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  1. There is usually an overlimit thermostat on the side of the boiler to prevent damage by overheating. Perhaps yours is a really early one that doesn't have one? If you just enlarge the holes, sometimes the replacement element will not seat due to richness in the casting near one of the holes. The richness is extra thickening to accommodate the thermostats. I have done two of those conversions, admittedly on the slightly later type with a flatter top, and had to mill some of the richness away to get a good seat. Good luck with the conversion, I wouldn't bother with renewing the thermos
  2. I think that the hunting is due to a weak mixture too. Could be the air/mixture screw setting but could also be due to crack in inlet manifold letting air in, blocked jet, fuel filter, or other restriction in the fuel delivery system. I had a similar problem last year, eventually traced it to a partial blockage in the fuel tap inlet that was restricting fuel flow.
  3. Perhaps it's something to do with the two elements being wired in series on the 230v versions, and in parallel on the 110v versions
  4. Just dug out the spare that I have in my garage, here is a picture of the valve. There are a couple of seals there.
  5. You could ask him if he dismantled and cleaned the brew valve, easily missed if the seller only has experience of Gaggias with adjustable OPVs.
  6. No, that's not normal. The leaks are probably due to scale on the steam valve taper and the pressure control valve on the base of the brew group. You can get at the brew valve by removing the dispersion plate (two allen screws above the shower plate), then unscrew the valve from the group. you can then dismantle it and clean the seal. The steam valve is a bit more tricky, you may get away with a descale but if that doesn't work it can be dismantled, do a search for details.
  7. Just seen Paolo's email with the new choice. I've gone for the Minima style too.
  8. 'Normal' for me, steam on left. I had already messaged Paolo last week for the request. I only steam a small amount of milk at a time so I thought that the new 'preying mantis' arms would be a bit of overkill. Excited to see that Paolo states that they are starting to build the first ten machines on Monday, woohoo!
  9. The instructions for cleaning the yeast dispenser on my bread maker state to never wipe clean with a dry cloth. Always use a damp cloth and allow to dry naturally. Wiping with a dry cloth causes static and makes the yeast stick. Using a dry paint brush or cloth to clean out coffee grinds from catch cups will probably have the same effect?
  10. I have an Aerspeed and am happy with it. I bought it to accompany the Aeropress while travelling and for the occasional lunchtime coffee, so no intention of using it for espresso. Haven't had any problems with it apart from grounds sticking to the catch cup, I have to pack a small cut down paint brush in the travelling kit to sweep out the grounds. It is much faster to grind than the Rhinowares, you can really feel the burrs chomping through the beans. I have no experience of the Timemore so can't comment on that.
  11. Having just read my last post I thought that i should clarify that the later Kitchenaid has an OPV on the steam boiler. What I meant to say was that the later Kitchenaid does not have an adjustable OPV to control the brew pressure. Even that may be wrong as if the steam boiler fill solenoid is open when the brew switch is on then the OPV will regulate the pressure in both boilers. I don't have that machine any more so I can't check any details but I'm pretty sure that it is adjustable.
  12. Time for an update in case anybody is interested. The 21g La Marzocco basket is deeper than the standard Gaggia double and fits in the portafilter. It gives more headroom to accommodate the shower screen that protrudes from the bottom of the group head. I had an idea to graft a Rancilio Silvia boiler to the OWC and thanks to @AlbertoG acquired an old busted boiler for the project. After fixing the boiler I stripped the OWC and compared the boilers. They are roughly the same size, their O rings are almost the same size and there is head room in the case to acc
  13. If it's under warranty, send it back. As far as I know the baby twin has a thermoblock steam boiler, the Kitchenaid doesn't so they are not the same. The tripping is most likely caused by dampness due to a failed steam boiler main gasket. The resulting water (steam and condensation) on the electrics causes the tripping and may have taken out one of the switches. I have seen two burnt out hot water switches due to this. Try doing a search for more information.
  14. You may also find date codes on the plastic parts.
  15. Bits for my project to further improve the Gaggia OWC. Thanks to @AlbertoG for the donation of an old style Rancilio Silvia boiler to the project, I have already prepared it to take the new element (just tried it, it fits!).
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