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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, what I need to hear I think. I am tidy but one or two stray splatters, grains show up too well on the white worktop! Yeah, maybe a newer smaller grinder may help as the MC2 is quite imposing. I'll see how the negotiations go.
  2. I've not long moved house and have a smaller kitchen, which has just been re-fitted. As a result I have been banned from using my machine in there (La Pavoni PCL and MC2 grinder). Partly 'cause of space but mainly because of the mess sometimes made. Now this could be my own doing by not mopping up the odd stray grinds or coffee splatters up but this is where I'm at. I thought about B2C machines but not read anything good about them, what they really like? So I'm looking at other methods. Making do with Aeropress at the mo. Thinking maybe going back to filter (Brazen/Bonnavita) or maybe pour over. However I can't get over the fact that espresso is, imo, the tastiest coffee to have. My drinks are always black. Thanks.
  3. Well I went for the La Pavoni Puccino in the end (Ascaso Arc in 2nd place!), hopefully it will be worth it. Once I get it up and running I'll report back. Be interesting to see how it compares with the Baby Dose.
  4. I hadn't considered the Ascaso, are they good machines? The Basic is that now known as the Pablo? Looks to have good features for the money, very minamilist case. Silvia probably is out my reach with the La Pavoni at the limit, which has good looks and steel case which I like.
  5. I'm in the market again for an espresso machine after I had to return my Gaggia Baby Dose. I want something similar ish, and have identified 3 posibilities Gaggia Classic Rancilio Silvia (above budget) La Pavoni PCL Puccino Don't know much about the last one, has anyone got any experience or link to reviews at all. Also any other machines to consider. For info I use an Iberital MC2 grinder and drink my drinks black, so only occasionaly steam milk. Thanks
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