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  1. That explains the confusion, mine is different. It does not have that PCB, only a long thin one wrapped in some insulating material attached to the loom via a plug.
  2. The PCB is wired in parallel so can't shut off the power to the rest of the machine. Machine works even when it is removed and machine does not shut off when left. I thought that it may be there for arc suppression but there seems to be just as fat a spark across the relay points with it or without it connected. I used an ordinary Rex c100 PID with SSR and k type thermocouple, just the same as you can use with the other single boiler Gaggias. There is room in the body to house them, they didn't overheat in there over the few days that I experimented with it. Having played with a Classic over the last week, I prefer the Kitchenaid as you don't have to wait for the boiler to heat to steam temperature while your espresso goes cold. It's now back in the garage, if anybody wants to make an offer for it...
  3. I was going to reply along the same lines. Surely the air vents out of the anti-vac valve until the water boils and steam pressure shuts the valve. Where would the air lock occur?
  4. Norvin

    Fun Competition

    Oasis blend - can produce a cup of morning glory despite two major discordant elements, but usually leaves a bitter aftertaste. Hermes cracked bean blend - Initially full of promise at a good price point, but often fails to deliver.
  5. Thanks. It's the same one😄, I bought it from you a long time ago. It's an 80 step.
  6. Hi. The single dosing arrangement does away with the large hopper and dosing mechanism. The dosing mechanism retains a lot of grinds which is ok in a commercial setting where it is filled with grounds which are continually replenished, but not so good where only a few espressos are made per day. In a single dosing setup a measured amount of beans are tipped into the top, the grinds fall down the funnel directly into the portafilter. That's the theory, in practice there is a little retention and static electricity makes some of the grounds stick to the funnel, so a small paintbrush is used to sweep the remaining grinds into the portafilter. You can also smack down on the flexible lens hood to puff air through the grinding mechanism to blow out the grinds. I mentioned the chirping of the burrs just to be transparent, the grinder works fine, I don't think it needs new burrs. The grinder makes a noise when grinding beans as the grinding chamber is open to the air when single dosing, you would only notice the chirping noise when running the grinder without any beans. If the dosing mechanism was in place with the large hopper full of beans you probably wouldn't notice it.
  7. Newly restored 2006 Gaggia Classic. Mirror finish case in very good condition. Metal tamper, blind, double and single baskets. Recently stripped (photos available), all new seals, everything stripped and cleaned, descaled (not that it needed it), OPV adjusted to 9.5 bar but can be set to whatever you want., large three way solenoid. Previous owner told me that he never used the steam function at all so steam valve should be as new. Very nice machine, works very well. I have loads of photos of the rebuild so if you want to see anything in particular, please ask. I can fit a Rancilio wand for £20 (or free, if you send one to me), a Rex c100 PID (steam only and k type thermocouple, I can include the steam SSR if wanted) for £50. Rossi RR45 grinder. Commercial grinder, works well. Chrome finish is bubbling a bit, makes a slight chirping noise at close grinding but doesn't seem to affect performance ( I think it's the burrs, not an alignment issue). Hopper microswitch mechanism disabled so it does not need the hopper in place to operate. I have put it back to standard now but it can also be seen here; https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/40708-fully-pimped-rossi-rr45-grinder/?tab=comments#comment-579453 set up for single dosing with octopus funnel, camera lens hood mod, raised portafilter rest and stepless worm screw adjustment. All these items are included in the sale. I am asking £310 for them as a pair. I don't want to split at the moment but may do if I get offers for both of them. I would prefer someone to pick up here, just west of Oswestry, but should be able to get both of them in my sturdy Londinium box if someone wants to arrange their own courier.
  8. I did one over the weekend. Mount in a vice, take up the slack on the spanner and give it a thwack with the heel of the hand to shock it loose. Had to do the same with three boiler screws, applying steady torque didn't work and threatened to round off the internal hexagons on the screws.
  9. Yes, that's right. 19mm ring spanner if you have one.
  10. Great idea, looks great. I keep thinking of making a portafilter rest from an old seized 500 cc Vincent piston ( got plenty of those...).
  11. Norvin

    Londinium R

    I would really, really, recommend that you check the courier's or agent's terms and conditions. Coffee machines are often specifically excluded from compensation. It is by no means unknown for heavy machines to be damaged in transit. Good luck trying to claim. It would be much safer to meet.
  12. When you said 'Puck in knock box' I assumed that you must have knocked your elbow on the knock box, a bit like puckin 'ell. Then I saw the puck in the knock box... Looks a very neat conversion.
  13. Yes, a real bargain. Probably not the best strategy for him to sell as collection only in locked down Wales. No real scale inside to speak of, three stubborn boiler screws but they came loose eventually. Seals came this afternoon, so it is all together now, looks like a new machine, inside and out. Still deciding what to do with it.
  14. I think Rhys meant the three way valve rather than the OPV. Once the power to the pump and solenoid are cut the plunger shuts the path to the boiler under spring pressure. As the boiler is pressurised, it is unlikely that any waste will flow through the very small orifice in the valve body, up the copper tube and then into the boiler in the very short time that the valve is open. The water on the top of the blanking disc will vent to the lower (atmospheric) pressure past the plunger and through the much larger pipe to the waste tray. I can't see any of the waste water getting into the boiler.
  15. The op said that his was a pre 2015 classic.
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