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  1. Just picked mine up from post office, going to be hard to beat the last roast we had
  2. . Tuesdays tulip effort
  3. Although I don’t have filter coffee, if the coffee is suited to different methods (espresso) then I’m happy to pay to get the best possible coffee so I’d like to get my name added please 500g
  4. Definitely my best for a while
  5. I bet the post van smelt amazing
  6. Did you receive my subs money? I not heard anything as yet
  7. Bold street coffee
  8. Haha that’s great, I just use blue tack
  9. Too good to be true that
  10. Might be special Colombian [emoji103]
  11. Can we get a list of the codes, I have lost them all [emoji1751]*[emoji3603]
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