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  1. I'd like 2x grey cappuccino set too if that helps
  2. Hey all, Looking to start my journey into coffee with a Gaggia Classic, preferably with wand upgrade and OPV modded to 9 bar. Also looking for a Mazzer SJ or something similar please. Anything would be very helpful. Thanks!
  3. Most useful thread ever, hardcore dedication here. Helped me make up my mind
  4. Amazing thread, hardcore dedication here! Helped me make up my mind to get one - thanks all.
  5. swooshy


    Hi All, Recently just got an interest to enter the world of coffee and found this great place! Information overload Am thinking of getting a Gaggia Classic and a Mazzer SJ - from what I've read so far, the grinder is key and its better to buy once than to keep rebuying lol Looking forward to learning more
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