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  1. Alan, I'm your man. Happy with £200 as long in good condition which it sounds as if it is. Happy to meet and inspect/ settle up in Hereford. Happy to wait, so PM and we can sort out the details. Thanks and regards.
  2. Hi Alan, i'm interested. Is it a mk1 or 2? Do you have any pictures? Stevo
  3. Not near many people! Ludlow, work in Hereford. No issues with posting budget - looks like going rate for a good example is £180- 200 so around that I guess. Cards well and truly on the table!
  4. Hi all, I'm after a small but good quality grinder for my new explorations through the world of coffee. Got a referb'ed classic from Mark (thanks) and now need a grinder. Footprint/ height etc is quite restrictive therefore no room for SJ etc therefore looking for a Mignon etc. Ta.
  5. Hi Mark, Payment made on PayPal for Classic. Please confirm receipt.
  6. Hi Mark, great sounds good. I'll take it for £140. I'll PM you. Stevo.
  7. Hi mark, totally fair play. Can you give me the details of the machine on offer to me. Age, condition etc. thanks.
  8. At the risk of repeating myself as I'm not sure how these forums work really so here goes, if the classic is still available I would be interested. Thanks.
  9. Do you still have the classic for sale? Just interested in the machine itself thanks.
  10. Well I'm certainly much more excited about the whole affair now. Love learning new skills! Just need to find a good second hand classic and the best grinder in can get for £200 ish. Heres hunting
  11. Ok, I'd better pay a little more attention to eBay and perhaps be a little more patient. Thanks for the assistance / knowledge, it really is appreciated.
  12. Thanks earwax, where did you buy the SJ? On here or on eBay etc? Thanks.
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