressure gauge (so the problem is after this, as you say @DavecUK). The other output from the T goes into an elbow, and then onto a tube (I think the joint from the elbow onto the tube is where the person in the Home Barista thread said their blocked gicleur is). Something like this: ``` Water inputs ---> Pump ---> T ---> Brew gauge | \---> Elbow ---> (gicleur?) ---> tube off to the boilers ``` In a little test, I disconnected the tube that goes off to the boilers, made sure tube from the tank was submerged, and briefly turned on the machine for the pump to run for a few seconds. In theory, water should have been spewing out of the elbow where the disconnected tube should have been, but actually there was nothing. The tube from the tank might have sucked up a small amount of water, I'm not sure. Given that the brew gauge is reading 9 bar, but nothing's coming out of the elbow, I think the elbow is blocked. I'm now trying to figure out how to remove it to investigate, and hoping I don't make things worse... It's the furthest away port on the pump in this photo (the near port is the input): https://www.flickr.com/gp/magickevin/48L0y4
  11. I also note this thread https://www.home-barista.com/repairs/quickmill-vetrano-2b-no-suction-in-tank-mode-t45379-10.html which is a very similar sympton, and ends up as a blocked output nozzle from the pump. Although thinking about it, if the pump output were blocked, I guess I wouldn't be seeing the 9 bar of pressure on the gauge?
  12. Thanks @Catlady101, what a great find! I'll definitely bear that in mind when poking around inside the machine.
  13. Good thought @Markk, but I'm more convinced by the blocked or valve failed theory - mostly based on there being no suction from the water tank. Today I got distracted by another project, but I did get the sides off the machine and that lets me see a lot more. I intend to document the water paths, if I can see into it enough, and then figure out from the readings where the blockage / failure is.
  14. Ace, thanks again all. I’ll dive deeper tomorrow and see if I can figure out the water path.
  15. I just saw a third valve, up near the top of the boilers as well.
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