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  1. Bm motoman came round today to have a look. Liked it so much that he bought it for the asking price. Could a mod move this to sold please.
  2. This came with a Christmas card from New Zealand. Interesting web site, www.havana.co.nz,. Cool to have a fireman's pole in the shop.
  3. Just sold this on ebay, could a mod move this to sold please.
  4. I had a Miele that had a hopper for whole beans and an opening for ready ground coffee. That system allows for two types of coffee. I think that this is a common feature in bean to cup machines.
  5. That's still an old style boiler with the fused in element, the newer ones have an easily replaceable element. My best guess is about £200 but you may get more on ebay if you get determined people bidding against each other.
  6. Can't you just adjust the thickness with the standard E61 paper shims?
  7. Ah, I am in North Wales and have a Classic for sale.
  8. I have a Honda CN250 that I frequently use in preference to much larger bikes in my garage, even when going far loaded with camping gear. Much more comfortable and economical although a little underpowered on Motorways. If they still made it today I think that it would make an ideal short range commuter. Wish that I had had it when I worked as a motorcycle courier in London.
  9. For commuting I would get something like a Burgman, lots of weather protection, no need to get togged up, comfortable. 400cc for economy or the 650 if commute involves a motorway.
  10. Yes, I had this conversation with Mildred on another thread when I found out that I had been replaced with a smarter, flashier foreigner. 'sniff' 😭
  11. Gaggia - deconstructed. Showing components before testing, cleaning and reassembly. There was only a light film of scale on the group head, none elsewhere.
  12. Not willing to reduce price at this stage, only just listed it. I'm passing near to Warrington on Wednesday, I could deliver and will knock off £10 if you could meet at the M56 service station. Otherwise, I'll leave it (and the Bezzera) here until I next get a no-fee offer from ebay then will list there as a BIN. The other £175 Classic looks really good value, I'm surprised that it hasn't been snapped up.
  13. Gaggia Classic for sale. Older Italian made Classic with the larger solenoid. Recently stripped, all seals replaced, OPV adjusted to 9.5 bar, single and double baskets, Rancilio wand added. Mirror finish stainless steel case, no scratches, looks almost like new. Minor scratching on cup plate and drip tray cover but nothing excessive. £175 Prefer pick up from near Oswestry, otherwise £15 for courier delivery. I can add a Rex-C100 PID for another £50 - may take a few days to fit. I am going from Oswestry to Sheffield soon so can deliver to an address along the way.
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