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  1. Looks like it has a similar construction the the MDF so a stepless conversion may be possible. I had modified it so that the burrs could be set closer together for finer grinding. The problem lies with the burrs, they weren't the normal type with cutting edges, they had knobbles that ground down and pulverised the beans. I had even bought some 'normal' burrs from another machine with roughly the same dimensions but couldn't get them to fit. Looks like the MDF is the minimum capable of grinding consistently for espresso. I really just threw it in with the machine just to get someone started that didn't already have a grinder but it still produced better coffee than I have had in a lot of the shops.
  2. They were warned. I've been using the setup for the last two weeks, results were very variable with mostly gushers with the occasional good cup. I wasn't able to find a grind setting that gave consistent results, all good fun.
  3. Single group, tank fed, HX prosumer espresso machine. Very good condition. Made in 2006, comes with double and single spouted portafilters, double and single baskets. This was quite expensive when new, it is very much like the Pasqini Livia 90 which is very well reviewed in prosumer circles, check out the online reviews. This is the third of these machines that I have owned, you get a lot of machine for the money. This one left the factory as a ground coffee machine as opposed to one that uses the expensive pods. I have replaced a few faulty components in the Gicar box, replaced the anti-vac valve, adjusted OPV and it is now working well without any issues. I keep it at a relative's house in Sunderland for use when I am staying there but it is not now needed. The machine is currently in Sunderland where it can be seen working, it can be seen later in Sheffield and then in my house near Oswestry, or I can possibly deliver to somewhere on-route between. I am not keen to post as heavy machines like this don't courier well. I am asking for £300 for it, I can throw in a Gaggia MM grinder with the machine, it's barely capable of grinding espresso grade coffee, but it will get you started until you can find something better.
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