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  1. Follow on from my photo of this arriving home a few weeks ago. refurbishing now finished. 2006 ECM Giotto premium, last year of manufacture before Rocket took over. New element power relay in Gicar, upgraded to additional SSR element relay. New seals, thorough clean and descale. OPV and pressurestat adjusted. Single portafilter converted to bottomless. Nothing left to do now but make coffee...
  2. As has been pointed out, the group is brass. Detergent from backflushing will not get into the aluminium boiler.
  3. It may be worthwhile to run an extra earth cable directly from the boiler to the reference earth pin on the gicar. Don't just rely on the boiler to frame bolts to provide continuity.
  4. I'm playing about with a Miele 5100 BTC and a ECM Giotto HX machine in the workshop at the moment (and a Londinium in the kitchen). I am surprise at just how convenient the Miele is, just switch it on and it's ready in a minute, so definitely wins on convenience. It's a faff if you want to make milk drinks as the dispensing apparatus needs taking apart and rinsing after every use, the steam wands on the others just need a wipe and quick blast. The coffee is definitely much better with the prosumer machines but warm up times (about 40 mins, you can switch it on with a timer for the mornin
  5. Reminds me of Seamus the dog on Meddle. Seamus is the better singer.
  6. ECM Giotto. Finally got it home after buying it as faulty last November. Picked up and stored by a relative in the North East. It has just spent the last week huddled on the rear passenger seat surrounded by camping gear.
  7. I'm pretty sure that the later boiler fits straight on the earlier machines. I have even machined early boilers to take a replaceable element.
  8. I have had three Silvias and about seven Classics. The Silvia is a more robust machine but still suffers from the restrictions imposed by the single boiler dual use design. Given a straight choice, I would go for the Silvia but I wouldn't pay a large premium for one. A HX machine for only a little more money is so much better. The early versions (v1 andv2?) of the Silvia had the fused in, non replaceable elements but most have the replaceable type.
  9. Trade secret. Suffice to say that it forms part of the pre pour preparation routine. That and eight pints of Guinness and a vindaloo.
  10. Yes, I've been practicing at every opportunity.
  11. Yes, Mildred, that's it, it has funny formatting as it was cut and pasted from elsewhere. OWC still in service making daytime Affrogatos. just dug out the special tool that I initially made for the job. Even that wasn't good enough and more drastic measures were needed.
  12. Be careful as the plug is soft brass and the slot is easily damaged by using the wrong tools. If yours is really seized in look for my thread on restoring a Gaggia OWC where I show a method of loosening a slotted plug on a similar OPV that was really stuck. Hopefully, yours will not be as seized in as mine was, it really is the nuclear option. You probably won't need such drastic measures, but at least it shows the layout of components.
  13. Yes, it should just pull out, or possibly need a bit of gentle persuasion with a screwdriver.
  14. Try lining the roasting chamber with heat proof barbeque mat. It deadens the sound of the beans tumbling and makes hearing first crack easier. It also reduces roasting times.
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