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  1. My fave coffee is home-made Illy red from my moka pot. But lots of very popular modern espressos don't taste strong enough or Italian enough for me. Can anyone suggest somewhere I should try? I can't abide that nutty aftertaste which is such a big thing in London now.
  2. Thanks David, got the Goldfinger, it's awesome. I'm planning on stoving in some Tory skulls with it.
  3. Nick H.

    Camping.... :)

    I've done lots of cycle-camping in the US with ground coffee and a camping moka pot. It's so tiny you really need to brew it twice at breakfast. http://gsioutdoors.com/products/pdp/1_cup_stainless_mini_expresso/coffee To save a few grams a serious cyclist will always hacksaw off the bit of sticky-out platform.
  4. I'd like the Goldfinger at your asking price please. Happy to do bank transfer if it saves you a Paypal fee.
  5. Is breakfast bomb darker than what's in the Hasbean espresso taster pack? They were all too weedy for me. Then again, I mostly used them in a moka pot and I was just learning about grinding so I probably didn't do them justice. Here they are: Blake Espresso Blend (Mk 1, 2015) Brazil Fazenda Passeio Pulped Natural Rubi Jabberwocky Espresso Blend (Mk 1, 2015) Jailbreak Espresso Blend (Mk 2, 2015) Kicker Espresso Blend (Mk 1, 2015)
  6. I bought my Classic from Phil104 and I think he might have upgraded the basket so I'd better wait for his input.
  7. Been a biker for decades, done a bit of everything...despatching, endurance racing, nav rallies, enduros, racing the Eurostar etc etc. Once walked into HR Owen and bought an MV Agusta just after they'd come out. These days I am a poverty biker with a K1100LT, which is dirt cheap to run, of no interest to thieves and very entertaining when annoying people on modern stuff. Also handy for collecting giant boxes full of coffee gear.
  8. I'm not sold on the beans! Aware of their drawbacks but thought they would be OK for practising with. Not such a good idea. At least I've learned something.
  9. Hi Phil! I think the polite way to put it would be that I'm learning from my mistakes! I'm using the Gaggia plastic tamper, which isn't helping. I bought some Starbucks beans because they were (almost) free. Very dark roast...VERY dark. I was experimenting with 40+ second extractions and ended up with a talcum powder grind which blocked the basket. The hot water ended up venting through that vertical tube into the drip tray. It took me ages to work out what was going on. I have just done a 9 sec extraction and finally got something worth drinking, much to my surprise. I had a notion that anything less than 25 secs would be wrong. Not sure where I got that idea. My doses are all 14g or so and I aim for a ratio of 1.6. I think I need to hurry up and get a clicky tamper but I'm confused by the sizes...what size is best?
  10. I've not done any cupping so I'm not familiar with the terms people use to describe taste. I do know that I like Illy beans, which I gather are a 'dark roast'. Can anyone suggest others to try? This is for use with a Classic and MC2.
  11. That's odd. It's available for delivery in South London. I suppose they don't ship things between depots.
  12. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to start a thread promoting the Antichrist to our religion.
  13. Hooray! Don't forget to vote!
  14. Kind of free anyway: 200g of Starbucks Espresso Fairtrade beans are reduced from £3.50 to £2.50 at Tesco. And you can swap the empty bag for a tall latte http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=285644732 Who's with me??? I've taken the plunge and will try to swap the latte for a flat white at my local Sb. The latte is sooo weak. Edit: I've just checked the price of a tall latte and it's £2.25. This post is even more deceitful than I had envisaged. Sorry.
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