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  1. Very pleased to hear the information I posted was useful to fix your machine!
  2. Just the blockage at the end of that hose was the main culprit. I ran two back-to-back descale cycles for good measures after I cleared the hose blockage and everything seemed to be back to "as new" function.
  3. Owned a Sage Duo Temp Pro since November 2017. Does anywhere between 6-8 brew cycles per day. Failed in July 2020 due to a clogged hose (I detailed the fix here). I clean and descale every 5-8 weeks.
  4. Yes, I have considered that. I am using tap water from a three-stage filter, but I will do more research on this. This machine sees rather heavy use (8-9 brew cycles/day).
  5. I just fixed my machine which had a similar issue (Duo Temp Pro) and posted the fix in my thread here. The inlet hose going from the boiler to the grouphead assembly was blocked. Maybe you'll find it useful. Good luck.
  6. So I finally managed to fix my Duo Temp Pro. The culprit turned out to be a completely clogged boiler outlet hose where it goes into the grouphead assembly. The location of where it goes into the grouphead is marked below inside the yellow circle. The red circle marks the boiler inlet hose, which was all clear. The picture below shows how badly gunked up this hose was. This is the end that goes into the grouphead coming from the boiler (heat exchanger?). I took a few pictures of the top of the boiler to reference in case I forget where all the wires go after disassembly.
  7. Blue_Cafe, thank you for your replies to my thread, I appreciate it. I should note that while my Google-Fu is sharp enough and I am comfortable using tools and taking things apart and reassembling them, the reason I asked is that one of the great thing about enthusiast forums like this one is that they distill knowledge and allow people to share and learn from past experiences. Anyway, I will start taking apart the boiler. If I manage a fix I will update this thread.
  8. Thanks, that's what I figured! Are there any guides that you are aware of on how to strip down the boiler?
  9. Some more information: After fitting a brand new pump, I've disconnected the tube going from the OPV to the top of the boiler. I tested water flow from the tube into a cup and I am getting plenty of water when I turn on the machine. So, this tells me that there is no blockage from the water tank all through to the boiler intake. Picture attached showing the tube in question: Any tips on how to proceed would be much appreciated. Is it scale build up causing the blockage? Something else to investigate? The boiler area looks more complicated, but if I know what the general steps are I c
  10. I have the same issue with a Duo Temp Pro (the smaller machine without a gauge). Replaced original pump with a brand new ELKA EP5 pump, no joy. Out of warranty and no professional repair service anywhere close. Still in the process of DIY diagnosis and repair. First thing to check is the pump. Was there a change in pump noise? Are you getting any water/steam out of the steam wand?
  11. Anyone with any advice? I'd really could use some assistance with this. Where I live there isn't anyone who can offer professional repair service which I'd happily pay for if I can access
  12. Hello everyone. I haven't posted much on here but I am a long time lurker. I am having trouble with my four year old Duo Temp Pro (the machine has been religiously descaled and cleaned, and never had any issues with it). When the machine is turned on either to brewing mode, or steam/hot water mode, I am not getting any pressure (water/steam) through the group head and the steam wand. This issue developed rather suddenly with no specific tell-tale symptoms (change in pump noise, significant change in quality of pulled shots etc). One moring it just pulled one weak shot, then stopped p
  13. Thanks for that tip and the link to that belkin switch. Just came to the forums to post a similar question about timers!
  14. I am actually getting fairly good results with my Porlex. It is just too much work grinding for my morning double espresso!
  15. If anyone is interested, I have uploaded a video of the problem:
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