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  1. What's wrong with the Silvia? They are simple machines and fairly easy to repair.
  2. Unfortunately no. Just a knackered Myford ML7 with a knackered operator.
  3. Yes, that's correct, although I would fit the seals one at a time. The wall on the end of the cone is thin aluminium so having three seals constricting it at the same time may cause problems? Soften the seals first by immersing them in hot water and fit using a little grease.
  4. No, it won't slide over the seals. Starting with no seals in place, fit the seal furthest from the end, then the other two in order. The second picture shows what it would look like after fitting the third seal.
  5. A quick update. The first cone is finished, I am sending it to @dfk41 today as he has rubber seals ready for fitting, so hopefully can identify any problems before I make any more. I don't want to remove my recently fitted (expensive!) seals to test in case I damage them It took a lot more time to make than I anticipated, so any future ones after this trial batch will be more expensive. Some thoughts; I am thinking of putting one out there on a 'pay it forward' basis for those people who only need to use one once every one to three years or so. In order to limit access to active forum members, access limited to those with a minimum of 20/30 likes? No charge but the option to send me the price of a pint. Anyone who has ordered one in the first batch can cancel and be first in the queue for the loaner. Am I right in thinking that this will fit not just Londinium but any Bosco piston?
  6. Thanks for the interest everybody, I had no idea that there would be such a demand. If everything in the first batch goes Ok I'll post a thread in the for sale section. Rather than extending this thread with expressions of interest it may be best to wait for the thread to appear and order directly.
  7. Ok,Last one. That's all folks. Depending on how things go, I may make some more in future if there is a demand. In which case I'll post a new thread in the for sale section.
  8. I've already included you, you are my Guinea Pig (hah, see what I did there), just like you were with the hoppers. Still one left.
  9. Of course. Three left, assuming that I don't cock any up.
  10. Ok, just ordered enough material to make seven cones, using the dimensions of a cone given on another forum. Assuming that everything works out and they work, cost will be £30 each including delivery by Herpes. Three are spoken for, if anyone else wants one, let me know.
  11. Dave, I've just offered to make Milly one. I'll look into costings in the next few days, Are the same sized seals used in the L1 and LR?
  12. Now where would be the fun in that? Much more satisfying to play about with plumbing fittings and strips of metal?. Maybe I have made it look more difficult than it really is in practice. The cone would be reasonably straightforward to make but would be overkill if only used once a year/every couple of years. Let me know if you are still interested and I'll look into costings.
  13. This is how I fitted mine. I have loads of the copper shim, it made the job so much easier, let me know if you want any.
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