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  1. Are you looking for this? http://www.belstar-electrics.co.uk/products/MS%252d622874-%252d-Krups-Frother-Nozzle.html
  2. Well, the cold brew was prepared in the early hours of the morning and left overnight in the fridge. Didn't taste too bad, only it involves a lot of messing around to get it piping hot. Only had half a cup and been in pain all day. So I'm afraid that's it, boys and girls. I'm packing up all the equipment. The wife has convinced me not to sell anything just yet. That might be some good women's intuition. It was great while the (coffee) journey lasted, and I've enjoyed all your company, friendship and great advice. I'll still stop by from time to time - who knows, I can still offer some tips to a few newbies.... Watch this space, I may still be back. Take care.
  3. Without going too much off topic and boring everyone with my health issues, the symptoms started off looking like a gastric ulcer - I was also prescribed Omeprazole. It gradually worsened up to the point where I had to go to A&E a week before my scheduled endoscopy. The results showed a completely healthy gut!! Nowdays I have constant pains whatever I eat, however coffee, by far is the worst aggravator. A few sips of espresso can leave me in pain for days. I am still going through tests to try and find out the real problem. My advice is: if you feel in anyway that your stomach is responding negatively to coffee, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Cut it out for a few days or weeks until you can handle it again. I am convinced that had I done this six months ago, I wouldn't be with the issues I have now.
  4. Spoke to James earlier, he was very helpful. Thanks for the tip. Will give it a go in the Aeropress and see how it pans out.
  5. Thanks. I did have a look around there already, but most of the methods involve hot brewing which defeats the whole purpose. I was more interested to hear if anyone has tried cold brewing with the equipment mentioned in the OP. I might experiment with cold brewing in my Aeropress. Only concern is, will it create too much resistance to force the brew through all those grounds. Will have to grind coarse, methinks.
  6. Hey Glenn, good to hear from you again. Decaf makes no difference unfortunately. It's gotten that bad. Thanks for the recommendation. That is one beast of a machine. Would look great in my kitchen though not sure if I could get under the cabinets. The price looks a little prohibitive. Will give them a call tomorrow. P.S. Anyone with an understanding of Japanese can be educated on the Dripper
  7. Hi all, Some online research has shown that cold brewing coffee produces much lower acidity coffee, which is easier to digest. Having not been able to drink a cup now for 2 months, this is my last ditch attempt before I sell all my equipment and go cold turkey for life. Seriously. I've seen the Hario Cold Brew and the Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker as shown on Seattle Coffee Gear, and also the Toddy Cold Brew. None of these seem to be available in the UK. Has anyone had any experience with any of these methods? And can anyone tell me if they are available in the UK? This is not to be confused with iced coffee - these methods allow you to make a cold coffee concentrate which can be refrigerated and then dilute with hot water. Any help much appreciated.
  8. Counter C/W turn for lower bar setting, C/W for higher bar setting. The 'why' it is done is to extract at the best possible pressure. You'll see a massive different in mouthfeel of the shots. Apparently it also greatly improves ristrettos as well.
  9. I use Tesco's own brand bottled water which is sourced in Cumbria, where the water is naturally soft. Just by looking at the composition table you can see how little calcium and magnesium it contains.
  10. The shower holding plate has (from memory) 4 holes for the water to exit. This then disperses equally through the shower screen. If you haven't descaled your machine recently, and removed the plate, as described in many other posts, it's possible that water isn't flowing equally through these holes.
  11. Just saw this post and thought I'd add my two cents worth.... I've never owned the Hario Slim but have owned 5 different hand grinders (Vintage and new) and they will ALL suffer from some sort of movement of the lower burr as you described so well. This gets more pronounced as the grind is made coarser. This is just due to the nature of their design. Regarding putting a drill on it - I saw on another forum (I think it was home-barista) that someone tried this, and wore out the burrs in record time!!
  12. As a Gaggia Classic owner, I can understand your frustration that as a coffee lover/expert(!) this data makes absolutely no sense. In our minds, as long as the coffee is excellent, who cares if a drip tray gets caught on the water pipe? Which? on the other hand are trying to give an impartial service to the public where they deem functionality as important as end product. For someone who is not so concerned about the pump pressure or how wet his puck is, a water tank that requires a kerfuffle to remove, as does the Classic, can be pretty annoying and will lose points against a more practical machine. As I have noted in a different thread, the Classic is quite ugly as espresso machines go. Mine has slowly grown on me, and I love how solidly it is built and it's consistent results. However, for the life of me I cannot fathom why Gaggia cannot redesign their most popular model to be that little bit more aesthetic. That being said, who needs Which? when there are so many great forums out there?
  13. Osh


    Now that would be an interesting experiment....
  14. Osh


    Why do some coffees bloom more than others? As an example, where I would normally use 17.5g for a double, for a different bean at the same grind setting I would use 14g - and this would expand right on the shower screen. Would the freshness / age make any difference?
  15. Osh

    Decaf beans

    Have tried the Finca El Chino as espresso and can say it's absolutely excellent. Very smooth and well rounded. I think the Mountain Water process is much kinder to the stomach as well. Even if you're not a decaf drinker, this is one to try.
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