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  1. Mine arrived thanks so much for organising the cup is a great Brucey bonus Looking forward to trying the coffee tomorrow via a v60
  2. Great coffee this like I said in my earlier post I have it pretty nailed for the areopress but think can get more via v60 using the 21g into 300ml what sort of total brew time should I be aiming for given I use a 30sec stoop at the start?
  3. This is a belter!!! I wasn’t really digging the last months offering and still had a about 3/4 of it left as been drinking some stuff a colleague brought back from Brazil for me. I took the plunge and put last months lsol in the freezer and jumped into this and I don’t regret it. Lovely taste smooth and little funk I never normally guess the origin but going to guess a Kenyan. Great job sourcing this!
  4. This is really one of the best lsol offerings of recent times. I have been enjoying it all week as an aero press but this weekend got the v60 with it. It’s lovely fairly complex but with some really distinct flavours
  5. 1. FBS (500g) 2. Daren (500g) 3. Rdl81 500g replace my lsol 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  6. @Sam_d I would let it go for £120 it’s a lot of grinder for the money
  7. I don’t really want to post it to Ireland I am sure it would cost a small fortune.
  8. Hi......welcome........I like the forum name
  9. That’s great the last one I had from them was really good
  10. Seem like they had the wrong postcode and should come next couple of days....fingers crossed
  11. Looks like driver signed for it....hate it when they do that....and now it’s going back and forward to the depo :-(
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