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  1. Drinking the free “vaccine dream” coffee from dark arts......they are a generous bunch over there
  2. Took advantage of dark arts free coffee yesterday [emoji3]
  3. Yes point being if I want to buy one it’s double this.....unless there is some confirmation on when the niche is available at £500
  4. Yes but they are out off stock with no idea when pre orders will open up. They are selling for around £800 on eBay
  5. If I wanted to buy a niche now how much would it cost me, here in the uk?
  6. I think I will wait and see how others get on but it meets my criteria of single dose and smallish foot print. I am not in a hurry as don’t have an espresso set up since selling by my cherub and SJ. A good on demand single dose grinder could bring me back. This is in reality half the price of a niche at the moment. Having read all the posts here and else where it seems this machine should be readily available and therefore not an urgent need to pre order
  7. I decided to tuck into the Ethiopian this morning via my wilfa brewer. It’s very light and delicate as quiet different from the North Star lsol I have been drinking which is good as I like to have a change
  8. Ok I will leave it a couple of weeks....I am thinking the Ethiopian first!
  9. So it arrived today......if drinking as brewed do you recommend resting or jumping straight in tomorrow morning
  10. Looking forward to trying something new from a roaster I only discovered at the weekend!
  11. Lovely cup of North Star’s LSOL offering this morning brewed on the wilfa svart. Anyone else use this brewer?
  12. I am only brewing at the moment, areopress v60 and a wilfa svart brewer which is the new lockdown toy
  13. No pressure I just need all the help I can get to get the most out them!
  14. Pineapple might be what I was struggling to identify
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