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  1. Now sold on eBay. Could a mod please move this to sold.
  2. I have signed up for the FB group so you will have at least one bid for the Londinium stuff.
  3. I finished refurbishing one of these a few weeks ago, with a metal case rather than the later plastic case. Start a new thread on it instead of using this thread and I will answer some questions.
  4. Yes please, can you post the link or send it to me.
  5. The K type are not as accurate as the pt100 but they are easier to find and cheaper. It depends on how much accuracy you need, do you really need to control temp to a fraction of a degree? The kits come with the K type and you can always upgrade to the pt100 at a later date should you feel it necessary.
  6. I must admit that after reading some posts about about their service on this site, I ordered with some trepidation. I really can't fault their service or product. Really pleased. Good ole Knock. Nice Knock. I am now a fan. Now Knockin' on heaven's door. My favourite shop is now the Knockin shop.
  7. Aeropress Go and MBK Aerspeed. Ordered on Knock website on 11th, arrived 13th, can't say fairer than that.
  8. Aeropress A La Travelodge 😄 Lack of working space in room, bits of pizza box to contain mess etc.
  9. Yes, that PID should work, you also need an enclosure and wiring. I don't have any notes on fitting to the Piccino but I remember that it was pretty straightforward, study the wiring diagram to figure out the electrical pick up points. It is generally thought that it is not really worthwhile to put a PID on a heat exchanger machine although it would be not too difficult to do.
  10. Having just ordered an Aerspeed and Aeropress Go set, my current travel set is up for sale. Standard Aeropress with a number of filters, Rhinowares hand grinder with special adapter to grind directly into Aeropress. Set up was used while travelling only, grinder hasn't been used as much as I quite often take preground coffee with me to spare added weight of grinder when travelling abroad with hand luggage only. Please see pictures to see what is included. Price £45 delivered in UK. ite often take
  11. Great idea, thanks for sharing the details. I make the thread to be 1/4BSP. The redundant nut that is taken off the Silvia wand when fitting to a Classic is just the right size, I have just found three in my spares box with two steam valves. I may drill and tap the unused boss on the valve to take a outlet for a pressure gauge, anybody done that?
  12. Fitted it myself. Fitting a PID is as straightfoward as fitting one to a Classic or Silvia, the alarm function to control the steam is not needed. I mounted the SSR on the bulkhead near the steam boiler. The components can be bought for about £25 if using a K type thermocouple.
  13. Brew temp is not adjustable as it is controlled by a simple thermostat, yours may be faulty or you may be able to change it to one with a higher temp. It is possible to fit a PID (I have fitted a Rex C-100 to a Piccino in the past), which is a much better way of controlling brew temp.
  14. Norvin

    Any Gamers?

    Back in 1978 one of my housemates was a computer programmer for a University. On Saturday mornings I used to accompany him to his work where he used to sit me down in front of a terminal and I would play Adventure! on the mainframe, text only, no graphics. I remember bringing home reams of printout of the game, pages and pages, mostly saying "you are in little maze of twisty passages, all different". Happy days. Then I got a 16k Spectrum, PS1, PS2 and lastly a PS3 which is mainly used nowadays for watching Netflix.
  15. As I am suffering from lockdown boredom with no current projects, I'll do it for £30 (i.e. a bottle of decent Bourbon, my basic unit of currency). pm me to discuss if interested.
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