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  1. Any tips on areopress I am struggling with this using my feltgirnd starting at my usual 1.6 14g into full inverted 30sec bloom fill up 45sec flip and press I have been gradually grinder courser but not getting much luck
  2. I would be happy to take two for £10
  3. Thanks guys for organising much appreciated as always. Seem quite different to last month had a nice v60 with them this morning. I particularly like the packaging with different brew method quantities as a starting point
  4. Thanks for the pictures but not for me.
  5. Thanks as I said I am keen just want to see pictures to check condition first
  6. Sorry for the silly question but how do you control the size of the dose
  7. Mine actually arrived today I was a day too early in sending up the distress flair
  8. Was there any tracking on these as mine still haven’t arrived for some reason
  9. Rdl81

    LSOL for May

    I have plenty but happy to go with the flow
  10. Rdl81

    LSOL Discount codes

    Many many moons ago when tv was black and white, and you was allowed outside of your own homes we got a coffee for either dsol or lsol from dark arts coffee. It was amazing. Anyway they have 25% off today https://www.darkartscoffee.co.uk
  11. 1.NickDems 2.Gavin 3.Jason11 4. Cjonny 5. AmandaH 6. Border_all 7. Rhys 8. Rdl81 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  12. This has now been sold and was collected today sorry to those that was interested if it could be posted but I really just didn’t what to have to deal with that
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