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  1. 1. krax 2. greenm 3. Mr O 4. Aaroncornish 5. Baj1936 6. ElSteverino I'm also interested in this
  2. Hi, ahirsty I'm a noob here, and would also like to hear the consensus on this topic. I can share the advice I recently received from the shop where I bought my machine (incidentally, an E61 group) Wipe the screen (after flushing) after every shot Flush with the blind basket once a week Use cleaning powder in the blind basket (then flush 10 times) + clean the portafilter/baskets (in a bowl of near boiling water with cleaning powder) once a month Run decalc solution through the boiler every 6-12 months depending on the hardness of water being used in the machine. I've only had my machine one month so far, but tweaked this advice shot-to-shot. obviously cleaning the screen after every shot, but also using the blind basket to flush the group. Perhaps overkill, but once I saw the amount of coffee grinds that come out of the group from blind flushes, I thought it better to get them out rather than festering between shots, especially if I chose not to pull further shots that day, and can simply switch off.
  3. @Fatboy, thanks! Yeah, I'll try to check the Barn next time I'm up in Sin City @Systematic, thanks - love that Avatar! How's the EK's workflow in a home environment? any mods needed? @Jeebsy, sadly I didn't make it past the bouncer last time I tried; seems our group didn't pass the hipster-to-fitty ratio
  4. I also found the site googling around - great to get a native British spin on the subject
  5. Hi All, It's great to be here and come in from the lurkers cold.. I'm an ex-pat Brit living in Munich, trying my best to make up for a few years capsule machine sins.. After reading advice here and Home-Barista, I pulled the trigger on my first proper espresso machine. I chose an ECM Technika IV with a Bezzera BB005 grinder (48mm Conical - it seems little known on these shores?) I'm really happy with the consistency of the ECM, however I am now reading what a huge difference a bigger grinder can make. Unfortunately this is leading to me having impure thoughts about already upgrading to something bigger & badder. Anyway, I'm supping tastier coffee than a I was a month ago, and look forward to learning some tricks from you all here Cheers for now, Steve
  6. I've been lurking for around 4 months, the advice and knowledge on this forum has been invaluable prior to buying my first espresso machine.
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